Monday, December 17, 2012

Ryan's Reindeer 5k

So I decided last minute, and I mean last minute, to actually roll out of bed Saturday morning, for the third year in a row, to do Ryan's Reindeer 5k.'s just a 5k.

The race start was 8:30 and I got up at about 7:15, still undecided. Of course I had to take a poll on my facebook page (big mistake) and it was nearly unanimous that I should get my rear out of bed and race. So I did. I wasn't really looking forward to it since all my friends were busy. It is a busy time of year after all.  I was almost to the race site when I was stopped. I had to wait for a stupid train that came to a complete stop. I thought I was going to miss the race. After waiting about 5 minutes I decided to find another way...surely there was another way!

And there was!!  So I rolled up to the race and registered with about 10 minutes to spare. It was cold but not freezing like last year, so I left my jacket in the car.

While waiting to register a short, cute blonde chick cut me in line. I almost punched her in the back of the head....then I realized it was my friend Andrea and The Heezie!  For the record, I would never punch anyone in the back of the head for cutting in line. That would be really mean. I was so excited to see them and to not be racing solo. Last year at this race The Heezie paced me to a 5k PR. I knew it wouldn't happen this year.  I had a plan to chillax, just run, you know like out for a short Sunday stroll, on Saturday....

This race is actually a fairly difficult 5k in my opinion. The first half mile is uphill. It is a pretty significant uphill at that. Once the race started I still had plans of just lopping along. It was crowded and I had started near the back with a lot of walkers, dogs on leash, kids in strollers with adults, and just other little kids who like to weave in and out and get under your feet. But once I got to the top of the hill the crowd has thinned a bit and I was warmed up and felt like going just a bit faster. Not to mention up the hill and turn then there is a nice quarter mile downhill. So down I went....then up again.  Just before the 1 mile mark the road levels out a bit with only smaller ups and downs. At the turnaround I was going at a pretty good pace. I'm not sure what it was but it was certainly under 8:30. Once I made it up the steep quarter mile hill to round the corner toward the home stretch I was feeling a bit queasy...but I was almost done. Half a mile down down down.....This is where this race always gets me. It is a fast finish and sometimes I am just not supposed to run that fast. The last half mile was under a 7 min pace....and I had to work hard at not throwing up my breakfast. Gross. My time was ok...I'm not sure exactly what it was but it was 26 something. Certainly not a PR but it certainly could have been had I started out with that as a goal and not been near the back (gun start). My first mile was over 9 minutes. That killed my pace.

I'm glad I got out of bed to run.

So what's next? I need to start working on my 2013 plan....

Monday, December 3, 2012

You know what's weird?

A 12K PR....THAT'S weird. 

I had no intentions of getting a PR on Saturday. I actually simply hoped to finish. To not die, or throw up...or make a huge spectacle of myself.  All of which were certainly very legit possibilities. I figured this would be just a run.

I showed up for the race with no expectations other than to freeze until we started running.  It was cold, in the mid 30's, which is actually good running weather, just not good stand-around-and-wait-to-run weather. Luckily we didn't have to stand around too long before it was time. Once we started running it didn't take long to warm up since the first half mile was a nice incline. It was nice to run with new scenery, new people, and new music on my iPod. I quickly fell into a nice pace that felt comfortable as my running crew disappeared around a turn and weren't seen again, until the finish.  I had hoped to keep each mile under 9:30. I succeeded in this until mile 7 which ended up being 9:32. Not sure what happened there other than I was bored and tired.

I remember back in 2010 when I could run for miles, holding each mile pace within seconds of each other. I just ran at a comfortable pace and it was steady. It became a game to keep each mile at the same pace,  or within one second faster or slower. The best I ever did was an 18 miler where 15 of the 18 miles were right on at around 8:53 min/mile. My paces were kind of close during Saturday's run: 8:55, 8:41, 8:58, 8:58, 8:56 ....9:26, 9:32, last .44 was an 8:06.

Unofficial Garmin Time.
I finished this 12k in 1:07.20. That's a 9:02 pace.  A PR!! My stupid last two miles brought my pace way down. I can't say I am exactly disappointed though, especially since I had no plan or intention of going out and actually running hard and I probably could have held the last two miles to a 9 min/mile but there were hills, I got warm, I was bored, there were lots of walkers all over the course, and a stupid girl in front of me was driving me crazy by A) running on her tippy toes in a very unnatural way and B) speeding up when I got right beside her, pulling a head then slowing, then speeding up...That drives me insain. I just wanted to run. I didn't particularly care to pass her, I was just running. She was the one who couldn't hold a pace to save her life.

