Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All confused and whatnot....

It's been one of those days. Actually one of those months. I thought it was OCTOBER but no, here it is dang near DECEMBER. I mean I didn't really think it was October, but November is a blur. A complete mess of days and hours that I can hardly recalll. How in the world did it come to be November 30th? I have been confused all month long. Seriously. November has flown by. Kid you not-it feels like we went from Halloween to Thanksgiving to today.

All day I thought LB had a program at school. I even called the school this afternoon to find out the details about when to be there and what to wear. I somehow missed the details with him out for an entire week with his arm and then out the next week with Thanksgiving. Long story short I juggled my day so that I could make the hour commute in time to see his program at 5:30 just to find out that his program is actually tomorrow night. I hate it when that happens.

When I got home I was starving and The Hubs had dinner on the table. SCORE! So I didn't run. No biggie except LB's program is tomorrow and directly after that I am meeting J-Ninja for dinner and (not just any) movie-Breaking Dawn! I can't wait! So no run tomorrow.....That leaves me with Friday. No run Friday. We are having company and I have to prepare and all that jazz. So the days are packed full and there is hardly time to take a breath, which is good until I come up for air and a whole entire month has passed by.

With the next few days being crazy busy I probably wont have a chance to update the blog but I didn't want you all to think i was slipping back into my slump! No way Jose! I'm crawling out, and staying out! It's just getting to be that time of year I guess. And since it's December I guess I should start my Christmas shopping. Oops.

Have you ever blinked and a whole month passes by? I hope that doesn't happen again!!

I am off to curl up with a good book! Tall Mom-the amazing Mom on the Run sent me not one but TWO books to help me come out of my slump! And this is not the first time she has thrown me a life-line. Mel has such a special place in my heart for many reasons, not only was she my first blind running/blogger date, she came and subjected herself to pain and agony for 26.2 miles with me in Vegas nearly a year ago. Only a true friend would do that! I can't believe it has nearly been a year since we last saw each other. Too long.... I am so blessed to call her friend. I continue to be amazed by the friendships forged over the miles run together.

Have you ever read either of these books? 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut Part Deux

....would you take a look at that!?

My neighbor(ing)hood isn't so "boring" when all my lovely neighbors have their Christmas lights up! It gives me some visual stimulation and makes me less inclined to run with my eyes closed, which apparently, after reading all your comments, I am not the only one who frequently closes my eyes while running. Thank goodness! It's good to know I'm not , er....weird(er than I feared).

This evening, once again in the rain-but much cooler this time, I got in a good 3.5 mile fartlek run. I enjoy fartleking around my neighborhood. It helps me mix it up a bit. I can run fast to the end of a cul-de-sac then slow to the stop sign, then fast up the small hill, then slow to the seconds white mail box, then fast to the end of the street and back to the big bush that rips my legs if I get too close, then slow to the house with the dog that bit me once, then fast....and you get the point. It really helps to pass the time and makes my run less ho-hum. Not to mention fartlek runs are a very valuable part of training and can be done on the sidewalks or streets. Getting your heart rate up and letting it fall again is an important part of building cardiovascular strength, endurance, and anaerobic threshold-which means, ideally and eventually, you can workout/run harder for longer periods of time. I was surprised to look down and see my pace, during my speed up, at a 7:10 min/mile pace. I of course wouldn't hold this pace long, maybe 400 yds. Even though a fartlek run may seem simple and fun and done only to pass the time and mix things up, this is considered a hard day in your running schedule, like speed work, and should be followed by an easy day of running or rest. So tomorrow I'll do a nice, easy run. I think I'll be ready for my 10K this weekend, the Green Baret Jingle Jog!

