Sunday, December 29, 2013

Maybe, Should, Hopefully, Ought to be......

Ugh ugh ugh ugh....

Maybe 2014 will be different. It should be. Hopefully it will be. It ought to be! 

Why can't it be?

Why wouldn't it be?

The only thing standing in my way, in the way of 2014 being different, is ME. 2014 has potential to be very, very different.  I have pretty much taken 2013 off.  It is crazy to say it out loud, I took 2013 I took a long weekend from work or something. I did do a handful of races. I came back and killed the Raven Rock 5 mile trail race (although the 10 mile still kicked my backside in 2012, and I just realized I never gave you a race report on the 5 miler...whoops.). I showed up and did well in the Army DC 10 Miler. I did a color run with LB. It was supposed to be a 5k but it was barely over a mile. I completed a grueling marathon relay with a friend and co-worker, running 8 laps of 1.63 miles, alternating laps with my partner. Can you say OUCH! I was so sore for days! And I barely survived the local Army 10 miler in the heat and humidity of June in the south. So that was 5 races in 12 months. Pathetic. 

So what got into me? Why did I take the year off? 

In doing some self-relfection and self-honesty, all I can say is I was tired. Mentally, physically, emotionally tired.... I was beat up, beat down, just plain beat.  Running didn't do it for me anymore. It didn't clear my head or make life better. It didn't give me peace, it only gave me heartache and longing.  I continue to struggle with lame routes and running partners who are not compatible. No one can match up to my trusty running partners of yesteryear (you know who you are RED, Tall Mom and even at the time ANtheRB). It seems like a lifetime ago I had all the streets in the world at my doorstep with running friends who kept me going. But I know, deep down inside, I have only myself to keep me accountable. I cannot keep placing blame outside of myself. I have to find the dedication, determination, motivation to keep going. 

I felt a bit of the "....tions"(you know, dedication, determination, motivationthis weekend as I happened upon an advertisement for a local trail race, a half marathon and a full marathon. Why not? And my sister-in-law texted to ask me about training plans for a spring half! My heart fluttered a bit as I felt the familiar feeling of someone asking me for running info! It's been a long time! As I thought about a plan for her I started thinking I could do it too! Why not? Why shouldn't I? I should!  Why wouldn't I? I ought to!  

Of course my days are busy, like everyone else's. I've got work schedules and half-time with LB right now....and well a new puppy, but otherwise I've got time. I've got no one to tend to or occupy my time when LB is with his dad. So what exactly is my excuse? 

So here's to motivation, dedication, determination....and a strong will for 2014! Maybe, hopefully I will, I should, I ought to just go ahead and sign up for that trail marathon....and start training too. 

What's on your calendar for 2014? Are you taking the year off? Or will it be your biggest year yet?

And because no post is complete without a picture, here is the newest member of the 5 Mile Family, Ace!!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's Under My Tree!?

Wow, here it is, one week to Christmas.  Have you completed your Christmas shopping yet? Or do you feel like this:

Well, never fear....Here are a few things under our tree this year, or coming down the chimney:

1) WiiU Fit and Fitness Meter--Christmas did come early with this one, but Christmas nonetheless....

"Take your fitness routine wherever you go with the Wii U Fit Meter! The Fit Meter is a convenient portable accessory for use with the Wii Fit U, designed to measure the number of steps you take an the mount of calories you burn in a day!"

Now I am seriously technologically impaired but this was easy to set up. I did it all, on my own, with a little help from LB. And to top it off he is able to navigate and control it too!

This is not just a video game system, it is a fitness game that actually keeps track of your fitness and calories burned!

I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but LB's Wii Fit Age is 25 (his real life age is 8). It measured his balance and strength and showed where he could use improvement. He then is able to play games that help improve his balance and strength!

Please excuse the that bad? They might as well be shorts, really....I promise, I DO NOT play in my underoos, although I could if I wanted! It's all part of the benefits of working out at home!

Now we have never been a gaming family. Mater of fact I HATE video games. I have seen firsthand the damage they do to families and kids. Many of my clients have serious issues with video game use in their families. Spouses come home and zone out, totally ignoring the family for hours and hours. Kids zone out, playing nothing but games all evening, even sneaking up to play in the night time. Grades fall and relationships suffer.  So needless to say I don't usually advocate for video games and game systems. But as you can see, with this and #2 on my list, I am slowly integrating games into the family. But I assure you, if the play gets out of hand, grades drop and responsibilities wane the games go bye bye. The Wii Fit U is somewhat different, however. The games are interactive and require movement and motion. They are not VIOLENT games and they actually make LB tired so he does put it down and walk away.  Eventually.