Either way this race was a new PR. My previous PR was 1:08.43 at Sound to Narrows 12k, one of the most difficultI have ever run, on a very hill course though North Tacoma's Point Defiance, but Saturday was a PR nonetheless of 1 min 23 seconds. That's a pretty good PR if I do say so myself. And the race bling wasn't too shabby either...

So I am looking for my next race....In the mean time I'll up my weekly mileage and work on speed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You win some, you lose some...

...and I think I've been losing a lot lately. I'm not sure why. I was recently told to stop being so hard on myself. Am I really that hard on myself? I don't like to do things half-way, usually. I like to give a 100% and do my best, and usually I do. But here lately I've found myself kind of half$%&ing things, if you know what I mean. And it only slightly bothers me.

So what have I lost and not won lately?

I will go from most recent back, starting with my Thanksgiving turkey.

Oh yes. I messed it up. I stuffed it with lemons and oranges and a few limes as well.  I've done this before and it has turned out delicious. But this year I tried to be fancy and stuffed it with the citrus the day before, allowing it to sit in the fridge and soak up all that flavor. Turns out a turkey that tastes like a lemon, like licking a lemon, is not exactly delicious. FAIL.

Next up is the Raven Rock Rumble 10 Mile Trail Race.  Remember that? Yep. F.A.I.L. It wasn't even close to a win. Talk about being put in your place. That trail showed me who is's a hint: It's not ME. I know that trail running is very different from road running and I (should) know better than to go out, completely unprepared, and attempt to run 10 miles on a trail. I should have registered for the 5 mile option, since that is what I almost completed anyway. I had a lot of first experiences during this race. I have to say it was fun and I did enjoy it, despite having to call it quits and taking a turn and running past the crowd who was yelling, "Turn the finish! Turn!" and I just replied, "Nah, I'm good!" And kept going...away from the finish and towards the safety of my car.  I wonder what they really thought about that....a runner seemingly coming all the way to the finish just to totally by-pass it. Kind of funny I guess. Either way, this was my second DNF. Ouch. FAIL. Let's just say I need to redeem myself.

Speaking of redeeming myself, I have registered for the Reindeer Fun Run  12k this weekend. A 12k? To redeem myself? What have I done? Oh brother. I just cannot accept the fact that I am no longer in the condition I once was in, where I could hit a double digit run any given time. Not anymore. I'm lucky to make my way through 6 miles. But I did run 6 miles Sunday and another 6 this morning. I should be able to complete the 12k. Keyword: Should.  It mostly likely wont be a PR or a PW (Personal Worst) for that matter. It will be mediocre performance. 

So how many times in the past year have I said I'll get it together? Well this time I hope I mean it. I think I mean it. I mean it right now this very second....I've got to get it together. It feels good to hit the road and I have missed it. 

But I don't want you all to worry that I have gone all Negative Nancy on you. Quite the contrary actually. Like I said, you win some too!  LB, Lazy Dog and I have been having a good time...There has been dancing in the street:

Pouty lips:
 Head squishing...

 And beautiful sunrises!

So not all bad...I'm ready to head into Christmas and the New Year! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It is no secret that I have been using Yurbuds for the past 2 years. I  have been loyal to them and not found a single thing that can compare.  So of course I was beyond thrilled when I was given the opportunity to host a Yurbuds party where I could share the amazing earbuds with my friends!

I invited my running friends and of course they were excited to come...any excuse to party, even if they were instructed to dress for fitness. A few were skeptical and had their favorite over-the-ear type headphones because "they are the only ones that wont fall out". Well, I used to be that way too until I tried Yurbuds. Before earphones would never stay in my ear, not even sitting still on a stupid airplane. But the Yurbuds, with their patented twist locking technology and FlexSoft comfort fit stay put! That's right, they don't fall out. Not while sitting on an airplane and not while running a marathon in the pouring rain, for 4 hours and 32 minutes. Portland Marathon on 10/10/10 to be exact, where it poured like 6 inches of rain during the entire race. They did not slip, slide, or fall out.