That's right, I registered for my first 10k since the Tacoma City 10k in 2008. This was the day before Mother's Day and the day before The Hub's deployed to Iraq. I pushed LB in the stroller and it was one of the toughest races I can recall. Not to mention The Hubs took first in his age group....that stings. It didn't sting at the time but it stings now...I want to win first in my age group.I would like to promise a PR this weekend but since my previous 10k time is 56:32 (9:05 min/mile pace) I'm not sure I've got that in me right now. Plus I believe the route is quite hilly, not Tacoma hilly, is significantly hillier than my little neighborhood. I'm excited nonetheless to see how I do and to get a more recent 10k on the books.

I really like the 10k race distance. I don't know why I don't do more of them. What race distance do you like but have little experience racing?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you ever run with your eyes closed?

Yeah, me either. Usually.

Tonight I came home from work and changed into my running clothes immediately. It seems to be the best method for me so that I actually get a run in. Otherwise I sit down and lose motivation (instantaneously-how does THAT happen?) or walk into the kitchen and get overwhelmed by thoughts of what on earth to make for dinner-then the run is off....and I get grumpy(er). So it seems that if I come home and run to my room and change I am more likely to actually head out for my run. We'll see how long I can keep this up.

Anyway, so there I was, on my evening run. It was dark. Warm...what? Yes, 65 degrees on Nov. 28, and raining. What is up with this weather here lately? It is too warm. It's almost December for crying out loud. As I ran along in my neighbor(ing)hood I felt the soft pitter patter of rain on my cheeks. My shirt was getting wet and my hair was turning into a tangled rat's nest mess of wet hair. I closed my eyes, for just a few steps, or feet, or yards, and let the rain hit my face. It reminded me of my time running in the rain in the PNW. I wont beat a dead horse with that, but it felt good...then I almost ran into a basketball goal and had to open my eyes. Yeah, I would not recommend running with your eyes closed. It's not safe.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was great. We hung around the house on Thursday then headed to Colonial Williamsburg for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Just to show you our unseasonably warm weather here is The Hubs and LB playing soccer in the road on Thursday:


Check out his patriotic cast!


And here are some of Colonial Williamsburg:

Me and LB in the jail sell that held Blackbeard's pirates in 1718! Cool!!


LB at the Yorktown Battleground


Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg? Are you a history buff? If you could take a weekend trip, on the East coast, where would you go?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Running Thankfully.....

This evening I was able to go for a run when I got home from work. After fighting the I-95 north traffic and the crowd at the grocery store (procrastinate much?) it was nearly dark by the time I got home and dressed for a run. I don't mind running in the dark. Thankfully I feel safe in my neighborhood, aside from a few dogs that always startle me when I run by their fence. Actually in their defense I am sure I startle them when I run by their fence....Either way, our neighborhood is quite around 6 PM, not many cars coming or going, and if I didn't know what time it was I would think it was 10 PM. It's a pleasant place to run. I just wish it had better scenery and offered more distance. BUT, I ran and for that I am THANKFUL!

As I ran I felt really good. My heart rate was low, my breathing good, and my legs felt fresh...well they should since they have done nothing for who-knows-how-long. I began feeling like I could just keep going. Run far. Do a long run! I felt so good! I wanted to keep going. I thought I could easily knock out a 10 mile run, until....UNTIL I got bored out of my gourd. My neighborhood is about as exciting as vanilla. I know, vanilla is delicious, but you get my drift, it is no mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough. I lasted 4.5 miles before I headed home, bored stiff.

I've looked for any kind of Turkey Trot for tomorrow morning but haven't had any luck finding one with people, or turkeys (how come you don't spell it turkies??? WEIRD!) for that matter. I guess I'll head out on my own in the morning for another run. My goal is to run 5 days in a row. Do you think I can do it??

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Will you be in the kitchen tomorrow? I will be! I love cooking for Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Have You Done Lately?

Nothing.....I have done nothing.

Well that's not true, I did 40 kettle bell swings this afternoon, sat in the sun (it was 70 degrees today) and I drove by a CrossFit gym to "check it out" yesterday. Other than that I flaked on my yoga date with J-Ninja and skipped my weekend runs.