*I will give a further, more detailed review of this game system soon. 

2) 5th generation iPod Touch. 

With LB going between two households it has become more and more important for him to be able to communicate with both parents at his own convenience, whenever he wants. While the iPod touch is not a phone, when connected to the internet he can use FaceTime, text, and he has his own email. We can control all this by controlling his contact list and email list. He can surf the internet, which we can also put parental controls on, watch youtube, which does scare me a little bit, and play Minecaft, My Singing Monsters, and other stupid games. He can take his own pictures (I'm scared to see some of them) without clogging up my own camera roll. And it can also be taken away if he needs to be motivated to study his spelling words a bit more.

3) Can you say Legos!? Specifically Ninjago! 

While my feet disagree, you can never have too many Legos!


This is the newest addition to the 5 Mile Family! Meet Ace!! We got to meet him over Thanksgiving and he has been in Doggy Training since October. He will be heading from OK to NC with us and we are super excited! Lazy Dog has no idea what is about to happen!

While I am super excited for Ace to come home, I have to say that pets are not simply Christmas presents. They are a serious commitment. They require time and attention and 100% commitment for a lifetime. I know so many people take on the responsibility of a pet and when the chewing and potty training become too much these guys end up at the pound. I encourage and recommend taking the time, effort and money to have your new pet trained, this will ensure he is ready to join your family and the whole family will be happy. If you are looking for a German Shepherd check out my friend at Red Rock K9,  and his Facebook page HERE.  He breeds and trains German Shepherds and does an AMAZING job!

So there you have it, our short but very BIG Christmas list.  What's under your tree this year??

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coming clean...

I have a shameful confession....

My feet are soft. 

I know! How could this be?

I know exactly how it could be. In the last year I have logged no more than 10 miles per week, and that is pushing it, up until about a month ago. I decided I was sick and tired of not being able to run when I want, hindered by work schedules and mom responsibilities. I can't leave LB home alone at 6 AM, gotta get him ready for school and the bus. I can't leave him home alone at 8:30 at night....what if I get hit by a car or fall in a hole (that's totally realistic, it's happened before)? I just can't do that but those are the times that the urge strikes. My legs get antsy and I feel like doing something. So I decided to search Craigslist for a treadmill. Within seconds of pulling it up I found one, the first one on the list actually. I looked at it, it was nice, brand new, and the price was right. I called the number and within the hour I had a brand new treadmill sitting in my garage!

Since that day I have made it my routine to get on the treadmill at 9 o'clock PM nearly every single day. I don't run really though. I have a little bit but mostly I set the incline to no less than 4 but usually on 7, and walk at 3.9 mph for 60-90 min while watching any and everything I can on my iPad.

So here are my newest guilty TV pleasures found on Amazon, Netflix, and (I don't have cable TV):

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Extreme Weight Loss (I wish I could marry Chris Powell.)
  • The Colony

So I just walk, on an incline, and sweat and watch shows. It is great!  Except my feet are soft. I have blisters on my second toes and the inside of my heels.....All my hard work and training over the years created nice, strong calluses that protected my feet...but now with so much time off and such little mileage they are gone. And my feet hurt.

Either way I'll keep going...and next weekend I'll put my incline walking to the test when I head out for the Raven Rock Rumble 5 Miler. I tried this one last year (the 10 mile option), one week after nearly dying with the flu. Needless to say I took a wrong turn, on purpose, that sent me through the finish line 7.5 miles early. I quit. So Raven Rock and I have history....I'm not gonna quit this year.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

DC Army 10 Miler....

I did it.

I wasn't sure how it would turn out, or even if I would get out of bed come race morning. Sarah and I both were on the fence about the actual race....going to DC, a weekend out of brainer, that was happening.  Getting up and running 10 miles? Questionable.

We packed only the essentials and headed to DC Friday after work.