As a matter of fact my friends and I put these babies to the ultimate test. My running buddies were given their Yurbuds Goodie Box....

Just call him Vana.

And then, we put them to the test. First was the trampoline test:

Not a single Yurbuds casualty. They stayed in place!

Next we did some burpees and jumping jacks:

Look at the form!! Impressive!
The Yurbuds again stayed in place....until Lazy Dog ran by and got his face through the headphones wire and yanked the earbuds clear out of J-Ninja's ears....the silicone Yurbuds, however....stayed in place, right there in her ear! So while the actual headphones came out the silicone piece stayed! Now that was impressive. 

We tried some yoga poses:

And again the Yurbuds held up to the test!

Finally we headed out for our run:

I was happy to hear that everyone was pleased with their Yurbuds! Even the two who were a tough sale! Both were surprised that the Yurbuds stayed in their "special" ears. I accredit this to the fact that these Inspire For Women Yurbuds were specifically designed for women. For our dainty, special, hard-to-please ears. These aren't for just any dude ears, they are for our special ears. Finally something made just for US that is beyond making it pink and calling it specially made for women!

I asked each of my guests to rate the Yurbuds on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "I am going to throw these out the window on my way home!" and 10 being "I want to marry them!" The lowest score received was an 8 due to the sound being a "bit muffled". Two guests gave "an 8/9".  The others gave a firm 9 while I gave a score of 10. Yes, I'd like to marry my Yurbuds. Forever. And ever...I never want to run without them.   

I'd say that is a pretty darned good score!

So if you are in the market for some amazing, run-changing headphones you can find them at Target retailing for $29.99!  And they come in 6 different colors! You wont regret your purchase!

***And just and FYI,  I was provided the Yurbuds Inspire for Women earphones and gift boxes free of charge.  I must say, however, the opinions in this post are solely my own and that of my running friends who were asked to participate. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let The Sun Shine....

This was going through my head as I did my run and strength workout this morning. Such a catchy tune....

I headed out for my run this morning with the knowledge that I will be doing a 10 mile trail race in only a few short weeks. A lot is at stake here. For starters, my life. Secondly, my confidence. Third...let's just say I feel the need to do well, really really well.

I ran my neighborhood. Boring as usual but I have been trying to spice it up lately with my mailbox fartleks and whatnot.  Today I sprinted up the two hills I have then finished the 4 miles with a negative split. I know this isn't going to help me much with the terrain of the trail race but I at least need to be able to cover the distance. Actually, what I am saying is I need to get my conditioning back. I feel my spark returning, a renewed desire to run and race and hit the road. It feels good. It feels right. And now I have to put in the work to get my conditioning back.

I have also been trying some new kettlebell exercises that I found by googling Kettlebell workouts...imagine that! Some of these are no joke and have left my rear and thighs buring. All. Day. Long. So I plan to keep at it for at least 4 days a week.

Here I am, getting it done on my sunny back porch!


Um yeah.....I need to work on these....

And Ketlebell Figure 8's...ouch.

Done and DONE.....

It always feels so good to start the day off after a good workout! Tomorrow will be another 4 mile run followed by some Kettlebell swings and some other crazy things.

Oh and how did I forget? If you have a few extra seconds I am up for another Circle of Moms Top 25 Blogs Award, Health and Wellness Blogs! If you can head over and give me a good ole thumbs up...HERE. I'm kinda getting beat big time this time around. win some, you lose some.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Trail Race????

I'm going to go ahead and say my's been nice knowing you all.

Ok, a bit dramatic I am sure but really, a trail race? Not just an easy short one but a 10 MILE one. What am I thinking? Well I'll tell you what I am thinking...pumpkin pie...Mmmmm....

I have been forced into registering for the Raven Rock Rumble on November 17. I have some time to train so maybe I wont die. But then again maybe I will. Who knows? I'm actually excited to do this race, but not so excited about the pain I know I will endure. My last trail run was a month or so ago with Liz. The trail was very compact and not very technical at all. Then over a year ago I did a trail run during a sprint triathlon at a distance of 5k. It was awesome,raining,  muddy, and fun. I was, however, super sore afterwards. Before that I did a 9 mile trail run with J-Ninja and fell twice within the first half mile. It was sandy and rough. And no, I am not clumsy at all....Ahem....