Last week was a doozie for me. I missed work on Monday and went in late almost every day after that due to LB being home and out of school with his broken arm. This had me working later-than-usual hours  and playing catch-up which in turn had me feeling like a Lazy Lima Bean all weekend.

I can't snap out of it.

My trial gym membership purchased 2 weeks ago has been used exactly ONCE. Not good. I just don't have a traditional schedule that allows for lunch breaks. If I have a chance to make it to the gym it is a last minute hole in my schedule and it may or may not be long enough to get my scheduled workout in. BUT I guess something is better than nothing since it is clear I come home and do nothing.

I did register for the Tobacco Road Half's March 18th. Lets see if I can actually train and complete a 13.1. It will be a busy spring. Why is it that all the races I want to do are within about three weeks of each other? Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is April 29th, Big Sur (registered) April 29, White Lake 70.3 is May 5, Blue Ridge Half Marathon is April 21... Do you notice that your favorite races are clustered into one mess of a month?

Anyone doing any Turkey Trots this week? I MUST do one, whether it's my own or an organized event I need to do a Turkey Trot....

And what's your favorite small Thanksgiving Dinner recipe? I'm doing a small dinner for just me, LB and The Hubs, nothing big. I've got my trusty Cranberry Sauce Recipe, I'm debating between Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie. The Hubs is lobbying hard for garlic mashed potatoes...and I'm opting out of the trusty Green Bean Casserole. So any veggie suggestions? I think I should stick to running....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Knee Deep...A Margaritaville Review

Wishing I was knee deep in the water somewhere
Got the blue sky breeze and it don't seem fair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair
Sunrise there's a fire in the sky
Never been so happy
Never felt so high
And I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise

-Knee Deep, Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett

Have I ever told you how much I love Jimmy Buffett? No? Wow, surprising. Well, I do. I love Jimmy. He just sings songs straight from my heart, he speaks seemingly from my soul. I think I was born to be a beach bum, to live in a hut on a beach, with the sun on my skin, the salty wind in my hair and sand in my toes. Not a care in the world....Doesn't that sound nice? How can this small town, Oklahoma farm girl feel such a draw to the ocean? Weird.

Imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to review of pair Margaritaville/Jimmy Buffett polarized sunglasses! Of course I pleaded for some concert tickets, a ride on his boat to/from/around Margaritaville, a meet and great...but I'll take what I can get, the sunglasses are a good start.

Here they are, the Calypso in red!   Love them!


Funny story about why I chose the red sunglasses. When I was dating The Hubs, about 8 and a half years ago, I had a sweet (cheap) pair of red sunglasses. I loved them. They looked cute. That was about it. We were at the lake and chilling on a dock when somehow, for some reason, he had me peering over the edge of the dock and PLOP! My beloved red sunglasses sunk to the bottom of Clear Lake. I have missed them ever since. So of course when I saw that Margaritaville had a pair of similar red sunglasses I chose them immediately.


But maybe you aren't the red sunglasses kind of guy/gal. Not to worry! There are other colors like white, tortoise, black and blue or even a lot of really awesome different frames to chose from! Like these sweet, fighter pilot looking aviator-ish Hemisphere glasses:


Things I liked about my Red Calypso Polarized Sunglasses:

-They passed The Hat Test. Yes, they fit on my face while wearing a hat. Many times hats have to be worn high on the head, or at least my head, because the glasses hit on the brim. Well these fit nicely with different types of hats with no problems at all. SCORE!

-They are light weight. I thought they might be heavy. I have a pair of Maui Jim frames that are comparable in style, price, and quality except they are HEAVY. Not the Margaritaville frames! They are light weight and don't leave red patched on the bridge of my nose like the Maui Jims.

-Work for casual wear and active wear! I wore these for a run AND to the local Veteran's Day parade! I can work out in these and wear them for normal, not running related activities. They are my new go-to driving sunglasses!

