Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Little Too Ambitious










So, my plan of running my 1/4 mile hills repeats under 2:10 was a little too ambitious. This hill was a monster! I feel good about doing 6 instead of 8. Ehh, what 'cha gonna do.

Today I am grateful for:

VACATION tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yes, Tuesday I talked a big talk. I had every intention of running my 8 hill intervals this morning. It just didn't pan out. I woke up this morning exhausted. I tossed and turned all night and was staring at my ceiling at 2:30 AM. I knew it would be a rough day. Not to mention my calves were screaming at me from my hilly 4.5 miles run yesterday. So I decided it would be best to take a rest day and hit the hills tomorrow. I think that the quality of a workout really matters. If I would have hit the hills this morning I would not have worked to my potential, thus wasting a perfectly good (and terrible at the same time) workout. So tomorrow morning it is: 8x400 hill repeats at 1:55 to 2:10 pace.

Today I am grateful for:
A wonderful lunch with my friend and her new baby! Can you say baby fix!? :)
A family dinner and game of scrabble to celebrate The Hubs birthday a few days early.
Things picking up at work.
Size 8 pants!!! That is down from 12 then 10!!! Wooo Whoooo!

And if you need some running gear ideas Mel at Tall Mom on the Run is having a sweet giveaway! She is giving away this:

How sweet is that!! Brooks created the Brooks For Her (BFH) collection to help support the fight against breast cancer. For each BFH piece purchased from March through December 2009, Brooks will donate 6.25% of the suggested retail price to three organizations that research and support those affected by breast cancer: The Young Survival Coalition, Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, earmarked for breast cancer research. Your vote, between March 1, and December 31, 2009, determines how much of the total donation each group gets. No purchase necessary to vote. Learn more about the three selected charities Learn more about how BFH works See the Brooks For Her collection

Definitely worth checking out!

Happy Running!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is it Just ME?

Is it just me or is it hard to breathe when it is cold outside? Now I know 45 degrees isn’t THAT cold but I could not catch my breath today. I hit 5 Mile Drive with AN the RB for a nice 4.5 mile run and we could see our breath. I was winded the entire way.

Could. Not. Catch. My. Breath.

I guess it could be all those days off I have had…either way it was an ok run, which I will take over no run any day!

Tomorrow calls for a tempo run, which I loathe. SO I have decided to hit the hills for some more interval training. I found a pretty good (as in terrible and totally sucky) hill that will be great for tomorrow. The plan is 8x400 at 5k pace so since it will be a steep incline I am going to shoot for my fast ones to be between 1:55 and 2:105. That would be about 9 min/miles. We will see how it goes! I am just happy to be back in the saddle again!

Today I am grateful for:
A run on 5 Mile Drive with minimal raccoon sightings.
A new car battery! Yay for not being stranded!
Awesome Halloween drawings and art work from my Little Buddy.
A short but sweet mid afternoon nap!

Run Happy Peeps!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

AN the RB saves Lazy Runner

I have been in a slump.
I have wanted to run.
I have been thinking about running.
I have felt guilty for not running.
I have 15 excuses as to why I have not been running.
I have been beating myself up for not running.
I have been thinking about how hard it is to get into the
habit of, but how EASY it is to fall out of the habit.
I have been teetering on the edge of no longer being a runner.
I know, those are like bad words! Straight from the running devil!
I know!
I know!

Thank goodness for AN the RB! She met me this morning and we went for a nice 5 mile run. It had been pouring rain earlier this morning but it died down for 51 minutes. Not a single drop fell from the sky to land on us. Although there were plenty of puddles that we jumped over in unison and wet branches and bushes that soaked my arms. But in all it was a perfect running weather morning! Thank goodness! I have a sick feeling that if I had not run this morning I very well may have gone another week without a run. Ugh. So. Not. Good.

AN the RB snapped a few post run pictures for me. I wanted to show off my awesome running sleeves in action! They were AWESOME!

Today I am grateful:
that I got my act together and went for a run!
for a fun evening with some other wives from my hubby's work, including a runner!
for vacation on Friday!!!!
2nd and 3rd chances.

Run Happy friends!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

What is it all for?