We hung out Saturday, hit up the expo, and tried to make it to some hot yoga. Somehow we ended up at the wrong yoga studio...go figure. No hot yoga for us. Our train malfunctioned and we were stranded underground for a while, with a stench of burning oil and grossness. We made the best of it and Sarah kept looking at the positive side, we were on an underground tour of DC. Score!

We met up with the Crazies, our local running group, at the first Organic restaurant in the country, Nora's. The food was good, at lease mine was, but the service was awful. After two hours and a headache Sarah had to split our bill, between 8 of us, and figure in the taxes because the restaurant couldn't do it.  After dinner Sarah and I wandered the streets for a while, looking for something/someplace we could find some breakfast food. We found nothing....

We gave up and headed to our hotel. We discussed the game plan, prepared our race piles, and went to sleep with a 50/50 chance that we would actually get up and make it to the starting line.

I slept well without the pressure of a PR on my mind. I didn't even have concerns of a PW....I knew if I ran it would be a PW. I haven't run 10 miles since June. I haven't run more than 4 miles since June. I have been slacking. I knew it would not be pretty. In fact I knew it would be painful and ugly.

My alarm went off at 6:15. Sarah's did too. I woke and checked my phone to find a middle-of-the-night "Have a great run!" text which helped too. "People" were expecting me to run....We looked at each other and both said, "So? You wanna run?" We both nodded and rolled out of bed. Why not? We came all this way, went through so much trouble to register....I brought a cute running outfit...priorities people!  We headed out the door towards the race at 7:15 for the 8 AM race start. My wave was to go at 8:15 but I wanted to stay with Sarah and the 8:30 wave. We were in this together.

As we approached the start it was a cluster of humans! We all were herding together trying to fit through a tiny security check point. I appreciate the security but it was kind of a joke. When we finally got up to the check we just put our arms up and walked on through. The man who checked me pointed at my Spibelt and looked in the total opposite direction and wasn't even looking at the other 30 people who waddled by with their arms in the air. Security? Nope. They may have noticed if I tried to come through with a bazooka but short of that I have no idea what they were looking for. 

We made it to our corral and huddled together. It was cold! We finally heard our cannon to get us on our way. It was really crowded, Rock'n Roll crowded. Sarah and I ran along with a nice pace and just enjoyed the atmosphere. About a mile in my legs were feeling really good and I wanted to see how long they would last. My run/walk plan wasn't feeling so good, my legs wanted to go. So Sarah gave me her blessing and I slowly lost her in the crowd. 

I had no music. I wanted to just run and not bother with it. I'm so glad I did. The crowd was great! It really reminded me of my first marathon, OKC Memorial Marathon, where everyone there had been affected by the Oklahoma City bombing in one way or another. This was the Army 10 Miler, there were t-shirts memorializing loved ones, in honor of, KIA,  mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends.... so many people were running for something, someone. So many lives who have been affected by war. It was overwhelming. So many people. As I looked around me I wondered about every single person. What was their story? What are they running for? WHO are they running for? What is my story? Why was I here? 

My story began to play out in my head. Mine is one that is not unique to me. So many have experienced what I have. And so many have had more and different experiences. So many struggle with not only the visible wounds but also the invisible wounds of war. So many people! So many struggle day to day....and here I was, I almost didn't get out of bed to run this race. I almost rolled over and went back to sleep. I almost missed this opportunity....

Sarah and I both had similar thoughts and feelings about this race and we both were so happy we decided to get up and run. Being surrounded by so many people who seemed to have a commonality beyond a love for running was a really cool experience, one I am grateful for. 

This was certainly not a PR race, nor was it intended to be. I had zero expectations other than to finish. But once I was out there on the course old habits took over. My legs started moving and my mind started wandering. The miles rolled by and before I knew it I was at mile 9. This is where I was overwhelmed with so many emotions, so many I can't even begin to put them all down. I had a lump in my throat and my heart was exploding. My eyes were blurring and I wished my dad could have been there....

Me and Sarah after the race!
I picked up some new Zensah calf sleeves at the expo. They were awesome! I love my compression socks but they sometimes make my feet hot...problem solved with these compression sleeves!

Our finishers coin was really cool....but I do prefer medals...I can't hang a coin on my medal rack....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bye Bye Summer...


