Monday, January 24, 2011

Youngsters these days….

Seriously. I was grouped into the category of “Youngsters” today and coupled with these days

Today was crazy. LB was sick last night with a headache and I thought for sure he wouldn’t be able to go to school today. Long story short I gave him Tylenol and sent him off for a half day. That left me 4 hours to write four reports, see a client, drop off said reports and hit the pool. No sweat…yeah right. At least an hour of that time was drive time. I had my gym bag packed and even thought a step ahead and wore my swimsuit under my clothes. I’m a thinker. I made it to the pool and was in the water, swimming laps with plenty of time to spare.

26 minutes and 1000 yards later I emerged from the water victorious! Ok, dramatic, I know. I waddled to the locker room (hey it was FREEZING!!) at the same time as a jillion cute, little old ladies prepping for their noon water aerobics class. I showered, got my bag and started dressing…Uh oh…no undies. Oops.  Oh well. I roll commando in my running gear ALL the time! What’s the difference??? Nadda, I tell you…nadda. Well, the little old ladies would argue otherwise. As I was wrestling my jeans onto my wet legs and wiggling around like a suffocating cat in a gunny sack (please don’t ask how I know that visual) everyone could see I was commando.

Enter cute little old lady 1: “Youngsters these days.” "Enter cuter little old lady two “I can’t keep up with them anymore.” Enter mean old lady three: “Why… I never!”  That’s right granny! Lock up your grandsons! I zipped and was out of there in no time. What ever. Like they have never forgotten their underwear before!

On a brighter note, they thought I was a youngster! I wonder what they would have said if they new I was a mom! OOoOooo! Scandalous!

Have you ever forgotten your underwear?

So yesterday I rode 31 miles with the Triple Threat. Yeah, we named ourselves and so what if there are actually FOUR of us? We scored with a new addition to our weekend long rides, a girl who works at the local bike shop!!!! She said she was tired of riding with the dudes and was happy to hit the road with a few noobs (not really her exact words)!! Woot woot! So now if we get a flat tire she can change it for us help us and teach us how to change it! That was my longest bike ride to date!!  And it was freezing!! When I got in my car heading to the ride it was 16 degrees. I couldn’t feel my toes at the end and before we ran 2 miles I had to warm up my feet:

frozen feet

In a little bit I will be parking my trainer in front of a movie and doing an easy ride since I didn’t make it to spin class earlier today. My legs are tired but I agree with a comment Wojoku left:

“…since you are in the build up stage now, if you plan on incorporating a taper phase at the end of your training, then I'd say the rest is a bit less important NOW as long as you're still ABLE to do your long workouts.”

Agreed. For now I am able and I will keep on keeping on!

And you all remember RED? Right? How could you forget….


Here we are after our 7 mile warm up plus 13.1 run (20 miler for Portland).    


I miss her….I miss our runs together. We suffered together more than any two people. Ever. On many levels. And we pushed each other when we needed pushing and we coddled when we needed coddling. We were there for each other. Rain or shine. Feast or famine. Good or bad. Long or short.  Just typing about it makes me excited for November’s OBX (are we still in?)! I can’t wait to run a full 26.2 with her. My experience running the full 26.2 with Mel in Vegas totally changed my perspective on running with someone. I was always a lone racer-runner….until Mel, for the most part. =) But now I am ready to commit a full marathon to RED. Hopefully I can keep up! Anyway, she did White Lake Half Iron Man a few years back and is the one who suggested that one to me! So when I am out there on the course I can image her there too! Cheering me on! Encouraging me to finish and not die. She read my post about the Triathletes Training Bible being checked out of the library and she sprang to action!!!


She mailed me hers!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! And yes, I am reading it with my hot pink Speedo goggles on (upside down). So what?

Have you gotten anything cool in the mail lately? I love getting things! It’s like Christmas!

Just to make me feel better, what have you seen youngsters doing lately that is just totally, outrageously ridiculous. Like worse than commando….


  1. Yes, I've forgotten underwear before but worse I think is forgetting a towel. I've done that too. Somehow we survive right.? Cool to run a race together. Love the pink goggles.

  2. That's great! I have forgotten underwear before as well, hey it happens. :-/ I just think its so funny that they actually said something!
    I should have explained the "Triple Threat" idea a little more, I meant Triple Threat as in Swim/Bike/Run, not three people, lol.. You guys must have thought I was crazy or seriously bad at counting! :-p
    I'm waiting for my bike computer in the mail, and just got my bike skort, I love that kind of mail!
    How did your speed laces feel after the run? I'm running tomorrow night, tonight was a waste for me from getting home so late, I hate that...

  3. Adrienne!! forgetting the towel is the total worst!!! ugh!!!

    Christina-HA! I get it now, Triple Threat!! I'm a little slow some,no most of the time!! And I want a bike computer SO bad!!! Amazon? FBing you right now!

  4. Ah, yes, forgotten underwear. I did that once when I was going to the pool regularly - before work. I ended up stopping at Walgreens and finding a 3-pack of Hanes. Saved the day!

