Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You know what’s weird?

…well, besides ME?

Weird thing 1:

Jess Blond Ponytail left me a comment a few posts back. This is what it said in reference to my bike’s name:

Nice! Lovin the Nelly name, but CIRN is prewtty clutch!!”

True story, I had no idea what clutch meant. I asked The Hubs and he could only relate it to a sports reference and we came to the assumption that it must be a good thing. Plus I have heard people much younger and cooler than me use it. So, if I am wrong just let me think it is good.

But now, yesterday I received a comment, again from THE Ponytail that is blonde. This is what she writes:

Congrats on shedding some lbs Noob! I have no idea what a "noob" is??”

So, I feel compelled to explain to her (and anyone else who is wondering but embarrassed to ask, like me and the term clutch) that a noob is another way to say a newbie, someone who is new to something, someone who made a mistake because they are new…

Weird thing 2:

H.Love (who is training for marathon #2) asked me about protein and what kind of protein I use. With my hubby going through phases of muscle building and whatnot we have had a lot of different protein powders in the hizzouse.  One review I did a while back was the Rockn’ Refuel protein drink. It boasts 20g of protein which is really good! My only problem with it is that it was hard to find. My local grocer didn’t carry it and the website said Subway had it. Sorry guys but I am not going to subway to purchase my protein drink. But other places may carry it now, I don’t know. I also like Muscle Milk, sold in bulk places like Costco or Sam’s club. Currently we are using Syntha-6 purchased from  Also if you want more info go HERE and read about it. One scoop has 200 calories!! So I take just under a full scoop and add it to water with a little bit of milk. Lately, if I am in a hurry I add it with water and a Slimfast and it is my lunch then I munch all day on veggies…but I digress.

syntha 6

There  are a lot of protein powders out there and they all give you gas…wait, that is embarrassing, but weird too. Just remember, some of them are high in calories so take that into consideration if weight loss is your goal. Also, taking in protein is not just for those lifting weights. It is really important for muscle repair and building, like after running and ESPECIALLY after long runs! So for H.Love,  and all my lovely readers who are training for marathons and everything else, protein speeds up and aids in recovery. It helps the tiny muscle tears heal quicker which in turn gets you back out there laying down quality runs sooner.

From The Hubs: Protein needs to be consumed within 10 min post workout. He prefers any brand of protein but specifically a blend of protein that includes at least a quickly metabolized whey and more slowly metabolized milk protein. He suggests  the use of protein before bed, after waking and post workout.

Weird Thing 3:

Today when I ran I listened to my favorite radio show on my iPhone: The Mens Room out of Seattle. I miss them.

Weird Thing 4:

I am loving this tri training!! I have done three sprint tri’s and never, NEVER actually trained for one. I’m diggin’ it so far! I think I could do really well in this one. Well as in actually qualify for the Championship Half Iron held in Myrtle Beach. I need to get top 33% of my age group…I think I can do it!

Weird Thing 5:

I hate typing “LOL”. I don’t mind reading it though. I prefer to type “HA! “or “Ha ha ha ha ha!” Or “HA HA!” I had a funny conversation with Jill from Running to Sanity about this at a park while driving the Mercer Island half course back in March. Every time I type it I think of her….

Weird Thing 6:

I made this delicious White Chili for dinner. This is weird because 1) it was my own creation, no recipe 2) I don’t really cook very well, and 3) it was DE-Lish!! (notice the chopped yellow bell peppers…mmmm)

white chili3

So this was my dinner….

white chili 2

Weird Thing 7:

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout!!! I’m going to park my bike on it’s trainer on the back porch and set my computer up to watch some Netflix…it’s going to be AWESOME, off the chain!!! Or could I say, "It’s gonna be clutch!” Is that right??? I’m such a noob at being hip in the 21stcentury…

I love weird things!!!!

Did anything weird happen to you today???

 Did you see anything weird?

Smell anything weird?

Find anything weird??? Ooooh that is the best!!

And  lastly, what should I watch tomorrow while I am riding in one place on my bike for 1++ hours?


  1. I'm definitely a hahahaha person over an LOL person.

    As for weird, nothing out of what's ordinary for me. But, the day's not over yet!

  2. Thanks for clarifying all the lingo. hahaha

    I have been in a werid mood all day. Ugh! Does that count?

  3. The weird thing happening in my world is that my 4 year old is learning life lessons from Curious George....He informed me he wanted to go camping and then proceeded to tell me just exactly how it should be done from gathering twigs and branches for a fire to rubbing 2 large rocks together for a fire....When I asked him where he obtained all this info he shrugged it off and told me George taught him...this was the day after he informed me we were going to begin composting...yet another thing George taught him....Kinda weird and funny to me! The way he shares the info is also entertaining. Glad you are enjoying the tri training. It is a lot easier on the body than simply running 5 days a week. A very fun 1/2 is Wildflower in CA. Everyone camps and it is the "woodstock" of 1/2 Ironmans and many people have said it is actually harder than some fulls....lots of hills! Have a great night!

  4. Hmmm what a weird post! I am pretty sure most of my friends think I am weird for being OK with grunting while running!
    thanks for the protein info and yes Blonde Pony is one hip chick!