-They are pretty darn cute. Self-explanatory.

What Margaritaville says about their polarized lenses:

MPT® polarized lenses by Margaritaville® are where state-of-the-art optical science meets fun-in-the-sun protection. Optimal visual clarity is our mission and we offer performance unmatched by any other lens technology on the beach or at sea.

We craft our optics with your lifestyle in mind. MPT® Polarized Lenses exceed industry standards for safety, and our fused MPT® Polarization Technology exceeds all existing eyewear industry standards for optical quality, value and durability. For more read HERE.

These sunglasses are awesome, down to the smallest detail! Like the Integrated Leash Loop and Low Profile Leash! Who would want/need that? you ask....well, recall my Sunglass-In-The-Lake story? Yeah, if I had had a leash on my glasses they would not have made their way to the bottom of the lake!


There is way too much info about these to include here on my single blog post. All you need to know is they are having a KILLER sale right now so visit their website and peruse around! Who knows, maybe youll find the erfect pair of sunglasses for yourself or someone on your Christmas list!!! Check them out HERE.....

Now excuse me, I have a plane to catch....heading to the beach!!

Not. I wish though......

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Marathon

....of sorts. A post about LB for the family....and you all too since you are like family too....

I think I'd rather have put myself through a brutal, untrained-for marathon...

Sunday afternoon, when I was supposed to be recovering from a marathon LB was being a 6 year old boy tying to walk on a fence, balancing like a squirrel, or maybe Spiderman, I'm not sure. I had a difficult time explaining the fence to people then I decided to just post a pic. It was this kind of fence:


I looked out my kitchen window and saw our neighbor setting LB over the fence into our yard, he began hobbling home. Then there was the tears and the "where does it hurt?" game. After about 40 min of looking at his arm, trying to conduct some tests (that I have no business conducting, but I've played a doctor on TV) I concluded that I should at least take him to the ER, get an x-ray, receive some Tylenol and be sent home as an over-reactive mother. Better safe than sorry.

After about 4 hours waiting in the ER we finally got a jillion x-rays around 9 PM.

Yes, of course I took pictures...I'm a mom.


By 9:30 the verdict was in: supracondylar type three fracture of his humorous. Ouch. I was shocked. I figured it was just bruised....Then the kicker-the only way to fix it was surgery and inserting three pins.

LB was a trooper and decided at that point he just wanted to go home. I agreed, let's go....But we had no choice, he was prepped for surgery and by 10 I was in the waiting room and he was in surgery. I called The Hubs to let him know what was going on and from Boston there was nothing he could do.

By 11 LB was in recovery. By 2:30 AM I was watching some sort of Batman cartoon with LB who was spaced out on morphine.


We made it home Monday by noon and the rest is history. We've been chillaxing, watching cartoons, eating popcorn, drinking know, all the important things.

He has to go back in next week for his hard cast and I will be first in line to sign it.

As for training/running...I did get in a 4.5 mile run this weekend, before the incident! My awesome neighbor and I traded kid-sitting so each of us was able to get in a run. I'm hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful runlationship! This coming weekend I think, I hope, I can convince The Hubs to sit on three kids so we can actually run together! Mark my words-I will have her running her first half-marathon with me before the Army takes her and her family away from me in 6 months.

How was your weekend? Any advice on how to deal with LB's arm? How the heck do I put a shirt on him? This is still a mystery!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Time Tomorrow...

....I will have missed OBX marathon.

I have only registered and missed one race since I began doing road races and that was an Iron Girl 10k in Seattle. I registered but for some reason I decided to go home to OK to see my family that weekend instead. Missing that 10k was hard....missing this marathon is down right depressing. On one hand, I am proud of myself for making the smart choice to sit this one out. But, yes there is alway a but, on the other hand I am totally disappointed in myself for letting my training slip, for just not doing it. Each and every day I made the conscious decision to not follow my plan. I kicked my shoes under my bed, or maybe in my closet (it's bad that I have no idea where my running shoes are) and just ignored them. They would call to me and I would cover my ears. And squeeze my eyes shut. And rock back and forth....ok not quite that bad but you get the drift.

