Races I Have Run and Reports!

Most recent back:

San Francisco First Half 13! (2016)...........2:22.48
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 13.1 (2016)....2:22.52
Lake Arcadia Splash n Dash......
Lake Thunderbird Splash n Dash Duathlon.....
Raven Rock 5 Mile Trail Race
DC Army 10 Miler
Color My Run 5k-------------------No Time Fun Run with LB
Ft. Bragg Army 10 Miler---------1:44 PW
Raleigh Rockn' Relay 26.2-------1:55
Run Raleigh 13.1--------------------2:05
12k's of Christmas-------------1:07.20 PR
Raven Rock Rumble 10Mile Trail Race-DNF
Virginia Beach RnR 13.1----------2:24.54 PW
Big Sur 26.2 Part I Part II---------------DNF
Tobacco Road 1/2-------2:03
Ryan's Reindeer 5k--24:32 PR
Green Baret 10k-PR-3rd age group-50:33
Mayo Lake Sprint Tri Roxboro, NC 8th Age Group-1:38
Washington (NC) Sprint Tri-3rd Age Group
Raleigh Sprint Triathlon-750 yd swim/17m bike/5k run-1:47.09
Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2--2:03
Ft. Bragg Army 10 Miler-1:28.30 PR
White Lake Half Iron Man II-Swim, Bike, Run PR
Oklahoma Memorial Marathon 1/2 Mary-2:04.04
Tobacco Road 1/2 Marathon----1:57.42
Ryan's Reindeer 5k-----25:46
Las Vegas Marathon-----4:30.56
Portland Marathon------4:32
You Go Girl! 1/2 Marathon---1:59.04
JBLM 1/2 (after a 7 mile warm up)---2:15.31
Super Jock n Jill 4.2-- 2010
Danskin Sprint Tri-- 1:34.43 PR
Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2--  2010--  1:55.33 PR
Sound to Narrows 12k--  2010--  1:08.43 PR
Tacoma City Half Marathon-- 2010--  2:00.13
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon-- 4:09.50 PR
Mercer Island Rotary Half Marathon--  1:56:09
Green River 1/2 Marathon -???
Million Inch Run-
12 K's Of Christmas - Run-12K--  1:20:27  PW (personal worst)
Seattle Half Marathon  2:08:05-- CPR (course personal best)
Super Jock n Jill Half Marathon 2009 -  2:05:10
Mt. Si Ultra relay-57 miles x 5 people (2008/2009)
Rainier to Ruston ultra relay- 56 miles x 4 people (2008/2009)
Seafair Triathlon ~ 2009-- 1:36:12 
Tacoma City Half Marathon-- 2:03:26
Seattle Half Marathon 2008--2:23:13
Winter Pineapple Classic 5K Run (With Obstacles) 2008-- 46:48
Kirkland Triathlon 2008--2:00:12
Super Jock N Jill Half Marathon 2008--2:03:55  CPR
4 on the 4th-- 36:34
Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon--2:06:33
Sound To Narrows 12K--2008--1:12:42
Tacoma City 10 K--2008-- 56:32
I ran the Span--5K--27:24

Beginning in April 2007...http://www.5milespastempty.com/2010/12/i-rocked-vegas.html


  1. I should have read this before I signed up for your lunges ... you're a friggen robot!

    12k Sound to Narrows in 1:08:43 this is serious stuff.

  2. I. Am. A. Robot.

    Ha! Thanks! Now get to lunging!! =)

  3. Just found your blog and I am loving reading your recap! This is so inspirational! Great job - 56 miles on the bike, WOW! Can't wait to read the run recap!


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