  5. I am IN for OBX! How can you doubt me? We have already dissected my opinion about going commando; ABSOLUTELY whenever necessary and expedient. You're welcome for the 'bible'and please free to write all over it. You know I did not as it goes against my unmedicated OCD. And I have gotten through quite a few solo runs here in the PacNW by thinking about running with you. I can't WAIT to run with you again, anytime, anywhere. I miss my go-to-gal. :(

  6. Commando is completely acceptable and environmentally conscious. You use less water washing dirty undies, right? Reduce, reuse, recycle old ladies!!

    You are so a younster! own it!!

    I got a cool bumper sticker in the mail today from MissZippy! Woo-hoo!

  7. Great post! I'm still nursing my son and earlier this year, after teaching a full day, I went to the bathroom and realized I forgot a bra- all day. I have NO idea how that happens...(I was wearing a really tight tank top so that pretty much held the ladies all day). And I've forgotten underwear more times than I can count! Youngsters!!
    I see youngsters making out all the time in our school (middle school)- my teacher friends and I ask them- "Do you want us to bring our husbands to school and make out with them in the hall for you to see?" They get really grossed out by that and stop immediately!

  8. My husbands LT just signed up for an ironman in June somewhere in idaho I think. He's never even done a sprint tri or anything. You and him both amaze me! I think i would drown.

  9. Guilty on the underwear.. and bra for that matter. It can be so invigorating!!!

  10. haha little old ladies can be so judgmental! I've never forgotten my underwear, but I've forgotten everything else at some point. I got a free tube bra from american apparel in the mail today and I was pretty excited about that. free is always good! :)

  11. Michelle-Most likely the Cour de lane! It's a pretty well-known one!

    Kittee-Now that you mention it---guilty on the bra too!

    Maia--What in the world? That is hilarious, all of it!! Those youngsters need to stop swapping spit. Goddness gracious!

    Curlyred---I looked through the book and mentally noted how pristine it is. I wondered if you actually used it then I remembered, of course you used it. =)

  12. My favorite piece of mail is the USA Triathlon Life Magazine. I've gotten Science magazines for a full year now and even being a scientist I've maybe read a couple articles. But when Triathlon Life comes to my door, I will have the entire thing read in under 24 hours. Just another reason why switching from science to fitness was a good choice.

    As a 9 year competitive swimmer, I've forgotten just about everything - underwear, extra shirt, hats, goggles, swim suit, socks, adequate shoes... You name it, I've improvised, borrowed, or learned to deal without.

  13. OMG whyyyyyyy are you no longer at Lewis??! Lame.

    Yes i have forgotten undies. I too have worn my suit under clothes, only to realize i've forgot my bra. BRILLIANT.

    I warm my feet up in the car, the same way. Don't tell my husband.

  14. I got a thank you card in the mail yesterday. It made me so happy. I love thank you cards.

  15. I forgot my sports bra and ran in my regular pushup was GROSS but I got it done.

    That photo made me CHUCKLE, yes I said Chuckle..

    So glad that running a Marathon with an out of shape whining me did not put you off to running partners FOR-EV-ER (Sandlot reference)

    hugs to Old people they are hilarious and unflitered..

  16. I get TIme Magazine and junk mail funny though instead of R for my middle initial it says Awesome any idea why that is?

  17. I love getting stuff in the mail! The best is when my aunt...who is 75 and lives down the street...leaves cookies in our mailbox!!! She hasn't done it in a while since it is friggin freezing!

    Hilarious story about the little old ladies!!! Def. done the no bra thing...thank goodness for tanks with shelf bras!

  18. HAHA so I don't wear underwear with my running shorts right? Forgot to pack them and was oh a half hour plus away from the house and had to get to work pronto running way late. So guess who was commando in dress pants all day? Actually was very freeing. Not recommended though a bit disgusting, but hey it was that or wear sweaty running shorts which was NOT acceptable because Dallas TX heat will render those shorts sopping wet!

    Those poor old ladies were just jealous of how confident you were to go to commando, takes a brave lady!

  19. YOU ARE A YOUNGSTER....take that as a compliment:) GREAT SWIM AND RUN!! Dang, woman you are in fire. Love the pictures gorgeous girl!

  20. Ha ha...that story about the old laddies was hilarious!! I've never forgotten my undies, but I have forgotten my bra. I'm pretty flat chested, but was embarrassing for me!

    Nice job with the bike ride! I would have been freezing in that weather! Brrr!

    The style I can't stand these days is the boys wearing their jeans below their butt so you can see their boxers. They have to walk like penguins b/c if they don't, their jeans will fall down! I just don't get it!

  21. Hilarious! You are kicking this tri thing's butt! I am very impressed.

  22. How could you write such a thing ... COMMANDO! OMGosh the thoughts I am having right now ... I have to take a cold shower ... you know I have a wife and family!!

  23. That's hilarious - old ladies talking trash about you! What cracks me up about "youngsters these days" is the guys who wear their pants waaaay down on their butts. Really - I'd love to see them run and have the pants fall down right around their ankles!

  24. Missing underwear....yep, been there, done that. I agree the missing towel is worse.

    I was mixing it up with the older generation at the pool/locker room during TRI training last Summer and could just feel them eyeing me. Who taught them manners?

    I LOVE getting stuff in the mail. I get sooo excited if I win a blog giveaway just knowing something is coming my way. I look forward to my Runner's World too :)

  25. Thanks for the giggles :) I've sooo been there, and doesn't it always seem like something takes forever when you want it to go fast ... like pulling jeans up over a wet body!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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