Sunday, March 11, 2012

Checking in...then checking out....

I'm taking a break from blogging, facebooking, tweeting, name it. I need a break. But I'll be back. In the mean time I'll be thinking of you all and will have lots to talk about when I turn my computer back on.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pepper Spray While on the Run....

...It's not just for protection against bad people...

How many times have I complained about neighborhood dogs? A few...and it's two dogs in particular. One little Shiht tzu that I could drop kick from here to yesterday, annoying but no big deal. The other a ferocious, long haired black dog with sharp teeth and beady eyes. He ruined my run this AM and sent me home in tears. This was especially angering because it was my FIRST weekday, workday morning run. You see, I got transferred to a new position at work this week and it puts me in my town three days a week. This means three days a week I don't have to drive an hour plus one way to work and thus allowing me time to run in the morning, three days a week.

So I set out this AM for a nice three mile neighborhood run. Around 1/2 mile in this stupid dog charged me from his front porch. I stopped. Engaged in a stare off. Yelled at him to go home. Yelled really loud in hopes that his family would come out. They didn't. So I slowly backed away, tiny step by by tiny step. He kept growly and approaching me. I kept yelling and inching away. He got board of barking and growling at me and wandered back to his driveway. Long story short I had to get home and the only way was to go back by this stupid house with this stupid dog. So I went another mile into the neighborhood. I found a huge stick, it was actually more like a log, about 3.5 feet long and really, really thick. As I approached the house again the dog this time came out and met me a good two house before his house. I stopped. His kid-owner was at the bus stop a few houses down the other way. He saw me with the huge stick and began yelling at his dog. This allowed me to slowly walk, not turning my back on him, and made it to a point in front of his house. He charged me and sent me back pedaling into the yard across the street from his house. I was yelling and jabbing him with the log.

I felt bad but I yelled at the kid to go inside and get his mom. He couldn't get control of the dog and his presence was making the dog more aggressive. He disappeared into the house for about 3 minutes as I kept jabbing this stupid dog in the chest with my log while he tried to bite me. The kid came out and called for his dog. This again allowed me to back away a bit more. As the kid approached to try to grab the dog he charged at me a bit more aggressively. I know the stick plus the kid made him more protective but there is no way I was putting that stick down. Finally the kids bigger brother came out and grabbed the dog.

I thanked the kids and told them I would be back to talk to their mother, who never did come outside.

I ran the rest of the way home in tears. That was scary. And this stupid dog is the same one who escaped out of a hole under his fence last summer, every morning for about three days in a row and chased me down. One morning he bit the heel of my shoe and into my ankle!

The only convenient place I have to run is my neighborhood. This is MY neighborhood too. I hate having to be afraid in my own neighborhood. Trust me I was kicking myself for not having my pepper spray. I would have unloaded it straight into his stupid face (and I love dogs people...just not aggressive dogs who are no properly owned).

I only had time for 2 miles thanks to the 13 minutes I spent protecting myself from this stupid dog. He ruined my run and that seriously ticks me off.

I got home and of course told The Hubs all about it. It didn't take him 3 minutes to get in his car and go to the neighbor's house. I had to plead with him to not take his .45 and to not shoot it right there in the street. Like I said, I love dogs and don't want to see one get killed. He had no luck with the owner and ended up unloading my pepper spray straight in the dogs face. So now I need new pepper spray.

It just makes me so mad that I can't run outside my neighborhood because jerks think it's the stinking autobahn and try to run me over and I can't run in my own neighborhood because jerks think they can let their aggressive dogs run out and attack innocent pedestrians. Preposterous. I am seriously heated about this. I made a call to animal control and filed a police report. Hopefully this wont happen again. Because I have races to train for....don't they know this?

So what do I do tomorrow? I am out of pepper spray, I don't want to run with my pistol because I don't want to shoot a dog in the middle of the neighborhood, plus I ordered a sports bra with a holster and it hasn't arrived yet.  I don't really want to carry a stick because frankly it didn't do any good at all, unless I beat it to death with it....and air soft gun just wont cut it, a knife requires close encounters and I don't want to get that maybe I am left with poison-laced steak?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Happening...

...whether I'm ready or not...I feel like this is becoming theme in my life lately. But today I am talking about Big Sur 26.2. We got our hotel booked, plane tickets bought...the race is going to happen. I will be there. I hope I will be ready.

My weekly runs have been suffering, for lack of better words. With my schedule it's challenging at best. And I know people say MAKE TIME, or WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY....sure I get it. I I guess right now there is a gap in my willingness to pay a sitter so I can run on a Tuesday or Thursday night (soon to switch to Monday/Wednesday night), and in my willingness to run at 9 PM. By the time I get home at 6 it's time to make dinner, then homework time, the bath, then books, then bed....then I'm ready for a shower, since I do home visits I like to wash some of the filth off. So, you can tell when I am being Negative Nancy because I usually just avoid my blog altogether. I figure it best to not pollute you all with my negativity.

BUT....yes there is a but here....things are a changing! I'm not sure just how this will impact my weekly routine/running/lack of schedule, but I am being optimistic here. Starting this week I will be working in MY town three days a week! That means my commute to work, three days a week will be about 23 minutes, give or take a few, as opposed to the hour plus one way! I may have tie to get up, make breakfast, get LB ready for school and to the bus stop, head out from the bus stop on even a three mile run, maybe 4 or 5, come home, shower and get ready for work and be at work by 8:50. WHAT? Is that possible?! I hope so...oh do I ever hope so! I need this to be so! I am dying here....I am cranky and angry without my weekly runs!

AND.....I took a leap and joined a local running group, Fayetteville Running Club! I have been stalking them for quite some time and finally paid my dues and decided to just give it a try. After all accountability is HUGE for me when it comes to running. Case in point: I RSVP's for a Saturday 5-8 mile run on Friday. It had been raining arms and legs (as LB put it). I RSVP'd and asked "Rain or Shine?" Now in Washington I ran in the rain. I didn't love it but I got used to it. But it was usually a soft, gentle rain. Not the sideways, coming in under the brim of your hat rain that knocks you over or pokes your eye out...and we certainly didn't really worry about lightening. Either way, I was prepared to meet, rain or shine, for a 5 mile run. I got up, or rolled reluctantly out of bed rather, got dressed and ready and then happened to check my email. The run had been canceled due to the weather and lightening and arms and legs falling from the sky. I was willing to go ONLY because I had RSVP'd. So I need accountability to get me out of my warm, cozy bed. I am looking forward to getting involved with the group and meeting some new people and making some new friends. I don't get out much around here...

Except for today...when I met J-Ninja for 16 miles of running fun! We made it with only minimal complaints. Last week we decided 16 was too far and agreed to 13 and called it quits at 11. We both were short of breath and tired and dragging. Not today. We set out for an 8 mile out and back, boring for sure, but the miles kept beeping by. Before we knew it we were turning around at mile 7.25 and agreed to finish up at the track where we parked. It was perfect running weather, slight breeze, cool, not raining, overcast. And whats not to love about running around military shooting ranges where soldiers are firing weapons? The normally quite road was buzzing with Army trucks and HUMVEES and soldiers kept us entertained at least. So today's 16 miler is our longest run to date for this training cycle. Never mind that J-Ninja started the training with a Goofy Challenge 5k, 13.1, and 26.2....Me? Notsomuch.

Well, it's a new week and lets hope I can get at least three weekly runs in this week! I have a half marathon in two weeks!


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