This past week has been somewhat of a struggle. I ran. Not much, and not too happily but I did run. I have not lost sight of my goal, that sub 2 hour Seattle Half. But there comes a time, I think, when every runner asks themselves, “What is it all for, anyway?” At the end of the day what does running mean to me? Sometimes it is a pain in my a@$, sometimes it is the only thing I can think about, sometimes I can’t think straight until I have a good run behind me, sometimes it makes me feel down on myself, not good enough, or fast enough (thankfully those days are rare). But really, running is for me. It is mine. It is what I do to be me. To be not only me but the best me I can be.

I miss the empty dirt roads by the home I grew up in. You could run for miles north, south, east or west on nothing but a red dirt road. It was so quiet and lonesome (in a good way). When I first started running here in Tacoma I was so unfulfilled by it. There were cars everywhere, stoplights every 5 blocks, college kids heckling me from their cars, dips in the sidewalk, crosswalks! I couldn’t get into a running grove to save my life. I couldn’t get any meditation going or thoughts flowing. I could not work through my day without a honk or a whistle. It took me a while to realize that I am a farm girl stuck in a city, surrounded by people.

I am not embarrassed to say that I went to therapy for a while. Partly it was required for my schooling but partly because I needed it and I believe we all can benefit from personal exploration. Anyways, in one particular session I remember talking about how busy life was around me, all the time. As a kid one of my favorite things to do was to sit on the train trestle and look out for miles. And just sit quietly. I can’t find that here. I can’t go for a run and be completely alone and surrounded by wide open spaces.

Here are some pictures of "my" trestle and train tracks...

Life is a balance, my life is a balance. And every so often I feel so off balance that I have to step back and remember what it is all for. Last week was my step back.

Today I am grateful for:
Friends who are always willing to help me out!
ACT mouthwash.
Rain boots.
My followers!!!

Run Happy Peeps!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It’s starting to be that time of year…

Sorry I have been MIA from Bloggy Land the last couple of days. It seems it is that time of year when things start to get crazy. I have taken on a couple of new responsibilities that have me stretched a little thin, but not to worry I chose to run over blog when I have to. Plus I have been reading the book that Lynda Drews sent me, Run at Destruction. I am usually a slow reader and with races to train for, a four year old running around crazy, and a husband in the Army my reading time is limited. BUT I have been hooked simply because it is about people like me, runners, normal people who lace up their shoes and log the miles. So I will finish the book and give my report.

Yesterday I did an easy four mile run. Stats are:
Mile 1: 9:10
Mile 2: 8:54
Mile 3: 8:47
Mile 4: 8:56

Not a bad run! And today is a tempo run, my least favorite.

Today I am grateful:
that I have running to keep me grounded.
for hugs from my little buddy.

Run Happy Peeps!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

8 Miles of Jib.Er.JAB.Er.

My how time and miles fly when you are having fun! This morning was the anticipated running date with Mel Tall Mom on the Run! And let me tell you she is ON THE RUN! I don't think she got winded OR sweaty during our 8 miles. :) Not only did we run well together but we chit chatted the miles away. i loved hearing her story and about her! It is just so much fun to get to know new people, especially people who share the same interests (i.e. running, kiddos, husbands our own of course, and blogging). I did look at my Garmin each time I heard it beep but on our out and back I was surprised when we had gone 4 miles and it was time to turn around. I even scored a taste test of her GU Chomps! It was delicious and I think I may be hooked. The Gu Chomp is not all that I scored….. check out my new Moeben Arm Sleeves! She wasn't kidding when she said she bribed me with gifts! :) They are super soft and awesome! I didn't wear them this morning because I was wearing a long sleeved shirt but I absolutely can not wait to give them a try!

I had to share these pictures to show you how cute the sleeves are AND how silly my little buddy is!

Stats for today's run. It will be fun to see how these compare with Mel's. I think I started my watch before we actually began to run, hence the slower first mile.
mile 1-9:31
mile 2-9:06
mile 3-9:11
mile 4-8:55
mile 5-10:27 (I didn't stop my timer when we stopped for a chomp and water, oh well)
mile 6-9:04
mile 7-8:58
mile 8-8:58

I am happy to have gotten some sub 9 min miles in there! This is the fastest longer run I have done thus far! And I felt pretty good! It is amazing what a running partner will do for you! I am also pretty impressed by the pace, look at mile 7 and 8! And we were just chatting away, not really paying any attention to our high-tech watches for pace and speed!

At the end of my 8 miles we snapped a quick picture, parted ways and Mel continued on to finish her 14 miles! WAY TO GO!!! And thanks for the great run!

