Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seven Miles of Pure...treadmill.

Ugh. Today I did my long run of 7 miles. On the treadmill. I do not run with a running stroller so the gym it was. I put my Little Buddy in the nursery for one hour and 4 minutes. It actually wasn't bad at all. The farthest I have ever done on a treadmill until today was 5 miles. I think the treadmill has some pros and cons.

Pros: I can control my speed and keep a very consistent pace. I can control the incline. I have a fan right in front of my face. I can completely zone out and not dodge annoying people who drive like idiots and fail to yield to pedestrians. I don't have to worry about stopping at streets. I have a nice little towel to wipe the sweat from my brow. I can check my email on my iPhone (not that i do or anything, really).

Cons: I have to stare at myself for an hour and analyze my gate. I can see just how fabulous my hair looks 5 miles in. I can see in said mirrors that the skin around my eyes bounce each time my foot strikes, proving that I am starting to look old(er). I get dizzy trying to watch TV and run at the same time. I can watch, in real time, the development of the WEIRDEST sweat pattern on my shirt...let's just say embarrassing, I had no idea my boobs sweat like that. What the heck?

But all in all it was not too bad and again I felt like I could run farther. I played it safe and ran slower than I could have.

mile 1 9:40
Mile 2 9:35
Mile 3 9:29
Mile 4 9:32
Mile 5 9:18
Mile 6 9:24
Mile 7 9:09
Fastest pace: 8:34

I foresee more treadmill runs in my future. With good music and a positive attitude I think it will work out. After all a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...I have a marathon to train for! I just wonder how treadmill running compares to actual pavement pounding.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but since Tuesday will be a day of travel and airports and I don't feel too bad after my long run of 7 miles I may go ahead and run tomorrow.

Today I am grateful for:
A good run!
As my Little Buddy said tonight, "only two more sleeps then we get on an airplane!"
Bodyglide. It worked wonders on my poor tootsies today. Thanks Jamoosh for reminding me of this. :) I owe you a toe.
One month month closer to The Hubs return.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're All Runners Here...right?

So don't mind my gross feet.

I have a blister between my middle toe and the next-to-smallest toe. It is very strange and came out of nowhere! My shoes are fine, my socks are fine. The only thing I can think of is that I had a pedicure in December while I was, healing and getting well. I am guessing my oh-so-important callouses were filed off and now I have to reestablish them. The pics don't do the blister justice and it is about two days post pop so I am on the mend. TGIRD: Thank goodness it's rest day! :) Tomorrow is 7 miles!

Today I am grateful:
-for a fun play date (for me and my Little Buddy)!
-that there is no chocolate, ice cream, or other sweets in the house right now because I would TOTALLY devour some straight-to-my-LUV-handles junk right now.
-for all you awesome bloggy readers and commenters. You definitely know how to keep a girl motivated. You all motivate me every single day. :) Thank you.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Clever Tilte, not-so-clever post.

Normally I wake up in the mornings and pull on some sort of presentable clothes (i.e. replace my frumpy sweats with some sort of cuter athletically inclined pants that don't say "I give up" to those who are subject to my presence) before I haul my Little Buddy to preschool. Today I decided to go ahead and get gym ready. I got my running clothes on, took my Little Buddy to preschool and went straight to the Y to hit up the dreadmill for my measly 3 miler (don't get me wrong, 3 is respectable and I actually love 3 on the treadmill, it is the perfect treadmill distance). I just didn't feel like fighting the internal battle of procrastinating my run. I wanted to get it done and get on with my day. It felt so good to have my run done by 10:30 and I even did some weights. Come to think of it, I need some sort of weight lifting plan. I just kind of lift, no purpose, rhyme or reason to it. Suggestions welcome...


Mile 1 9:24
Mile 2 9:01
Mile 3 8:36
Fastest pace 7:34

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day then this week's long run is 7 miles. I may end up doing it on the treadmill Sunday afternoon since I can take my Little Buddy to the Y while I run. I have to remember I have Carrie on standby for helping out but I will save her for the real long runs, anything over 10 (thanks Carrie!!!). Tall Mom invited me to run with her and Zoe and Kerrie in the morning but they are meeting about an hour in the opposite direction of Carrie's house, picture a huge triangle, with the meeting place, my house, and Carrie's house being on separate points. Bummer. It is all a juggling act. I am not good at juggling.