A few things are going on here.

FIRST: My flame is so weak, although it gets going at times-see Tuesday's post-but it just has nothing to sustain it for more than one teeny tiny moment. I have lost my mojo, my spark, my desire. I know where it is and why it has gone and I can't really beat myself up for it.

I had a dream that I was walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Weird I know. I hear a voice that said to me, "You are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death." And I looked around and it was beautiful. Green and lush. But it was dark and in the shadow of a very large mountain that looked cold and smokey. It was weird but I knew in my dream that I had to just keep walking, away from the mountain and out of the valley. I knew once I got out of that valley every thing would be different. So I walked....with the tune of Gansta's Paradise thumping in my dream. I know it just sounds crazy but I feel like this dream pretty much sums up where I am right now. Everything around me is beautiful and good, but I am in a dark shadow. I'll get through it, it's just a shadow, if I keep moving.

SECOND: I kinda like tri's now, like I like them more than just road races-and yes, I did say "just road races". The road running here in this part of the state I live in is, how do I say this...lacking, disappointing, lame, boring, not satisfying....I have tried for over a year. I got here on October 20, 2010 and have been tying to keep my flame going since then. It has been a struggle with the lack of sidewalks, road shoulders, trails, running partners, you name it. To put it plain and simple-I was spoiled by the PNW. Running will never be the same for me. Period. The only thing that came close to filling the void of my running buddies, routes, and favorite races of Washington is the triathlon scene here in NC. That lit a fire in me and I was happy this summer. I felt the rush of energy as I held on for dear life-literally-down hills on Nelly CIRN, as I swam through flailing arms, and I collapsed crossing the finish line. So maybe I have truly been taken to the dark side....triathlete. I can't wait until tri season rolls around again! But I don't think this means I can't enjoy a road race here and there.

THIRD: Absence of racing. I haven't done a race since my last triathlon in mid August. Even that one was not supposed to be my last. I had a few more on the calendar after that but once school started and my job kicked in life got difficult to juggle. But either way I have an urge to race. I should be racing tomorrow but I'm not. You, or at least I, can't just show up for 26.2. I think the next race I'll do is Ryan's Reindeer 5k in December. We did this one last year and it was fun. So I'm looking forward to it.

FOURTH: I need new shoes. I miss my Asics Kayano. My Saucony's have been nice but I think I have heard my feet complaining and I swear my left one said something about the good ole days with Kayano....So maybe it's time.

SO there you have true confessions this OBX, I sure wish I was lacing up for the marathon tomorrow. Guess I'll have to wait until April 29, 2012.

So any true confessions out there? Did my dream totally creep you out? Or maybe you have had dreams that you could analyze perfectly, where you knew exactly what it was telling you?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Track...

...not literally on a track, that would have been cool, but I'm talking about being on track with my new training plan.

Day one of Big Sur Marathon and White Lake 70.3 training.... and I already messed up on my training plan....Don't worry though, instead of missing a workout or not completing the workout I totally OVERACHIEVED.

Today I checked out a gym near my job and was able finagle a one month trial to see how much I am able to use it during the week and if I like it before purchasing an official membership since I actually live an hour away. I will say it was a pretty awesome facility and even more awesome to get in a swim and a run on my lunch hour. Maybe this is why I overachieved today?

Today's workout was to be a 2 mile run and 500 m swim.....


But I accidentally ran 3 miles and swam 1100 m. Ooops....

In creating this plan I started out very conservative, as you can see. Week 1's total mileage is only 17 miles. If you recall my last post though, I am starting over at square one. It feels like I am completely rebuilding my base. I am trying to be smart in my build so I can avoid injury (and burnout). Also, if you will notice I have TWO rest days. This is pretty awesome! Lets hope I can keep the momentum! Tomorrow its a 5 mile run and a bike ride on the trainer.