Today I am grateful for:
a new friend and running buddy!
my Uggs.
clean laundry!
lazy Saturdays...AFTER a good run!

Run Happy Peeps!!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

What is the worst thing that could happen if I challenge myself?


I am quite sure I will not get squashed by a giant... I am guilty of conjuring up the worst case scenario or playing the What if game. During my last half marathon I wore last years capri tights, I love those tights. But they have seen one race too many, one washing too many. They are thin. I'm talking you can see skin underneath thin! Not good. I got one last wear out of them and during the race I kept worrying that the stitching was going to give, they would split at the seam and leave my bare bottom for the world to see. Those tights held it together throughout the entire race (thank God). My point is that I have a bad habit of expecting the worst, passing up awesome opportunities because of what if, not taking chances because I am afraid to fail, or afraid of not living up to what I expect.

What are you putting off because of fear, what ifs, or the worst case scenario?

And now, how can I say no to all you bloggies out there encouraging me to run with THE Tall Mom on the Run? It’s a date! Thanks everyone! And Mel, I will most likely wear spandex (not my see through ones) and it is NOT cute.

Today is my weird workout day. I teach water aerobics so that was the first thing on my morning agenda. Then I did my easy three miles which was a relief to my sore rear, and weights. Man, I still can’t believe this soreness in my bottom. No wonder the Seattle Half marathon kicked my bootie last year, I was NOT in hill shape. I am thinking after a few more Hill Interval training sessions I will be at least a little bit better off than last year.

On a side note, Lynda Drews sent me a copy of her new book Run at Destruction, a true story about a close-knit culture of long-distance runners (i.e. people like you and me!). And to top it all off it was described by Sean Ryan, the Race Director of the Cellom Green Bay Marathon, as being "the John Grisham of the running world...". I can't wait to read it and give my book report! And there might be a little somthin' somethin' in it for you too! Maybe my first give away!?

Today I am grateful for:
Being healthy. You know how when you are sick all you can think about is how awesome it would be to not be sick? Well I am grateful for not being sick.
Tiny pumpkins scattered throughout my house.
A running date with Mel this weekend!
A good book to get lost in!

Run Happy Peeps!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hills make my Bottom hurt

Today’s run was a little lot better than yesterday. Thanks to all you who reminded me that we sometimes have those not-so-good running days. Yesterday was the worst I have had in a long time.

My schedule called for 7x400m Intervals at 5K pace. I had planned on doing my run in the morning, but this cold, crisp air is making my morning runs a real challenge for me. So I went to work and decided to do my run this afternoon. I got home from work and cracked open a Vanilla Bean Gu. I don’t normally use these unless I am dong a long training run or in a race but today I felt sluggish. Plus I have GU on the mind (thanks to Tall Mom’s awesome Little Pink GU giveaway, check it out HERE)! I think it really helped me today in my work out!

I found a good hill that was just under 400 meters long with a flat start and a flat ending. I ran up that stupid hill SEVEN times. Normally when I do my intervals I run my fast one and jog a slow one (on a track). Today I decided to run up the hill and walk down. I didn’t want my down hills to be my fast splits after all (and I am being nice to my shin). My fast splits were slightly slower than they usually are on the track by about 10- 20 seconds, no surprise there

Today’s Stats:

1/2 mile warm up

2:04.00/ 3:45.63
1:54.65/ 3:57.72
2:04.58/ 3:39.02
2:10.14/ 3:59.46
2:01.13/ 3:46.11
2:04.78/ 4:07.56
2:02.50/ 3:57.53
3.5 Miles

4 Miles total

Overall it seems my splits were pretty consistent. Even so, I really wanted to quit. When I got three down I told myself that one more and I could quit, after all this was not normal interval training…BUT I didn’t. I did my fifth one and then there were only 2 left. You know that feeling you get when you wanted to quit but you stuck it out and didn’t quit? Well that is how I felt when I finished my last uphill. Pretty darn good.

My shin was not feeling 100% but it felt much better than yesterday. Plus this hill really kicked my booty. Literally, my bottom hurts.

Ok, now for a true confession. I might run with Mel over at Tall Mom on the Run this weekend (not familiar with her blog? Click the link above for the GU giveaway)! Now the truth is I think she may plum outrun me. :) I am new to this sub 9 min/mile business and have not dabbled in the sub 8 min/mile realm yet (not to mention that I can barely hold this pace for more than a few miles). I don’t want to slow her down. Although if she stops at another garage sale mid run I might stand a chance! She has 14 miles on her plan, I have 8. I could catch her at the tail end of her 14 and run her last 8, and I am sure she will still be faster. Should I do it?