Well, today I have much to be grateful for but it is kind of hard to put into words and it's one of those difficult-to-explain circumstances where you almost feel guilty (kind of like how I felt with Haiti, guilty for all I have when others are suffering so much)...I am grateful I was able to speak with The Hubs tonight but my heart goes out to those who will not hear from their hubs....rough week for military families.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Miles and NOT empty.

Today I did my 5 miles. I actually felt really good and could have gone a bit further, but much to my dismay I have a plan to follow...darn. ;o) So I fought the urge to run forever and stopped at 5.25(in case you were wondering there is a hint of sarcasm there).

Mile 1 9:40
Mile 2 9:24
Mile 3 9:14
Mile 4 9:04
Mile 5 8:32 not a misprint.

This was just one of those good running days. I had my music turned WAY up and just ran. I purposely started out slow because I wanted to pick up the pace and finish fast. I was actually really surprised that I was able to finish in the 8's. Tomorrow is another 3 miler. I think I can handle that.

On another unrelated note, yesterday's post gave beach fever. I need to look at my race schedule and see if there is a time where I can make it back to Italy this spring or summer!

My race schedule is filling up! Next on the agenda is the FREE The Million Inch Run on Feb. 13! In case you don't want to do the math that is 15.78 miles! I'll be doing this with local bloggy buddies Tall Mom, Zoe, and Kerrie as well as tried and true AN the RB! After that on March 21 I have the Mercer Island half marathon (on my birthday!!!!)! April 25 is my FIRST MARATHON, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon!! YAY! Coming up on June 27 is the Seattle Rock n Roll Half marathon! I feel like I am missing something, but those are the certain races! I can always add more! I have to find one for May and July!

Today I am grateful for:
Thursday night TV!!
Flat rate shipping boxes!
A warm house!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Toes in the water...#$% in the sand...

I wish.

Ahhhh....bloggy land. The land where reality can be whatever I please. And I please for it to be warm, sunny, beachy....waves and sand. Eyes are closed....
..............nope. Dang. Still sitting on my couch in my frumpy pants and sweat shirt.

This is me and my Little Buddy on the beach in Italy last summer...

I think I need to go back there.

I am tired. Jeeze. I think I have written that in every post for the last few weeks. It is true, I am just tired. I don't think it has anything to do with marathon training or exercising. I think the last couple of months are just catching up with me physically and emotionally. For now, running and being active is the best thing for me. Yesterday was a rest day and today I ran my whopping three miles. I held a pretty good pace:

Mile 1 9:14
Mile 2 9:08
Mile 3 9:24

Three miles seem to be about as long as I can hold that pace, for now. I have 5 miles on deck for tomorrow. I would like to have them all be 9:30 or better. We will see.

I was looking at my race schedule and it is filling up! I will have to list all my upcoming races for you all tomorrow!

Today I am grateful for:
-Getting my heater fixed by a different company than the shady one that came out on Monday, did nothing, took my money, made me cry AND made me mad....and gave me my money back.
-A very productive day!
-An awesome giveaway over at Run, Zoe, Run! So if you are into Michael Kors and/or bags you must go check it out!!
-Another awesome giveaway over at Mom vs. Marathon. Kerrie is giving away a sweet yoga bag and even if you are not a yoganite check it out, it is sweet!
-Oh and HOW did I forget this!?1? I am going to the Winter Olympics! That's right, on Feb 20 I will be sitting amongst thousands watching Curling! I know, you are jealous! I am pumped!!
(I wasn't kidding when I said I would be working on filling up my calendar! What other random things will i come up with? Just wait and see!!!! :) )

Monday, January 25, 2010

I have Insomnia

...and it shows. I am tired.

This past weekend I was unable to get my 10 miler in. Things just didn't work out, the stars did not align. It will take me some time to figure out the logistics but I am certain I will be able to (thanks to Carrie who has graciously volunteered to add my Little Buddy to her clan of two red-headed little people). So no more excuses. It just takes time to adjust and get the schedules down, not just for marathon training but adjusting to deployment too.

Anyway, back to missing my 10 miler this weekend. I knew I had to do it today, no question but I was self-sabotaging, typical. Thankfully my friend Carrie picked up on it and volunteered to be at my house to run. Forty five minutes later we hit the streets for the run. She ran 4 and a half miles with me (pushing Dr.'s orders due to stress fractures)then finished the run beside me on the bike. The total miles for today was 9. Not quite 10 but oh well, what ever. I am happy with 9. So this week my runs are pushed a day.