It's no secret I love summer. It's my favorite season. I mean cutoff shorts, sunshine, the beach, the smell of coconut, water and sand! What's not to love? While I say that summer is my favorite this past summer may have to go down as my lamest summer yet. Sure, I had some fun times, did some cool things, went to the beach....but it left me longing for more. More what? So let's just get on with it already....head into Fall, then Winter, then Spring....and that will bring us back to Summer!

Yesterday was the first day of Fall.  Insert sarcastic tone of voice here: Yay. I brought in Fall by going to the local county fair.  Highlights of the fair include:

A ginormous  human floatie:

I ridiculous trampoline contraption:

 And a helicopter ride!

Other than that is was your usual, normal county fair. I didn't eat a fried snickers...too bad. But I did gnaw on a turkey leg and after handing it to LB for a bite I had a weird visual of me and LB as cave people. I thought about how much better shape I'd be in if I had a carnivorous, or slightly omnivourous diet, truly Paleo, and how much simpler life would be as a cave person...then I remembered the Croods....Daaaan dann daaaaaaaaaan!

Saturday I had hoped to check out a brand new State Park that has opened up just minutes from my house but those plans fell through. I did do a drive-by on my way to yoga and the park looks really nice. Hopefully I'll get out there sometime this week to make my way around the .75 of a mile trail a time or two. Or three. With the Army 10 Miler in DC quickly approaching I need to hit the road more than I have been. I also got a message from a friend about the horrible 10 mile trail race I did attempted last November, the one I  DNF'd with a friend after having the flu. I'm not sure if I'm up for a rematch of the 10 mile option but I may go for the 5 miler.  On the other hand I'm just not sure if I care...Ugh.

So what are you most excited about with Fall here? And don't say the Spiced Pumpkin Latte....that is the easy answer.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Dreaded Workout Weight Gain.... know, just like the Marathon Training Weight Gain, or the 70.3 Weight Gain. What's up with that? Seriously! Ok, ok...I know what's up with it, but still, it's punch-me-in-the-face annoying. Unlike when I was in full marathon training mode, in my current weights/yoga/fitness mode I'm not starving to death. I'm not finding myself constantly hungry and fueling for the long runs. I'm eating right with only a little bit of occasional splurging. Yet my scale is inching up....and my pants are inching down! So it's that number on the scale, the one that always creeps in and says "Not good enough!" "That's too high!" 

Well that number ruled my life for far too long. It feels good to look at it and know it's just a number. It doesn't really mean anything if I'm healthy, exercising and eating right (and my clothes are starting to fall off). So why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to keep that number down? Sure, I guess it's a good starting point but really what matters to me is fitness, the way I feel, the way my body feels (ie not squishy). Speaking of squishy, I was looking through a a book I got after I had LB. It is titled The Body Sculpting Bible and explains free-weight exercises and gives a 4 week workout routine (that I did and repeated a number of times). In the back of the book was a sticky note where I had done the math to calculate my BMI. WHOA! Can you say "Yikes!" Since having LB I have lost 26 pounds and about 19% body fat. Holy Moly! Yeah, sure that was 8 years ago but still...thinking back to that time and how I felt about myself was pretty rough. On the other hand I felt good looking at how far I had come and how I had came back, reclaimed myself, my body. And didn't just allow myself to stay there. I'm not done yet though. After all fitness is not a done and done deal, its a lifelong effort...

So a few exciting things happened over the weekend! I have been honing my soccer skills! I'm not good at soccer really, ok to be fair I never tried it, ever. But LB, his dad and I hit the soccer complex to practice some individual skills. I discovered I have some talent after all, or more like I have coordination, therefor I can connect my foot to the ball. Either way it was fun! And a good workout.

No, I didn't play in my bare feet...although that would have been fun. This was on the way to the car...

It is now Fall Soccer Season. This is LB's 5th season with the Stars and he is actually starting to catch on!
I also discovered that I am getting way, WAY stronger. In my Hot Yoga class I was able to do the side planks with less wobble! I even did the side plank with my top leg lifted and out in front and grabbed it! WHAT? Yeah, like below...that obviously is not me BTW.

My new membership at the NEW, close-by YMCA is working out great! My side of town has been lacking in any and all things convenient for the past 10 years (I haven't lived her the entire time but it didn't change much while I was out in the PNW). Recently things have begun to change! We now have a Starbucks! Hallelujah! A frozen yogurt store will be opening soon! A Pet Smart opened! A Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse will be opening soon! And the most amazing new thing is the YMCA! I joined as soon as I could and I have been going about 3-4 times a week! It is so nice to be able to hit up the gym without going 20-30 minutes out of my way! Convenience is worth 57 Million dollars. For real.

