About me

I do Cross Fit, I run, I swim....

And do other stuff too.

My About Me section has evolved over the life of my blog. This blog started out as a way to document my goal to run a half marathon every month during my husband's first deployment. I accomplished that goal and when he returned I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. I liked it! No, I loved it and I needed it...It made me feel like me.

Through the years I have documented many ups and downs, deployments, my first marathon, my father's diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, my epic fundraising for American Cancer Society, my move from Seattle to NC, my dad passing away,  my divorce. Life as a single woman in my 30's....

Life has thrown me some curve balls but through it all I always had the road. And most recently the barbell. I may have ignored the road and spent time away from it, even dreaded it and talked bad about it, but I always knew (and know) that it was there for me. The run was there when and if I needed it. And the cross fit box is where I spend most of my fitness time.

So who knows what's next for 5 Miles Past Empty? The way things are currently going I can tell you it will be fun....I've adjusted to single life in my 30s and while it's not where I imagined I'd be at this point in my life, I'm choosing to embrace it, enjoy it, and to be happy. With lots of new wisdom and a healthy lifestyle the sky is the limit.....

So lets get out there!


  1. Sorry, but I had no idea where or how to contact you other than this comment....

    I have started a new running site and have included your site within a new post. I would appreciate any tweets or sharing with your readers if possible. http://runningsomewhere.com/2010/05/15-running-writers-to-check-out/

    Have a great day and hope to be in contact!

    David Damron

  2. Wow oh Wow, David! Thanks so much! I will check out yoru blog and give you a shout out in tomorrows post!! Thanks!

  3. I live in SW WA in Vancouver...it's fun to find a running blog of another PNW mom! Your mileage is inspiring. I am currently training for my first half marathon Oct 17th. I'll be back for more inspiration!

  4. very cool blog! i'm a triathlon junkie. nothing beats em!

  5. So question-I've been blogging for maybe a year now and want to know the secret to getting more traffic on my blog. How do you have so many readers? Any advice? beintherunning.blogspot.com Julianne
    PS Great blog btw!

  6. Hi,

    Just came across your blog - very nice and inspirational! My girlfriend and I started one a few months ago - www.werrunners.com. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your posts! Looking forward to checking back. I am running a half this Sat(trying to get a new pr) and training for a full Dec 4th. recently started blogging about my running adventures www.mamaontherunelisa.blogspot.com

  8. Great blog!!! I just started mine this past week and I have been amazed with all that I have learned. thaks fo rhte great tips and the inspiration!!

  9. Great blog.
    Love the facial features photos.
    And wow, you have run some number of races, over what time frame are all of those?

  10. Hi Dan! =) Thanks, my Signature Pose has certainly made the rounds...Even had a competition for the best imitation Signature Pose! I started doing road races in April 2007...so all of those listed are since then! Fun fun times out there on the road!

  11. It would be nice to connect with you more. Do you have any social media?


You're pretty much awesome!!


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