Monday, April 7, 2014

Mother Nature Wants Some New Shoes-New Balance W980 to be Exact

Saturday the sun was shining. I played outside ALL day long.  It was great! Sunday it was cooler. Today it is cold.

Dear Mother Nature,

You're dumb.


Sunday afternoon I put away ALL my winter clothes. I tucked my sweaters and corduroys in a vacuum bag and sealed them up.  I put my coats away too. And now Mother Nature is laughing at me.

I got to go for a nice run in the neighbor(ing)hood this weekend. I can't even believe I am about to admit this but I have had the SAME running shoes since before Virginia Beach 13.1 almost two years ago! If that doesn't tell you one of two things then I'll be a monkey's uncle.  It tells you 1) I'm a cheapskate and haven't bought new shoes and 2) I haven't been running much at ALL. Ugh.

But the time has come and I finally got some new digs--but I cannot tell a lie. I am still a cheapskate. The nice folks at online  sent me these to try.  I have to say, I have been an Asics Die Hard User for the past 5 years and have not really considered going for a different shoe. I do have the the  New Balance Minimus WT10 trail shoe though, and I LOVE it.  Actually I have loved every pair of New Balance I've had but for some reason I've stuck to the Asics for my go-to marathon and road running shoe.  

I've been on three runs with these bright beauties and let me tell you, they are seriously light weight, bright, comfy, and the softness for the toe cage (is that a thing??) was like no other shoe I have worn.

At first I wasn't sure about how bright they are. I mean they are pretty flashy. I've been known to say that if you're gonna be flashy you better have the skills to back it up...which I do NOT at this point in time. However I have since found a bright shoe to be quite beneficial in these ways:

1) I can see them clearly when they are in the shoe basket.
2) I can find them quickly while searching for them.
3) I can easily recognize when Ace (the puppy) runs through the house carrying it.
4) People can see me coming. And going.
5) They make me run faster.

So I've been sold on the bright shoe.

New Balance makes the claim that you can actually feel the science of softness with these shoes and their Fresh Foam technology. I'm not sure if I can feel the science, but I can certainly feel a difference, and I know there is a ton of science that goes in to making these kinds of shoes. These shoes are a neutral stability shoe, just what I need.  It is certainly very close to the minimalist shoe I am used to only with some cush! I could feel the ground beneath my feet, it felt natural yet I could certainly feel the softness. So in comparison to my  WT10s, these felt minimalistic, both are very lightweight, both very roomy in the toe compartment, both fit like an old shoe, in a good way.  I have had no issues breaking these in, it's like they already form to my foot!  They have a padded collar for extra cushioning around the ankle, right where I always get blisters. These have shown no sign of rubbing around the ankle. These have a cushioned midsole but a low heel to toe drop. So it's a cushioned ride, yet lightweight (using new REVlite technology). So you'll be able to run comfortably for ever! Well, you know what I mean, until you get tired and stop running....

If you're in the market for a new pair of running shoes I think you should at least consider these New Balance Fresh Foam W980s HERE. They are a good shoe for summer given the mesh material, cushioning on the sole for those hot summer blacktops and sidewalks, and lets face it, who doesn't want something new and fresh and bright the try to cheer up Mother Nature?

*These shoes were given to me by but the review is my own and an honest opinion about how I feel about the shoe and my experience with it thus far.


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