It feels good to be on track again. I know it wont always be easy and I may miss a day-or two, but hopefully not three- and that's OK. Sometimes, these days, I just don't feel like doing anything (except finding chocolate). My struggle with the run over the last year has been a difficult one, but I am doing my best to hang on by the skin of my teeth (what does that even mean???) and I know one day it will all fall into place-again. 

When did running fall into place for you? How did you know when it fell into place?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Square One


I just got back from a 3.25 mile run.

The only thing I was thinking the whole time is "Wow, is this really how I feel? This is me starting over. At square ONE. Ugh...."

But it is time, I must get back on track. My diet has gone to pot, sugar and carbs galore! My running has gone to pot...sporadic at best. Who is in control here? Certainly not ME! Not the me I know I am....this is the lazy, sluggish, down-in-the-dumps me, the me who is moping because I am not going to toe the line at OBX next weekend....I have never missed a registered race before and let me tell you, this is a blow to my moral.

I know that attempting 26.2 next weekend is asking for trouble. The smart thing to do is to sit this one out. Maybe next year....

In an attempt to jump start my motivation J-Ninja and I devised a plan that will train us up for Big Sur Marathon on May 1 followed by White Lake 70.3 Redemption on May 7th. That's right, I am going to have a repeat of my half ironman! With one under my belt I am hoping for an improvement.

Yes. We realize this is going to be nuts-a marathon then 6 days later a 70.3. BUT-our training plan starts tomorrow, with a rest day of course, and spans 26 weeks. This will be ample time to train up for the 26.2 with conservative bike and swim workouts throughout. Unlike last year's plan, this year I actually have not one but TWO rest days scheduled in. Boooyow! The plan is realistic, smart, conservative, and perfect! I have full confidence it will get us to the finish line of both races.

We discussed our strategy for completing Big Sur 26.2 with our 70.3 in mind. With proper training and race strategy it shouldn't be a problem. So here's to hoping having this ambitious goal will snap me out of my training rut. I will not miss Big Sur!

So what do you think? Crazy plan? Of course it is!!

Congrats to everyone who ran NYC ING Marathon today!! I can't wait to read all the recaps!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter stinks......

....but with a fireplace, preferably with a warm, cozy fire glowing, a cup of coffee, some deliciously frumpy fat pants, a hoodie, and a good book, the dark and cold winter months aren't so arduous.

I thought I would share some of my favorite running-themed books in case you were looking for a good read to snuggle up with.

The first book on my pile is Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives , by Mina Samuels.


Talk about a pick-me-up, feel-good book! This book covers topics that certainly could have been taken right out my mouth, and from any the conversations heard during any and all of my runs with a close running buddy. I love this book because it takes the stories of real women and their experience of coming to terms with themselves, as women of all shapes and sizes and talents, and discovering that "fit is the new thin". It speaks to being proud of our accomplishments and seeing them for what they are...Its' chapters capture the female audience's attention with titles such as, Rising to the (Almost) Daily Challenge, Fit is the New Thin, and Chicking the Boys. If you are looking for an easy, entertaining read that will have you lacing up your tennies and longing for a sweat (even if it's dark, cold and wet outside) this this is the book for you! And "our mission..."according to one of the athletes in Mina's book, "..should we chose to accept it, is to do our best, and let our accomplishments speak for themselves..." So there you have, go run like a girl and be proud!

Second on my reading list is Long May You Run. All. Things. Running. by Chris Cooper.

One word: Awesome. 


And for cool points he wrote me a little note on the inside.