Tomorrow is a rest day but I think I will hit the gym for some cross training and weights...I have yet another check in with the Dr. I swear I am running out of blood. Any nurses or doctor's who read this? How long does it take to replenish after they suck two tubes out (sorry for you queasy folks)? Sheeeeeesh! HOPEFULLY this will be the last week, I am starting to feel like a broken record. I am feeling about 92%, almost 100%! Either way it feels so SO good to be running and exercising again! I am getting so excited about my marathon and I haven't even run further than 13.1 miles at one time in my life!

Today I am grateful for:
-Having the guts to be assertive and demand my $130 back from the shady heater repair dude who I swear tried to rip me off and my heater is still broken. Don't worry, I played the "My husband is in 'insert foreign country here'...." card. I don't usually like to play that card but sometimes you just have to. It trumps a lot.
-Floor heaters from Target (my heater is broken after all).
-A week in Oklahoma to visit my family and three days in Denver to visit my fiend, all starting next week!! YAY oh YAY!!!!
-No naps at preschool!! I know, most parents cry when their kids grow out of naps...But I rejoice!!!! My Little Buddy has been sleeping in until 7 or 8 since cutting his nap!!! This is awesome considering he used to get up between 5 and 6 EVERY SINGLE MORNING!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Running Amok

After Wednesday's 5 mile run I was tired. I wasn't really sore, just tired. On Thursday's I teach water aerobics at the YMCA and believe it or not it makes me tired, so yesterday I decided not to run. No biggie, that is why I love Hal Higdon's plan, I can tweak it however I need to. Today I had to make up that 3 miles.

Mile 1 9:30
Mile 2 9:04
Mile 3 8:34

Not too shabby. I have to remind myself that I am still easing back into running. I am not sure how long it takes to loose your base but I haven't really done anything since my half marathon on Nov. 29. I stubbornly and stupidly made the decision, despite how I was feeling, to run the 12K's of Christmas on Dec. 20. That was horrible, 12K in 1:2o.27. OUCH. I seriously did it Galloway style, run for a few walk for a lot. I was not feeling well but I have a hard time passing up a race I am registered for. And so, I am working my way back into running consistently. Tomorrow will be my long run of the week. I had planned to run a local 10 mile race but alas, mommy duty calls, so I will be running my 10 miles later in the day all by myself (insert whine and cheese here) when I have someone who can hang out with my Little Buddy for a bit over an hour. Ah....being a single-married mom has it's moments. This is the challenge of marathon training and I knew it would be. I have to be flexible and determined.

Today I am grateful for:
Friends who love to cook and invite me over for dinner (thanks Jess!!!!).
Airplane tickets to go home to see my fam in about one week! YAY!
Saturday's with my Little Buddy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creepy Creeperton, don't ever do that again. Seriously.

I have a feeling this evening's post will be all over the place. I am tired, emotionally and physically.

Today was a good day for a 5 mile run. The sun was shining and it was about 50 degrees. I wore shorts in the middle of January! It was amazing. AN the RB and I hit the pavement for our run and it was one of those runs where we just ran in silence. No headphones, no music. Nothing. Just silence. Except for the creepy creeperton who totally hung out the passenger window, while driving, to cat call us. Really? Gross, get a life buddy. I would have punched him in the nose if I could have reached, it was one of those days. Poor guy had no clue who he was cat calling, he was dancing with the devil...And really, does that ever work, like do guys actually pick women up that way? Wow! A little tangent there! :) Anyway, we were both lost in our heads and clearing our minds and it was one of those days where neither of us wanted to be alone to do that. Just having someone beside you with their breath and footsteps in sync makes you not feel so alone. There were no words that needed to be said, we just needed to run. The only thing that would have made it better is if we were on an open road as far as the eye could see. Although I bet AN the RB, being the city girl she is (I am the farm girl after all), would argue that the houses and neighborhoods are just perfect. And so we ran...

5 miles
Mile 1 10:00
Mile 2 9:40
Mile 3 9:47
Mile 4 9:50
Mile 5 10:00

It was a perfect run. Now, 3 tomorrow and 10 on Saturday.