So needless to say this 10 mile trail race will be interesting and I hope I don't break my leg or my foot or my ankle or my neck...or end up in a body cast.

This trail is not exactly smooth, compact or gravel. It is stoney, up and down, and what I would call a technical trail. It is not quite as technical as the mountain trail I ran on Mt. Rainier one year, where I was either going to fall 50 feet to my death into a roaring river or get eaten by a bear staring at me from 3 feet away. That was a trail race....But this one is not going to be easy. Fun? Yes. Easy? No.

J-Ninja pointed out that this is very uncharacteristic of me, to play it safe and not jump on the opportunity to punish myself in a race I am not prepared for.  Since when am I not up for a challenge? I guess since Big Sur really. Injuring my knee was a wake up call and I didn't like it. And then in Virginia Beach where I was prepared for neither the distance nor the humidity and my confidence was shattered. For the first time in four years I am not walking around, at any given point, half-marathon ready. And I don't like it, not one bit. So what am I going to do about it? I am smart enough to know that if I don't like something it is up to me to change it. No one can do it for I am ready to get back into shape. Into the condition where I was so that on any given weekend I can up and race Amanda Style know, last minute registrations and races.

So LB, Lazy Dog and I actually hit up Raven Rock trail a few weeks ago for a hike.  After just the 5 mile loop I was done for...tired. Exhausted.

Here are some pictures of the trail...and other random shots:

LB, Lazy Dog and me...LB doesn't usually sit in the front.
Only when Lazy Dog takes up the entire back seat.

Bridges and rivers...Fun.

I am certain we will not be balancing across fallen least I hope not!

I may remember this tree so I can crawl in and cry.

Just walking along...

Oh boy.....

Don't do it!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So, True Story....

For the record all my stories here are true.....but this one I felt the need to preface with the fact that it is, indeed, true.

On Tuesday I went for a mailbox fartlek. You know, where you sprint between every other fast fast....hit a mailbox then slow, next mailbox fast fast mailbox slow. And so on throughout the entire neighborhood. Next time I will be sure to count the mailboxes and let you know how many there are. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Mailbox Fartleking....the first notable incident was at the bus stop. Let me clarify, the High School bus stop. This bus stop is for the High School kids, about 12 or 13 all together. They were gaggling around the stop sign when I came loping by (that would be during my slow spell). I was suddenly aware of the fact that 26 eyeballs were on me...I felt weird. Insecure. Almost like I was in High School again. GAG! Shoot me now....I felt myself tighten up and my shoulders lift. I noticed my chin come up and suddenly I took a sharp left to avoid running past them. As I ran down the opposite way I found myself hoping the bus would come and get those brats before I had to run back by....and it did. Shew!

What's up with that??? Why was I suddenly so worried and self conscious about a bunch of pimply faced 15, 16 and a poor unfortunate, bus-riding 17 or 18 year old? Who cares anyway? They should be so lucky to be as awesome as me when they are 33.

Secondly, I ran up on a dead possum. It was just laying there. In the middle of the neighborhood road. At first I thought, "Yeah. Play dead you stupid possum. In the middle of the road. I'm on to you." And I expected it to jump up and run away....then I got closer and realized it was not going anywhere. Ewey gooooooooey. It was so gross I almost...almost called it quits and turned around and headed home. But I carried on and pretended I did not just see that.

Third, I was heading up the farthest back street in my neighborhood, not far from the bus stop. There is a part that is completely wooded, no houses, no nothing except for a small 2x4 that spans the deep ditch to allow easy access into the woods. There, in the woods was a teenager. A school-skipping, bus-missing, cigarette-smoking, emo teenager who stared at me. I couldn't help but laugh. What was he going to do all day? There in the woods by himself? Then I quickly realized I most likely did NOT want to know the answer to that....

Anyway, then... I finished my run and came in the house. I decided to do a quick plank. I've not really jumped on the whole plank bandwagon. First of all, I don't do bandwagons. Second what good could a plank possibly do? So there I was, in my room, doing a 20 second plank. I thought, "Yeah, this is a little tough." I came down to relax and thought, "Meh...I'll do another. See what all the hooplah is about." So I did a second 20 second plank.  I went about my morning, got ready and headed to work.  By mid day I noticed my upper middle back was sore. I didn't think much of it. Then come Wednesday it was still sore...I thought, "What the heck, what did I do to make my back sore?" Then it hit me! The planks!!! And today, three days later, my back is still sore! Whoa.

