Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to normal…


Today LB’s school is on a two hour delay. I have no idea why. The roads were perfectly fine yesterday and they are find now. At least he is going back to school before I go nuts. Actually, I was able to get a workout in yesterday so I am not quite as grumpy as I could have been.

The Hubs called yesterday and said he was going to the pool on his lunch break. I got ready faster than I thought possible, got LB’s swim suit and we were out the door. We pulled the ole switcheroo. The Hubs was finished swimming laps by the time I got there so he played with LB while I swam. I had 20 min and was able to get in 880 yds. Too bad I was fiddling with my goggles the entire time. I need new ones. Wearing contacts with leaky goggles is not a good combo.

From the pool LB and I headed to the gym so I could get my run done. He sat in the kid area and watched Sponge Bob, not usually allowed in our family, I can’t stand that kind of humor for kids. The sound was off so he could only watch, not hear what was happening. Anyway, I was on the treadmill knocking out my 6x400 yd repeats.

800 yd warm up @ 10 min/mile pace

400 yd @ 8:00 min/mile pace

400 yd @ 7:52 min/mile pace

400 yd @ 7:52 min/mile pace

400 yd @ 7:52 min/mile pace

400 yd @ 7:32 min/mile pace

400 yd @ 6:28 min/mile pace

All those with 400 yd @ 9:40 pace between

4 miles total.

Today I run 3 miles and bike 20 miles (to be done in a spin class). I’m still patiently waiting on my Cycle Ops!!! It’s like Christmas that never comes!

How many of you got your Daily Mile Year End Report? I got mine and it was kind of disturbing. “Why? “You ask. A couple of reason. First I did a bad job inputting all my workouts and didn’t even start on DM until mid Feb and somehow none of Dec showed up? So it doesn’t portray the 900 miles I ran last year. And the biggest factor? Well take a look…


27 pounds burned!


While that is awesome it is also awful….how on earth do I still have 15 pounds I would like to lose? It’s simple really, calories in calories out. I need to change my eating habits. So on one hand I realize that I work out so I can eat M & M cookies from Safeway (not anymore now that I have moved to NC) and junk. On the other hand I see where I could have been, could be RIGHT NOW if I hadn’t ran my tail off, literally, all year. 27 pounds heavier. Ugh. That certainly would not be a happy place for me. So, I will continue focusing on my diet (the noun not the verb, remember) and strive to be healthier. After all, that is why I do this. To be healthy.

Did you get your DM review?

Were you surprised by it?

***Also, if you want to check out my Half Iron (70.3) training plan go to the Current Training 70.3 link at the top of my page.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling back to normal...what a difference a good sweat makes! 27lbs burned...wowzer! I haven't joined daily mile yet but getting this info would be helpful!

  2. Great stats!! But yeah..its interesting how they get those pounds burned!! We have schools closed here today..that four days straight. Last 2 due to wind chill!

  3. I was shocked at mine....said I had burned like 50 lbs...I was kind of depressed actually..Why am I not a rake then??

  4. Mine told me I only burned 7 lbs. I really don't believe that, but then again, I don't think Daily Mile calculates calories burned for things like weight lifting very accurately. Then again I didn't lose 7 lbs since I started using Daily Mile in June anyway, haha.


  5. I haven't looked at mine. Now I'm curious!

    Safeway m&m cookies. Mmmmmmm!

  6. DUDE, mine showed 69 freaking pounds burned! I must eat a LOT. Oooof.

    Glad you were able to get a swim & run in! Nice work!!

  7. Hmmm I am wondering if I want to check out Daily Mile now or not! LOL I'm sure I burned some pounds but probably not lost nearly as many.

  8. i need to get on daily mile. Sounds awesome.

  9. I loved how you reframed this in that you could be 27 lbs heavier!

    I just joined DM about a week or so ago and I love it. Can't wait for the biking season to hit so I can really see the miles rack up!

  10. Wow...I guess I have that to look forward to since I just started daily mile. I lost my garmin last Saturday! How is that possible! I am in such a bad mood over it. I've offered my girls money to find it and ran today without it. I just had to guess how far. So mad!

  11. 27 lb burned. YOU ARE MY HERO!! That is so cool. Glad you got in such an awesome workout. I hate spongebob.
    You were right about broccoli:) Glad you are loving the spin (minus the teacher) it really is such a killer workout!

  12. 27 lbs...does the thing factor in hunger from running so dang much!

    Nice speed work there girl AND swimming! You are a machine!!

  13. Great speed work! :) Apparently I burnt 15 lbs last year - well, I did indeed burn 8 of those however I also run, so I can eat. :) So I am okay with not having lost the other 7.

  14. Awesome workout!
    I didn't join DM until June, and wasn't steady with my workouts last year. I only burned 5 pounds! But I did burn 102 donuts...

    Looking forward to our Sunday workout!

  15. I'm with you when I see the pounds burn... I always think... WOW, I ate ALL those pounds back? Cause I started and ended at the exact same weight. Disturbing.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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