Today I am grateful for:
All the wonderful people in my life who make me smile everyday, you know who you are.
My awesome neighbors who brought over a box of kid books that they didn't need anymore!
Making the commitment to run the marathon.
All of you out there in bloggy land who are working hard to live your life the way you see fit! We are in control of our lives and we are strong! You all are amazing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OKC Marathon Training Run #1

I just like to say "OKC Marathon Training run"....or to say, "I'm training for a marathon". Yep, that's right, I'm kind of a big deal. Yep, I AM tooting my own horn. :o)

After a bit of research and consideration I have chosen to go with Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Marathon Training Schedule. I am starting out about 4 weeks behind schedule but I don't think it will be a problem, I am jumping in at week 5 out of 18. The plan is not overwhelming or daunting, this week is 3/5/3/10. I will be participating in a local 10 Mile run (for $10) this Saturday! Can you say perfect timing!? I feel so confident that I can do this!!!

My run today was good. It was 60 degrees (WHAT? In January!) AND it was dry (WHAT? In January!). I had a busy morning, phone call from The Hubs (YAY!), lunch with an AMAZING friend who I have missed dearly (thanks Carrie, I am the one who should be thanking you. Your wisdom and strength amaze me), Dr. apt for my weekly blood test (UGH! Hopefully this was the last week?), then home. Once I got home I thought about not running, terrible way to start a marathon training. So I got dressed and was putting on my shoes when I got a text from who else but Mel-Tall Mom on the Run! I love this Tall Mom! I am going to have to hit her up for a lunch run date soon! I think this will be just what I need to keep my training fun.

Back to my run. I did three miles and it felt really good.
Mile 1 8:49
Mile 2 9:02
mile 3 9:30
I am happy with the times! We will see if I can hold the pace tomorrow in my 5 mile run.

Today I am grateful for:
Friends who aren't afraid to be honest and lend a listening ear.
That my Little Buddy is feeling better and does not have mono! Thank goodness!
My roommate. Without AN the RB here I would be beside myself with anxiety and boredom, thanks roomie! So glad you are here with me during this deployment.
My sister! Even though I keep missing your phone call it means a lot to me! (Man, I feel sappy tonight...).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What have I done!?

Well, the most difficult part is committing.

It's funny what four days with a sick four year-old as a geographically-single mom will do to one's sanity. Suddenly I was wishing the marathon was tomorrow...anything to get me out of this house! I got crazy, grabbed my wallet and registered for the OKC Marathon!!!

I only hesitated once during the registration process. It is when I got to this part: Clydesdale/Filly. What? Really? Now, I am not big on telling the world my weight but I could register as a Clydesdale (or would it be Filly?). Now they just ask for weight, I am 5'10 people! Way to make me feel big...sheesh! Let's just say I did NOT register under this category, maybe I am holding out for a second 10 pound weight loss during this process (which would disqualify me from this category).

Now I just have to find a training plan and get busy! Registering is only the beginning!

Today I am grateful for:
Dr.'s offices that are open on Saturday, got my Little Buddy some antibiotics.
For everything I have, I feel almost guilty when I think of all the devastation in Haiti.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Easy Breezy...

Yesterday I hit up the dreadmill for an easy, and I do mean EASY, three mile run. It was slow and it was boring but at least I was dry. It was windy and pouring rain here. It is one thing to run in a soft, light rain but yesterday was no such rain.

I am still on the fence about the Oklahoma City Marathon. I am terrible at making decisions. I am a last minute kind of girl. Maybe it I am afraid of commitment. :) Here are the factors that I must consider:

1. Childcare for long runs. My Little Buddy goes to preschool all week and I hate having to find him care on the weekends. That is my time with him. So I would have to do the long runs during the week.

2. Travel and air fare. Since we had to cancel our travel plans over Christmas to go home (which is Oklahoma)I really want to go home soon, like the end of this month. But then I would be going again end of April for the marathon. All this plus only 1/3 of the cost refunded for the Dec flight tickets adds up to A LOT of money.

3. I want my first marathon to be the OKC Marathon. Period. So I would have to wait over a year to do my first marathon.

4. I need to fill up my calendar while The Hubs is away and trips and races are the best way to do that.

So I will decide this weekend.

Today I am grateful for:
My warm house.
My cozy bed.
People with the know-how and motivation to raise money for a good cause! Check out KATYE and her awesome giveaway!! She is amazing and I am sure you will love her blog and her positive energy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Today I Ran.... the pouring down rain. But I ran 3.5 miles. I didn't expect anything less of the weather and the forecast calls for rain the next 7 days or so. It is just life here in the Pacific Northwest.