This book is pretty much like a perfectly thought-out random conglomeration of running! It's like a go-to running guide for noobs and oldies alike, with topics like Run Under a Full Moon. What? What a random, glorious idea! As a matter of fact, when is the next full moon? And to stoke your running fire a bit more he talks about the Mystic Runners Full Moon 5k in Wakefield, Mass. Anyone live near there? He has awesome quotes sprinkled throughout to get you where you need to be, mentally and physically, such as "Refueling within thirty minutes after a run is key." (Hazel Clark, 5 time US 800 m champion and member of the 2008 Olympic team). And another great quote by Pete Pfitzinger "If you feel great during a run, go farther than you planned. If something hurts do not force yourself to keep running." Excellent advice that I know we all could hear....This is just a fun, interesting book that brings the excitement and newness back to running, if you find yourself in a rut (like me...). This is a great bedside or coffee table book that can be read all at once or in bits and pieces. You'll be sure to walk away from it with a smile and a new item for your Bucket List.

The third book on my list is Lynda Drews' Run at Destruction, a True Fatal Love Triangle.


I received this book from Lynda quite a long time ago. I started reading it and kind of walked away from it for a while. Not to say it wasn't good but mostly I got busy and had a lot of other things to do (like study for my licensure exam) and reading for pleasure went by the way side. It is a true story set in the early 80's when women were just emerging in the running, recreation and competitive scene. This story kind of hit home since it was about runners, women, like you and me (and men for my male readers), who met for long runs and training runs, they went to races and socialized togehter. But this story has a  sad, deadly twist that truly disturbed me. So if you like suspense and mystery books then this one is a real treat because it is not only a mystery but it is about running and the characters could be anyone among your or my running crowd, seemingly normal, happy runners....So look around you....this book makes you wonder. Some people don't like murder mysteries. I know it was a little much for me to read while The Hubs was in Afghanistan and I was home alone, meeting my running buddies many times a week. But otherwise, I would say it was an enjoyable read and it made me truly appreciate my running buddies.

The last book I will review for you is Runner's World, The Runner's Diet: The Ultimate Eating Plan That Will Make Every Runner (and Walker) Leaner, Faster, & Fitter by Madelyn H. Fernstrom, PhD, CNS


Pretty much, I haven't been able to implement a lot of thngs in this book, yet. But it does provide valuable information and pointers on analyzing your eating habits and activity patterns so as to really honestly look at what we are putting into our bodies. The book discusses the Best-Choice Carbohydrates and serving sizes. In it's pages I found pointers such as: Calories count, even when you'll be exercising and using some. Duh...but really, guilty! It also states: Carbohydrates give you quick energy, but you will need to avoid sugar/fat combinations or other refined-carbohydrate sources -BINGO!!! This step alone resulted in a 13 pound weight loss for me since July. It works people! So if your looking to to tweak your diet and avoid the Marathon Training Weight Loss Plateau, or worse the Marathon Training Weight Gain (GASP!!! It happens!!) or are wanting to figure out how to shed the last, hardest 5 pounds, this book may just have a few tips and sound advice that will help you become leaner, faster, and fitter.

There you have most recent reading list. What do you think? Have you read any of these? Any of them peak your interest? What have you read that I should put on my list? And seriously, do you curl up by the fireplace in the winter?

Halloween-5 Mile Style

I love Halloween......It has always been one of my favorite holidays...and it's only fitting that it is also The Hubs' birthday!

But it is so SO evil, and I'm not talking about the scary, devil-y ghosts and goblins and vampires running around. I'm talking candy, sugar, CHOCOLATE! I work so hard for months to to cut sugar out of my diet, only allowing for small dosages here and there just to have all sorts of delicious candy shoved under my nose....

Even Lazy Dog is like "Heck Yeah!!!"


The Hubs is going for his "10% Dad Tax" that is applied to most holidays where LB receives copious amounts os candy.

Remember how I told you The Hubs' costume was a doozie? Well I will not disappoint....He sure makes for a pretty runner girl....He was beating the boys off with a stick all night....


And of course LB....


How was your Halloween? How are you going to avoid the sugar rush of the Holidays?


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