Saturday, January 20, 2018

Well HELLO 2018....'s been so long. Actually, strangely enough it has been ONE year and ONE day since my last post. That is really weird. I had no idea unit I sat down to actually write this post. I have no idea why I didn't really blog much last year. Maybe I'll do more this year. Maybe.

So what have I been up to the last year? A lot. And well not much at the same time. I guess you could say I've been up to a lot of the same things. Cross Fit mostly. That takes up a lot of my time and attention. I'm definitely hooked. And so my blog title 5 Miles Past Empty doesn't seem to fit anymore. But changing it is pretty overwhelming. It's something I'll be putting a lot of thought in to the next month or so.

So this morning I drug myself out of bed for a run.  I was supposed to do that last weekend but it was 18 degrees and the windchill was just stupid, much worse than that. So why on earth would I purposely go out and run in that kind of weather??? I wouldn't. But this morning it was 54 degrees at 6:15 AM. So I had no excuse...other than wanting to go to Cross Fit at 9 AM. And my friend promised me breakfast afterwards. So of course I was in. And I missed the CrossFit class.

During my 5 mile run I was thinking about all sorts of things, you know, the way you do while on a good run. I was thinking about breakfast, running, Cross Fit, what happened to my love for running, how did I get so out of running shape?? How was I able to run miles and miles and miles and now its so hard? How long will it take to get back in running shape? And the biggest question......

HOW!?  How do I balance my love for Cross Fit and attending classes 3-5 times a week and running any sort of significant mileage? The short and honest answer is I don't know. But I am gonna try.

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting in shorter treadmill runs during the week at home on days I don't go to the gym or "box". Cross Fit is so intense, at least for me because I am not a young spry  whippersnapper anymore, and it takes a toll on my body, so I find it very hard to do both in one day, unless I were to run in the AM and hit Cross Fit in the evening. But even then I am exhausted and my body retaliates. Recovery doesn't come as easy as it used to. And lets be honest, I hate getting up any earlier than I have to.

Now more than ever I am trying to focus on nutrition and recovery as well as injury prevention. After all I wanna keep on doing what I'm doing. for a long time.  And well I have a 13.1 to run in April, Blooms to Brews in Washington. And the best part I'll be running with lots of friends I haven't run with or even seen in so long! And secondly I'll be running past fields of absolute favorite! So with a plan on paper, a goal in my eye,  and motivation in my heart I am off to a good start in 2018!

So here I am....Cross Fitting, Running, and trying to get back to my blog!

It feels good to be back!


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