So with summer coming to a close my depression is in full swing. The summer was plagued with loads and inches and inches of rain. It wasn't the best summer weather-wise. But the beautiful fall weather has hit and I am embracing the change of the season. I'm ready.....I think.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


First Week Of School.

Ugh and Yippee at the same time! I'm so confused! I remember hating and loving the return of school as a kid. Summer is amazing and fun and sunny and warm and awesome. School is...well, school. As a parent my feelings have not changed. As a parent who likes to run and exercise I LOVE back to school! It frees up morning time to get my sweat on. With the bus coming at 6:51 AM though I have no choice but to get up and get around. This gives me time to work out before heading to work 4 days out of the week! But then there is the whole getting up in time to get LB to the bus by 6:51, which is stupid early I think.

The first week of school is always kind of a mess. Schedules are wonky and things are weird. But I plan to hit the new YMCA close to my house at least 3 or 4 days out of the school week. I'm ready to get into a routine but I am not ready to give up summer! I mean how can you not love this:

Flying LB!

Ah yes...the benefit of having a swimmer for a kid...I get to kick back and enjoy the show.
I think this weekend I will have one last beach trip for the summer. This makes me really sad but alas, it is coming time for fall, which isn't so bad either. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Slickity Slacker....

Yup. That's me. A huge working out slacking slack ball....

Actually, truth be told, I'm kinda ok with my slackiness lately. I've been eating healthy (minus Wednesday when I ate my weight in chocolate, I have NO idea what was up with that, but it was delicious and I am NOT sorry) and staying active, just not my normal 5 Mile Style active of running and biking and swimming and yoga and kettle bells and jumping rope. I've been doing more sporadic runs, spontaneous yoga, random swims, and lots of trampoline jumping and acrobatics, lots of tug of war with doggies, races around the yard with LB, walks in the neighborhood, and kayaking. This kind of active is nice. It's not traditional workouts but it is exercise and my body is responding quite well to it. For so long I kept my body in a state of starvation mode, I think, where every thing I ate was stored to be kept as energy later on. So I remained on a plateau about 10 pounds heavier than I am now. And for me it's not about weight anyway though. It's more about health and living an active lifestyle, which is what I feel I am doing. And when you do that the benefits follow....

I have found myself missing my long runs lately though. The farthest I've ran in months is 5 miles. The heat and humidity pretty much murder you as soon as you walk out the door. It's hard to breath and it feels like your lungs are filling up with cotton. It's gross and horrible and awful....Any outside activity that does not involve water sounds pretty much like the stupidest idea in the world to me right now. But, back to missing the long runs....I have been missing them. I'm ready to build my endurance and base back up and get out for some long runs in the fall.

I've decided to finally join the YMCA now that they have opened a branch near my house. I'm excited to get back into a routine of going to the gym but I also want to make sure I keep it mixed up and don't find myself back on that stupid plateau where y body adjusts to the same ole, same ole. I want to keep my balance of running, lifting, exercise and just being active and healthy. I don't want my life to be ruled by training plans and routines. I lived that way for a long time and it served it's purpose at the time. Now I prefer spontaneity when it comes to working out....

Kayaking and swimming....

Swimming and Diving Board Fun.....

Running around with these two beasts.....

So my philosophy this summer has been simple: Get outside and play. Who wants to sit around the house when there is so much fun to be had??? Even if it is hot and humid..... Here are some ideas of fun things to do if you are in need of ideas:

Play in the sprinkler...with friends preferably. 

Jump on the trampoline....

Play Lazer Tag with 10 eight year old boys....or maybe not, that was kinda tough.....

Shoot a bow and arrow and hunt rabbits that get in your garden.....
Get out and enjoy what is left of summer...soon it will be cold and dark and gross....

What have you been doing to stay active? Give me some more ideas for these Dog Days of Summer!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bootie Shorts Only!

I crawled WAY out of my comfort zone this weekend and attended a Bootie Shorts yoga class at my beloved Hot Asana....Months ago I bought a pair of teeny tiny bootie shorts but I had never even worn them around the house.