    As for the protein would I take it AFTER a long run or the night before?

  5. I can't say I would properly use clutch in a sentence either LOL

  6. Heather-I hear ya!!LB is 5 and has been learning life lessons from Blue's Clues...isn't that for younger kids??/ So weird! He also loves George!

    H.Love-I'm not sure it stores up like Carb loading but certainly take it after your long run! The web site says you can drink some right before a work out, but it depends on if your stomach can handle it for a run or not.

    Samantha-So glad I am not the only one!! Ha ha!

    Kittee-I try, I try...

    Rose---REPORT HERE ASAP if something weird happens!! HA HA!

  7. This post made me laugh outloud several times. I had NO idea what a noob was either.
    I teach in a minority school and thought I knew all the new lingo. Guess not! : )

  8. I way over-use lol, but I can't help it.
    Watch something fun. What about Confessions of a Shopaholic?

  9. You make me laugh! Ok I've got weird or maybe it's scary...on my run today lots of turkey vultures were on a water tower they usually hang out around...I swear they were thinking of coming after me and they could have taken me for sure!

  10. Nothing weird today...which is weird, right???
    Here are my recommendations for what to watch:
    1. Arrested Development
    2. Modern Family
    Have fun on the new indoor bike!

  11. It may be embarrassing for some (me?, I really could talk about much worse), but I've honestly never gotten gas from taking protein powder. The only reason I ever get it is when I end up not eating a meal, don't eat enough, or go an extended time without food. The protein powder (taken either as a small meal in itself, a supplement, or as a part of a meal) has never had that effect. Maybe I'm the weird one!

    I also have to comment on the bit about protein being necessary for recovery. Yes protein is required in order to repair torn muscles (if you're working out to the point of doing so), but otherwise, your body will find a balance for muscle size with muscle use. I bulked up a bit this fall and now going into my real tri season training I actually expect to LOSE muscle mass due to training because while I'm building endurance, my body doesn't need as much muscle strength (I'll lose some upper body muscle because it is not needed). In all, I feel aside from those looking to bulk up or those on low protein diets, protein powders are not necessary (enough protein is consumed on a typical diet for 90% of the population's recovery needs). Again, just my own thoughts.

  12. thanks for sharing about the protein powder..I havent used it before, but have been thinking about it

  13. I'm so much more of a HAHAHAHAHA type of person too. I rarely use LOL. But have you seen the ROFL stuffed monkey toy? It's funny. But I just like saying "ROFL" outloud. Like Waffle, but with a RA-FUL. Hee hee.

    You should watch The Last Song.

    Oh wait, no. Watch a scary movie, like Legion or something.

  14. Lol, Haha! makes me LOL...wait I mean laugh! Was getting carried away for a second! Oh friend....I miss you! You crack me up, LOL...oh shoot, there I go again!

  15. LOL - I can't do it either. Plus, are they REALLY laughing out loud? I bet not. So not only are they lazy; they're liars!

  16. LOL, yeah, i feel like a douche when i type it too. LOL!

    smelled something weird this morning. i got a whiff of something that smelling like my father in law (ICK!!!) it was my hubs new shaving cream, told him to wash his face IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner. i feel gross now!!!

  17. Hmmmm..... I did find a $5 bill in my pants pocket this morning that, from the looks of it, has been washed at least once.

  18. I have never ever ever typed LOL...whoops...just did it.
    I always use hehehe. I'm not even sure what that means. Is it the same as hahaha?

    Anyways, weird thing of the week: I picked up something off the floor yesterday and thought it was a grape the dog chewed on. Once I picked it up, I realized that it looked more like the last 1 inch of someone's finger. Then I examined it for about 5 more minutes and NEVER figured out what it was.
    ICK! Creepy! Ugh!! Threw it away and washed my hands for 10 minutes.

  19. Thanks for the shoutastic shout out! Now I know what NOOB means!! Yes! I'm looking forward to using it frequently!!

    You did awesome with the chili! You are totally a vet (opposite of noob) in the kitchen now!! Go tri go!

    LOLOLOLOL....just kidding!

  20. OMG this whole post is why you need to move back so I can explain slang to you! In my absence you may use or just call me! Miss you!

  21. I totally use LOL more then I should! Its almost more of a habit. My weird thing of the day was having three gift cards to use and finding nothing I wanted to buy.. Now that is weird for me.

    You should watch a show marathon, pick something you though about watching and see how much of the season you can get through.

  22. I love this very random funny post. I find people use lol after things that aren't remotely funny which pisses me off, because no one is laughing what you wrote, texted, said was not funny...
    I have to agree with Wojoku about protein. Most people consume enough, it can cause weight gain and prolonged use not great for the kidneys, our body is made to process natural forms of protein and most protein powder is synthetic made with lots of chemicals. A lot of your followers are doing very hardcore training and need protein for muscle recovery not everyone needs it.
    I am really trying to be aware of what I put into my body and using things with no chemicals.
    My thoughts...

  23. I use that protein too! It was a reject from my hubby who couldn't use it! I have the strawberry kind and I mix it with cranberry juice...very tasty!!!


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