How does one keep their spirits up in a place like this? I am not sure. This time of year is always hard, and this year, just like last year (only last year The Hubs was returning from Iraq in January, not having just left) is harder with part of the family away. The only way I can keep my spirits up is to run. Today as the rain fell on me, soaking me from head to toe it felt good. It made me feel like I was alive, healthy, albeit a bit out of shape, and strong. I need to feel those things now, when I am my weakest both physically and emotionally. AN the RB ran with me for the first time in a long time and we took it nice and easy: 10:01, 9:49, 10:54 (that may be too slow....) and 4:49. We have many more runs in our future since she is running the Mercer Island half with me, AND she is my new roomie until The Hubs returns! And can I just say it is pretty fun having a roomie, it is a lot like college minus the homework, partying, late nights, drama (wait, no there is plenty of drama just different drama) and add a 4 year old, two dogs, responsibilities, cooking real food, mortgage, and different drama. We are adults now. :)

I have one week to get back in the swing of running before embarking on my 9 WEEK Half Marathon Training Plan! This is the first time I am trying a plan other than Hal Higdon's, which I love. The only reason I am choosing this new plan is because it is 9 weeks and I only have 10 weeks to Mercer Island. My base has dwindled and I don't feel like I could start in week two of a 12 week plan. So training begins Monday. I am curious to see if this plan will get me my sub 2, something that Hal's Intermediate (with Advanced parts added) plan has failed to do for me (this is not a reflection of the plan rather of the trainee, I assure you!).

Here is a dilemma I am now facing: I have not given up hope for the OKC Memorial Marathon. I know I could do the half but I want the full. I have 15 weeks from today until OKC race day. Is that enough time? I could switch from half training to full training....ahhh! what to do what to do!!! Either way I am locked in for the 3/21 half, signed up and ready to run with all my local blogging buddies plus AN the RB and a co-worked that I may or may not have planted the half marathon running bug on. He he!

I will decide about the full after a little bit of plan searching...

Today I am grateful for:
Movie matinees by myself.
Moments of calmness.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Cave is too small to run in.

Man, I haven't run in a long time, aside from running from the car to a building in the rain-that does not count. My headaches and lightheaded spells are coming less frequently so I have decided that Monday is the day... I will venture out of my cave:

Monday I will run (watch, it will be pourning down rain and freezing cold).

I am going to have to start out slow and short but I am looking forward to it. Not to mention I am now a week behind in the 1000+ Miles in 2010 club! AND I have a half marathon coming up people!!!! Plus I need to maintain my 10 pound weight loss! I may have gained a few pounds back but that stubborn last 5 pounds sure did melt away. So I have more than enough reasons to get moving! And after all, this IS a running blog.

Today I am grateful for:
One week down in the countdown to The Hubs return.
So many great friends who are here for me, without fail. How did I get so lucky?
A calendar that is slowly filling up!! Lunch date on Tuesday! Yay!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

So Cool!

I got my Holiday Gift Exchange present from Katye last week! It is so cool! Katye is one special person! I don't know her very well but I can just tell she has a genuine caring side to her. She wrote me the sweetest note that really couldn't have come at a better time. So thank you, Katye! If you haven't checked out her blog do so! She is doing her first half marathon this weekend, the Disney Half Marathon! So head over and wish her luck!!!

She gave me this awesome Bondi Band which I wasn't sure how to wear exactly, so I took a few pictures. It was so cute that I wore it with jeans one day and The Hubs, who NEVER notices anything of the sort, commented "Cute band". I KNOW! WOW! That is like a seriously BIG deal! He 1) noticed and 2) called it "cute". :)

So along with the bondiband I got some oh-so-good smelling hand sanitizer and this super cool compact mirror! I haven't actually had one of these in years and I have missed it SO much and didn't even realize!

Thank You Katye!!!

Today I ran into a store, because it was raining. I ran about 100 yards and was totally winded, light headed, and just plain tired. I have a lot of catching up to do, when I can. I have to try not to get discouraged for now, I know it is the strong medication that has zapped my energy and put the dark circles under my eyes. Once I am off the meds I am sure I will be feeling much better. Patience. That is on my list of resolutions for 2010: Have patience.

I have committed to Mel's 1000++ in 2010 challenge! Can I run 1000 miles? Maybe I did last year, I should log into my Garmin site and add them up. Speaking of Garmin, my ANT Agent stick broke (the thing that connects my watch to the computer). So today I ordered a new one from the site. Has anyone had to do this before? Anywho, back to the 1000 miles! OMG! What have I done!? how on EARTH am I going to run 1000 miles?! Well, it will be a fun challenge and I look forward to trying my hand at 1000 miles.