The class description read "This is the day to face our body image fears. We are perfect...right now. RIGHT NOW! A special class dedicated to being fearless..bootie shorts only and self criticism NOT ALLOWED!"

So this was an excellent opportunity for me to face my fear, embrace my body, and accept myself RIGHT NOW. Walking from the car into the studio was hard....I might as well have been wearing a swimsuit walking down the street. But once I got inside my self-criticism melted away as I saw bodies of all shapes and sizes! And smiles...all around! And women who are loving themselves, embracing themselves, and being awesome!

So I placed my mat next to my friend who graciously came along....and for the next 90 min I sweat, bended, and bootie shorts! And not once did I feel embarrassed!

The phrase that I took away with me from this class that has been running through my mind since: Let go of that which no longer serves you.

I am letting go. Letting go of everything that has held me down, brought me down, inhibited me...Letting go feels SO good!

I can neither confirm nor deny that this is my bootie.....

What has been holding you back? Keeping you stuck? Keeping you angry, sad, or scared? What has kept you feeling not good enough, not fast enough, not strong enough? What can you let go of today?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to Reality...

Kinda. The cold hard truth stinks sometimes. All good things must come to an end...Vacation is over, and has been since Sunday. Sad, sad....sad.  I've been completely swamped and overwhelmed since Sunday and this is my first chance to sit down and take a breather.

LB and I had a great time at the beach. We had planned on going for morning runs and evening walks along the beach. We did get at least one of either each day, except for Sunday. The first day LB was not very in to it and about 3 minutes in began complaining of being hot, tired, out of shape, dehydrated, dying....But eventually he got it together (when we got passed by a mom and her little girl about the same age) and ran about 2 miles. That was our max during our time there.

We had lots of fun swimming and playing volleyball with the biggest volleyball in the world....

We watched fireworks and were thoroughly impressed by the Smiley Face....

 We dug holes and built castles...

And of course we took lots of Selfies...I'll spare you most of them...

And just when things are falling into a nice steady summer routine things get flipped upside down. Plans for races and long runs, yoga and kayaking are put on hold for now. In the words of my ex-husband, "Sometimes it takes a near death experience to show you what is important in life." LB and I headed home early on Sunday after getting a phone call that LB's dad had been in a very bad motorcycle wreck. We packed up our beach stuff, still slathered with sunscreen and covered in sand we made the 2 hour drive to the hospital.  I had no idea what to expect when I got there but it's never a good sign when you walk in and are greeted with no questions and taken straight back to The Room. It's no secret I can't stomach seeing people hurt, in pain, or bloody. I really wasn't prepared for what I saw and I know LB was not either. After a few passing out spells, some ice water, and some serious mental fortitude I was able to be more assistance than a hinderance. 

In the end he is ok. Not good, not fine, but alive and miraculously has no head, brain, neck, or spine injuries. His recovery will be a long process.  Despite being the ex husband, he is still family, still LB's dad, and I cannot help but help him. So I've been quite busy this past week and have just now finally been able to sit down and let it all soak in. Here is what I have been reminded of: 

Life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

And motorcycles are stupid. 

I know, duh.....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3rd of July~

Is it July already? Where is this summer going? I've hardly gotten a tan, it's been raining everyday...I've got PNW weather without the perks and benefits of living in the PNW. Ugh. And all this rain is killing my garden. My watermelon is holding on, growing a tiny bit. I've not been able to hit the pool much either due to the weather. Although I did make it out Saturday for a short 1200m swim. I had time to run Monday morning but with "deadly cloud to ground lightening" I rolled over and went back to sleep until 9. This morning I opted to pack my car up so I could head out from work, straight to the beach. I feel ill-prepared for the upcoming July 20th triathlon (that I have yet to register for) but I feel compelled to register and do it...I might get last place.

I am excited about this being a short week. The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday!

LB and I are heading to the beach for the long weekend. I'm pretty excited and he has promised to go for morning runs and evening walks on the beach with me, if we get around to it. A friend asked me what we were going to do...Um, hang out and do nothing. That's what the beach is about. It's about sitting back and letting go. There is nothing to be done; no To Do list, no appointments, no's beach time. 

What are you up to for the 4th of July? Any family traditions or favorite things to do? 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This is important....

 I am growing a watermelon!