Today I am grateful for:
An awesome $100 Fleet Feet gift card purchased for $50!
Hot showers!
My Little Buddy's super silly back to school pictures, he is that kid making the funny face in the class picture (classic).
Cozy blankets!

Run Happy Peeps!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Short and Not-So-Sweet

Today I was in a mood. Not quite sure what kind of mood it was but it was not exactly good. Normally a good run makes that mood go away, not today.

I set out for an easy 7 miles. Immediately I realized it was not going to be easy and to make things even more awesome (insert sarcasm here) I had over dressed. A mile in I tied my sweat shirt around my waist and continued on (annoying). Normally, I can lose myself in my thoughts and find myself in La La Land, not today. I have had some heavy things on my mind lately and I guess it carried over to my run and my LEGS. They felt heavy and just didn’t want to move. My right shin started aching and I started focusing on that ache. Not a good idea. With every step I could feel it and it felt like my leg might just snap in half if I hit the next step at just the wrong angle. Ewe! That would not be good. Then I imagined how that conversation would go, “Hi honey, my leg just snapped in two at the shin. Think you could give me a lift? Oh, whose phone am I using? Some stranger who just stopped to gawk at this sick leg wound.” I told you all I can be dramatic.

Needless to say I survived 4 measly miles without my leg snapping in two. I call today a success. And so it seems I am facing some early signs of my old shin splints. Yay ME.

Today’s stats:
4 Miles-slow.

Tomorrow I am planning on hitting up a hill to do my ¼ mile intervals. We will see how that goes.

Today I am grateful:
Burgers cooked on the grill.
My Little Buddy’s wild imagination that cracks me up constantly.
Houses that decorate for Halloween!
Costa Rican Coffee...mmmm....
Tall Mom is giving away some GU so head over and check it out! (click HERE!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Listen to the Mustn'ts

Tonight The Hubs was reading short poems to my Little Buddy. The poem below caught my attention and I knew I had to share it with you all!
Listen to the MUSTN'TS, child,
Listen to the DON'TS
Listen to the SHOULDN'TS
Listen to the NEVER HAVES
Then listen close to me-
Anything can happen, child,
ANYTHING can be.

-The Shel Silverstein (Where the Sidewalk Ends)
I know I am guilty of getting caught up the Mustn'ts, Don'ts, Shouldn'ts, Impossibles, Won'ts and Never Haves...but Anything can be!

Today I am grateful for:
The shortest trip in the history of Army Trips (Yay, hubs is home!)
The park!
Story time with my Little Buddy!
A most relaxing weekend!
Run Happy Peeps!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Farewell Run....

Oh I am so dramatic. :) The Hubs is headed out of town for the weekend so this morning I got to go for a great 3 mile run with him, which is a real treat and he hasn't been able to since his pretty serious ITB injury back in May. But let me back up.

Yesterday was my 35 min tempo run. It went ok. Tempos are not my favorite workout. I started out the first 10 min pretty slow, 10 min/mile to 9 min/mile pace. Then I slowly sped up every minute or less until I was running at around 7:30 min/mile range. By the time I hit that pace I only had to hold it for about 5 minutes then started to slow it down for the remaining 6 min. I was SO sweaty! I have never been so sweaty before! I was running on the treadmill and it was unusually hot in the gym but man, was I soaked. AN the RB was on the treadmill one over from me and she laughed at me because I had a perfect dry spot in the shape of my sports bra, the rest of the shirt was drenched. Ewe. In the end, the workout was done and I was happy.

So, today’s stats are my best yet!
3.05 miles
384 calories
155 bpm (average heart rate)
Mile 1: 8:15.52
Mile 2: 8:16.60
Mile 3: 8:03.60 (Wowzers!)

So I guess I need to run with The Hubs more often!!!

Now, I am a day off of my plan which works out ok. I can do my short 3 miler at the gym tomorrow (while my Little Buddy is in the nursery), rest Sunday, and hit my longer 7 mile run on Monday.

Today I am grateful for:
A good run.
Sore sore sore abs and hip flexors from Ab Ripper P90X!
Trips to the dog park!


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