Today I am grateful for:
A new haircut.
A new year and a fresh start.
Friends near and far!

And I am always grateful for the opportunity to win cool stuff! Robbin over at Running Circles Around the Turtles is hosting her first giveaway! Head over to check out her Sweet Schwag Giveaway! Let her know that i sent ya! Shannon is also hosting a giveaway for a RoadID! I NEED this people!! Totally need this! But hurry,I am sure you need it too! :) It ends Thursday at 11:59 PM!

Run Happy!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

To the best Bloggy People in the WORLD!

You all are truly amazing.
Has anyone told you that lately?
Absolutely AMAZING.

Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. I am certain that your prayers and positive vibes have carried me the last month. I am feeling better and my Dr. appointment Saturday showed improvement. So Tuesday when I go back in I will inquire about running again! I know I will have to start out slow and work my way back to where I was but that is ok. I NEED to run, more now than ever.

On top of the medical issues I have been dealing with yesterday I dropped The Hubs off and he is headed to lands unknown (for his safety and the safety of those he works with I will just leave it as a military deployment). It is never easy when he leaves. If I wasn't in a cave the last month then I will definitely be in one for the next couple of weeks. It always takes time to get into the routine of being a married-but-single mom and dealing with nerves and anxiety. There are a few things that are just plain annoying during deployment.

To name a few annoying things:
Missing the phone call by literally 2 seconds, answering just to hear the click.
Carrying the cell phone with you to the bathroom so you DON'T miss it by 2 seconds again.
Feeling like you have a growth on your body and it is actually a cell phone.
Watching the news.
People who want to tell you about the news in the given location of your Hubs.
Wishing time to pass quickly when you know that it wont.
Feeling conflicted because by wishing for time to pass quickly you are also wishing your life away.

Thanks for letting me whine for a minute....

Now, about the running. Despite my current condition I just registered for the Mercer Island Half Marathon on 3/21 which so happens to be my BIRTHDAY!! What a great day for a race! I have never raced on my birthday before! I have no doubt I will be well enough by then to run, I may not be in good enough shape to get my sub 2 PR but hey, I have the whole year to do that!

Having an empty calendar is not a good way to start out a deployment so today I sat down to write some stuff in. In addition to the Mercer Island Half I have penciled in Mt. Si ultra relay in April! Yay! I LOVE LOVE LOVE relays!! This will be my third year participating in this race. I am still contemplating the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon at the end of April. The past month has knocked my confidence in a full marathon, but if not the full then the half is a possibility. May brings a couple of local halves to chose from so I will decide later on that. Then we find ourselves in June. June brings the Rainier to Ruston ultra relay! Another of my favs!! Also, my sister and her friend may be heading here to do the Seattle Rock-n-Roll half! So if they come then naturally I will HAVE to do it too! This would be my first race with my sister!! How fun! She will most likely beat me. She has always been the runner of the fam and she is pretty naturally great at it. I just have to work too hard. But that is ok, I just think it is cool that we will be doing the same race! Then, folks, it will be July!!!! Not too much happens in July (insert sarcasm here), there are a handful of Tri's (which I will have to do at least one this summer) and a few local halves. And hopefully, Lord willing The Hubs will be home before our son's 5th birthday Aug 4th!!! Yay!

The only months I see dragging by are January and February. I will dedicate January to healing, getting better, and building my running base back up, and just getting out of bed every day (this includes leaving my cave). And Feb I've got nothing. I plan to head home to OK to visit the fam, since we had to cancel our trip over Christmas.

When I sum up the next 7 months like I just did above it doesn't seem so overwhelming!

With the new year comes changes. I welcome the changes and put 2009 behind me. 2009 has had it's challenges and has hopefully made me stronger. I have grown in many ways and pushed myself beyond my breaking point only to find I did not actually break. My motto for '09 was "that which does not kill me only makes me stronger". I am searching for my motto for 2010 and for some reason this seems appropriate: "God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it" (1 Corinthians 10:13). What is your motto for 2010?

Next up a recap of my Holiday gift exchange gift from Kayte (I feel so bad but I have not mailed your yet! I promise to do so this week!! I have just been beyond distracted)!

Today I am grateful for:

Improvements in my health!

A friend who has moved in with me while The Hubs is deployed! YAY AN the RB!! Welcome home!

Despite the holiday season, looking on the bright side of the negative, I lost 10 pounds!

Run Happy Friends and Have a Blessed New Year!


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