Isn't it cute? 
My garden has turned out to be a really fun endeavor this summer. Something about planting things and watching it grow and produce, and not killing them, makes me happy. I've come a long, long way since I killed two gold fish (Jimmy and Justin after Jimmy Buffett and Justin Timberlake) when I was 6 months pregnant with LB. I thought for sure my kid would not survive. And the garden I attempted two years ago that never even sprouted. But fast-forward to today and I have kept Lazy Dog alive for almost 10 years, my son is healthy and going strong for almost 8 years now....and now my garden! I have a watermelon people! And you've already seen the size of my zucchini! And I've had three more that same ginormous size!

During my night out with the girls last Friday a conversation came up comparing dating and men to gardens. I liked the analogy, but I wont run with it here...AH HA! Pun intended... That's for another time, or another blog entirely. This is a running and fitness blog after all.

So my training is going ok. I've been loosely following my 15k training plan. Thanks to J-Ninja, or I may rename her Captain Obvious for pointing out that the DC Army 10 Miler is going to be so crowded that any goal of a decent finish time is out of the question. She's right. So I've been hunting for another 15k and may have found one in September.

I'm having trouble with commitment lately. Yes, I've brought this up in therapy....I have found so many races that I think look great and I want to do but I just don't commit to them.  I used to call this last minute registration 5 Mile Style. But the difference now is that then I fully intended to run those races. I just didn't register I have no intentions of running these races, or if I do it's only a 10% chance. I don't mark them on my calendar. I ogle over them then close the webpage never to return.

So my goal for the next couple of weeks is to commit. Fully commit. Find races and register...with the intention of toeing the line. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

You wanna ride bikes?, yes?

I felt like a kid when I got a text this morning at 7:30 asking me, "You wanna go ride bikes? This is your 2 hour notice."  My reply, "My mom wont let me ride bikes with boys before noon."...because I'm 12 years old....and tired.

Two things were so wrong about this: 1) It was 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning after a very eventful girls' night and 2) It was 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning after a very eventful girls' night....oh, yeah, ok 3) It was raining.
Girls night out. Me and V. Not pictured is Jessica.
I don't do rain. I don't like to ride bikes and really don't like to ride them in the rain. I somehow finagled my 2 hour notice into a a 3.5 hour notice which allowed me and the girls to hit up iHop (or is it IHOP, somehow felt like it should be an apple hop).

After our completely unacceptable, unhealthy, ridiculously delicious breakfast my fellow PNW Transplant V headed home to face the day and Jessica, author of Deployment Divas, and I headed back to the house. She was headed to the gym...inside with no rain, where it was cool, dry, and safe. I, on the other hand, went through my collection of spandex and hot biking outfits to settle on a less than flattering pair of tri short and ridiculous bike shirt. Why do biking outfits have to be so, so corny?

I have to say, on the plus side, it was fun to put my bike in my new bike transporter.

Once I got there I felt like a complete noob. I haven't ridden in over a year. I din't know how to get my front wheel back on. My tires were flat. I couldn't work my pump. I didn't have a repair kit.  I threw my chain the first 8 seconds on the road. I guess that's good for a bull rider but not a bike rider. I couldn't unclip fast enough and barley caught myself. It was a disaster. I felt like a complete damsel in distress, which I can't stand feeling that way. Once I got it together we headed out. It wasn't raining at the time but it didn't take long for the sprinkles to begin. Then the sprinkles turned in to full-fledged rain. It was poking my eyes out. We decided to cut it short and do an out and back as opposed to the 30 mile loop. That was A-OK with me. My legs were already hurting, and my bottom (I hate biking). So we turned and headed back to the cars. My friend had been nice the whole way; I knew he was much faster than me but he stuck by me and didn't complain. We were going at least 4 mph slower than his pace.

The ride ended up not being too bad. I mean it wasn't great simply because riding my tri bike scares me and I just can't enjoy it. But it felt good and I was excited to have done it. Now I feel a little better and teeny bit ready for my sprint tri coming up in July. I might not die.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I need a plan....

Duh. It's not like I've had a Eureka! moment or anything. I've known this all along. I try to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl but for the most part I don't like surprises, I like consistency, I like to know what's gonna happen. Yes. Life gets hard sometimes, ok a LOT of the time, because I can't always know in advance every single thing. People at work don't tell you, "Hey Amanda, tomorrow I'm gonna take your lunch from the fridge and eat it. Ok? Just giving you a heads up." That would be nice. But not as nice as them NOT eating my lunch.  But I digress....