So, moral of the story is planks actually do DO something! Who'd a thunk it? I have a hoodlum teenager who likes to skip school and sit in the woods in my neighborhood. Teenagers at the bus stop make me self-conscious....and dead possums are disgusting.

So what have you seen on your run lately?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Just in time for the holidays! This time of year is always rough...Trick-or-Treating brings in buckets full of candy that I must use my super powers to resist. And who can say no to candy corn? Not me...Then we have pumpkin and pecan pies and all the other delicious Thanksgiving stuff. Once we survive that food coma we roll into Christmas with fudge and other baked goods. Then...then we step on the scale and pretend to be shocked at the 10 pounds that somehow just fell onto our backsides. Ok, ok. I shouldn't say "our" I really mean ME and MY. Maybe I am the only one who suffers from Fall-a-fat-a-gain-a-sisits?

So what is my plan? I have done really well up to this point keeping my Bridesmaid Challenge Loss off (10 pounds in all). I am determined to keep it off through the holidays.

After thinking about it....and thinking some more...

...and thinking so hard I gave myself a headache...I have devised a plan to help me keep it all in check and the damage to a minimum. I am leaving the country. Heading to a world where there is no sugar....


I wish though. If I could just board a plane this weekend and head for the jungles of Thailand or even the beginning of the Appalachian Trail  and return on January 2, 2013 that would be awesome.  But it will never happen. So instead I must exercise self-control and say no to all the delicious chocolate and candy. I have to keep my portions reasonable. I have to make a decision with each temptation: Will this be worth it? My goal is to maintain my current body shape/size/weight until the end of the year. I think that is reasonable, realistic, and possible.

I also plan to keep running, or at least pick up the running. I have a number of fall races staring me in the face. Some are on the same day and I must decide which I will do. I also have a doctor's appointment in the morning for my knee. I'm hoping all is well and there will be no need for surgical intervention. I haven't been in much pain but I have cut my weekly milage by about 85%. With that being said, the one race that is no longer on my fall calendar is OBX 26.2. For the second year in a row I will not be toeing the line at the Outer Banks Marathon. I am only slightly bummed but really I am at peace knowing it is the right decision. I am not ready for this race and I don't want to end up in worse shape because my pride was too big.

So anyone else starting to devise their Holiday Damage Control Plan?  Who wants to leave the country with me??? And who knows of a place where sugar does not exist?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn Fest 5k....

Wow, thank you all for all the comments, emails, texts and encouragement. I really didn't know what to expect when I posted my last post but you all did not disappoint and went above and beyond. So THANK YOU. I have been reminded how amazing the running community is and I am so proud and thankful to be a part of it.

Now, on to running....

I did a 5k yesterday. It was an ok race. Not a PR but not a PW either. I over dressed, wearing a long sleeved shirt. Isn't it fall??? By the end I was pouring sweat and it got into my eyes which also reminded me why I normally run in a hat or visor. Next time....I won't make that mistake again.

My friend Sarah came out to cheer me on (and to enjoy the Autumn Fest festivities). It was fun to have a cheering squad and she snapped this amazing picture of me not even trying to pass the two slow pokes in front of me. I've pretty much decided that pace and time just doesn't matter. I am running for the love and fun of it.

Oh yeah...right at the finish. =)

Our friend Andrea does original work on a 1902 letterpress making really awesome letterpress cards. She had a booth set up at the craft fair so we of course had to go support her. I got a few really cute cards. You can check out her stuff at

Overall it was a really fun day filled with running, friends, and crafts. The worst part of the day was dropping my cell phone....Nothing like cracking your iPhone screen.

In all it was a fun-filled weekend that has left me ready to take on the week....hopefully it wont be another month before I update you all again! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Total Revamp--Epic Fail-And a Confession...

First the revamp fail. Then the confession....

The Revamp of my OBX Marathon Training Plan is not going so well. I'm not ashamed to admit when things flop. In fact, I'm not even surprised when things flop these days. I am actually pleasantly surprised when things DON'T flop. My schedule has been whonky lately and my long runs have been suffering. I missed my 15 miler last weekend and don't see me doing much more than 8 this coming weekend. LB will be coming along on his bike and he hasn't ridden that far before so we will see how it goes.