I need a plan.

I do much better with a training plan in front of me. Much like with a To Do list I love to mark off the days and the completed workouts. The sense of accomplishment when you look at the completed plan is undeniable.  I haven't had a hard copy plan in front of me since Big Sur Marathon...OVER A YEAR AGO. What the heck!? That is awful.  And this training with no plan is obviously not working out. So tonight as I was am procrastinating going to bed (because going to bed at 9:00 makes me feel old) I decided to find me a nice 10 Mile race plan. I haven't technically trained for this race distance so I thought it would be a nice change up to focus on that distance, not to mention I do have the Army 10 Miler in DC coming up in October. 

My good buddy Hal never fails. I hit up Google and of course I was directed straight to Hal. He is always there for me....he has the perfect 15 k (9.3 miles) training plan all laid out nice and simple for me. I looked over the Novice plan and thought, Yeah, I can do biggie. Then something inside me said No! Intermediate! So of course I clicked and there it was....the Intermediate plan with all its tempo runs and 800 repeats. Then, curiosity got the better of me....I clicked the Advanced plan. Um, yeah...ok. 400 repeats, 800 repeats, running 6 days a week.  Lucky for me I have enough time to go through two of the plans before the 10 Miler in October. 

Which two? 

I've printed out the Intermediate and the Advanced plans and now I have a plan(ish)....Just what I need. I will begin with the Intermediate plan and work my way through it. If I can I will move on to the Advanced. If not I will repeat the Intermediate. Whala! Plan. Done and done. 

 I found a few quotes about planning that seemed pretty appropriate for me....I thought I'd share them with you. 

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
― Mike Tyson

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
― Benjamin Franklin

"I'm not making any plans. I'm just going to let the universe surprise me.” 
 John Cusack

“Spontaneity is one of the joys of existence, especially if you prepare for it in advance.”
― Alan Dean FosterNor Crystal Tears
So how about you? Do you like to plan? Or do you let the universe surprise you?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Color My Run 5k Recap

Oh run was colored. And then some.....

LB came and woke me up bright and early this morning (actually it was a reasonable time considering the race start was 9 AM).  He jumped in bed with me and whispered in my ear "Get excited to race mom!" We got up and around.  There was only one small hitch when LB refused to wear the "bib" because "bibs are for babies." Are you kidding me son?  It took about 15 minuets of convincing, showing him all my old bibs, demanding he put it on or stand by and watch me have fun. Finally I convinced him that it could also be called a tag or a race number. That worked. I pinned it on and we headed out the door.

We got to the race site with about 30 minutes to spare. LB had his first Porta Potty, or Honey Bucket, race line experience then we headed to the start.

Once at the start we danced around and dodged flying beach balls. As soon as they said go LB was off. He has no pacing ability, two speeeds: fast and walk.  We ran along, waiting for the first color station. It was a good while before we hit it. LB was getting antsy and began thinking we got ripped off. I told him to be patient and sure enough eventually we came to the Blue station. I got pegged...LB did not. He was bummed and wanted to loop around. I told him to just keep going. Next we came to the yellow station. This time I told him to run to the outside so he could be sure and get hit. It worked. He got pegged with a blob of we came up on green. Again LB and I stayed to the outside and the air was thick with the colors and I could feel it in my nose. The last color was favorite.

The race seemed really short. I think we cut off a few out and backs but I'm not sure. I didn't wear my garmin. At the finish they handed out more color packs and we headed over to the DJ and waited for "The After Party". It was wild alright. During the songs that followed the DJ told the crowd to throw the colors in the air....It went everywhere, eyes, ears, mouth, my back!

I'd say this was a great, family-friendly race! It was a good one to get LB hooked on racing. He did ask about a medal and was a bit disappointed when he didn't get one but that just opens the door for another race. Another one with medals!

So we did it!!  And if you look closely there was an acrobat show going on in the background! Double SCORE!

I took a cooler with soapy water so we could wipe off. I also brought sheets and towels to put over my (brand new car) seats. LB stripped down in the parking lot and I did much as I decently could. It was a family event after all....

Even after getting home and showering and after swimming some laps I've still got color stuck to my skin and scalp. But I'd say it's totally worth it!


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