I am seriously evaluating my ability to safely run OBX. The last thing I want is another two month set-back where I am unable to walk, run, swim, bike, or move. I know from experience that 26.2 is not a distance race that I can just cruise on up to the start line ill prepared for, and make it to the finish unscathed. That has disaster written all over it. I saw how well that went over at Big Sur and I was better prepared for that race than this one, but still not appropriately trained.

So what is going on in 5 Mile land? Lots. What is the confession? Really the last year, since my dad died, has been a whirlwind, an emotional roller-coaster. I have been in a tail-spin, a tornado, of confusion and frustration. But then again, it hasn't been ALL bad. I have had some really great moments and I use those to reconnect, to come back to reality, to realize that life is good, I have people. And my people have me. Sometimes when I step back and analyze the past year it is like a bad after school program on USA and I wonder, "Is this really my life? How did my life come to this? To be this topsy-turvy?How is it that I could seriously be on the Jerry Springer Show?" My dad died in October, it's hard to believe it's been almost a year. Then in March The Hubs moved out and is on the fast track to becoming X-Hubs. That's right. Going to the big D and don't mean Dallas.....It was difficult for me, difficult to process, to accept, to come to terms with. It's been difficult to hold it in, to not let you all know what has been going on and why I have been so absent or so off with my training, why I seemed to have lost my wit and humor.  I have felt like I was keeping a big dark secret from you all. But then again, it wasn't something I was able or ready to talk about and how do you just come out and say it? Many of you picked up on it a few months ago, sent me emails to check in, and have been in close contact regularly. It has helped so much, more than you can imagine. And I sit here today, just like yesterday and hopefully tomorrow, knowing that everything will be A-Okay. How do I know? Because I just do....I am strong, I ran a marathon or two or three and an a half, afterall. And I have already seen that God is good, my family is amazing, my friends are out of this world supportive, and I can, do and will have a smile on my face. So you see, exciting things and changes are happening here in 5 Mile Land! I am excited to see where life takes me and LB. Where we end up, the adventures we will have, and the stories I will tell. So there you have it. Will I have a few more bumps in the road? Of course. Will it keep me down? Absolutely not


Friday, September 7, 2012

Total Revamp

So I have had to face reality and admit that my marathon "plan" is not really a plan at all. I have been winging it....that's not working out so well, as evidenced by my inability to run 13.1 miles without stopping. Yeah yeah, it was hot and humid....but still I could have slowed my pace and jogged the race. Either way, fact is that I needed to get my plan on paper, in front of me....

So I revamped it...

I feel better having a plan in front of me. I do much better knowing what is expected of me from day to day...I thought I'd be able to wing it, run here and there without a plan. But that just wasn't working for me.  I was certainly rethinking my OBX full marathon during Virginia Beach. I don't want to come into yet another marathon ill prepared. That was no fun at all. I'm also hoping to avoid surgery post marathon, but it's still on the table. 

This week's training hasn't been the best. Monday I rested, Tuesday had an easy 3.5 miles, Wednesday the stupid creepy stray dog was back and I didn't feel like getting bit so I opted for an evening run, I was hungry and tired so only did 3. I planned to run last night too but got sidelined by a huge thunderstorm. I can run in the rain, don't like it but I can do it....however I don't run in lightening. Something about getting stuck just doesn't sound fun to me. This evening I'll be getting in a few short miles and then some short miles Saturday. My Go-To Running Buddy, J-Ninja, will be away this weekend (booo!) so I get to run with my newest running buddy, Liz! It's so great to have options...even though J-Ninja is not happy about it....

It just went downhill from there.....
Anyone else have clingy, jealous running partners?? Just kidding, I kid, I kid....I feel so fortunate to have my running partners and miss them when we don't get our 2+ hours a week of chatting in. 

So I have to admit something, but I'll deny it if you ever try to bring it up again: I'm excited for fall. GASP! I know, the Lover of Summer just said that....well it's true, for now, I am excited about fall. There I said it. There is much to look forward to in the coming months and just like summer has sunshine and beaches, fall has it's own attractions, and I don't mean the Spiced Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks.... What are you most excited about with fall coming?


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