Friday, January 7, 2011

A totally jacked up visualization

-But before I get to that….

Last week we were welcomed home from Oklahoma to a ton of snow! Snow is fun, despite being frozen and a pain in the rear. The Hubs decided to dust off the old snow board and give it a whirl. I gave it a shot, wearing my Uggs and sweat pants, hardly snowboarding gear. I fell. I got a neck injury. Seriously, I gave myself whip lash. I am finally feeling much better and am only reminded of it when I take the last drink from my water bottle, tilting my head ALLLLLLL the way back. So, would you like to see the aforementioned snow boarding accident? Of course you would. It is humiliating. I love how The Hubs laughs as my skull cracks on the ground.

Me and my MAD BOARDING SKILZ. Look out Shaun White-I may just come flying down the pipe, out of control and run you over…

I have decided that I really need to focus on these 15 pounds I have gained since August. Yuck. How did this happen with TWO marathons between then and now? I’ll tell you, marathon training makes me HUNGRY. So I will be combing blogs and literature for some good ideas on high protein and adequate carbohydrate diets, and I don’t mean diet as in I am on a diet, I mean diet as in a healthy diet…not the verb but the noun. Let me repeat, I AM NOT ON A DIET. I don’t diet. I hate it. I am trying to find a healthy eating plan that will work to fuel my body and muscles and allow me to lean up.

Today’s workout was cra-Z! I hit up the gym and ran a mile warm up before my weight lifting. I ran it pretty fast, I felt so good. I haven’t been running much. I miss it. I am ready to be back into training after almost an entire month off! I had a few random runs here and there in December but not many.

I did my weights and then headed back to treadmill for my speed work. This is the first time I have done real speed work on the mill. The track was occupied by a bunch of uniformed dudes hauling a huge log, around and around and around…in formation. I wasn’t going to fit on that track. I programmed the treadmill and dove in to my 6x400 yards at 5k pace (each fast one followed by a slower one). I did the first 400 slow (10/mile pace) and then jumped it up to 8:00/mile pace for the next three sprint 400’s. My next two I bumped up a bit and were at a 7:52/mile pace and my final one at 6:42/mile pace. I finished the workout with 3 miles, 4 counting my earlier warm up mile.

Oh, it was not over yet…I headed to the pool to get in another swim. At 1/2 mile I was kind of bored and ready to quit but then The Hubs showed up (he’s doing the sprint tri the same weekend as my half iron) so I decided to do another 1/2 mile. I ended up with a mile total.

I have a lot of work to do to be prepared for this half iron man. I feel confident that the 13.1 will be ok. Although today I went into a daydream, never too early to start positive visualization. Let’s just say it was nowhere near the glittering dream of Vegas I had (don’t remember THAT visualization? Check it out HERE). I was imagining myself getting off the bike, racking it and heading toward the shoot to the run portion…upon closer inspection of my own face (in my brain’s eye view) my mascara was running down my cheeks, I was a bawling mess…I was saying something along the lines of “WHy!? Whhhhhhhy? I just want to be done.” And I vividly recall thinking that 13.1 miles seemed like an ultra marathon at that point.

So what did I learn from my visualization today? Wear waterproof mascara.

Ok, ok….and train hard so that I don’t feel THAT way as I begin the last portion of the race.

Happy Friday!


  1. 3 things
    1. Okay. Lesson learned. Wear waterproof mascara.

    2. Geesh, lady, don't you know you're supposed to wear a helmet?

    3. And, OMG, that would be awesome if you came out here!!!!!!!

  2. YES!! A helmet! I know!!! I went outside to see what was going on, I didn't plan on snowboarding. =/

    And yes, I think a plan will be set into motion soooooon for June! (Ha! that rhymes!)

  3. I loved the video so much that I watched it 3 times! :)
    Waterproof mascara is probably a good idea.

  4. I think I rewound just to hear your husband cackle about 5 times. At least your dog tried to rescue you!

  5. I swear by waterproof mascara! Why are companies still making regular, non-waterproof junk beats me.

    Yes, at least your dog tried to rescue you. :)

  6. Um, ouch! Helmets are great snowboarding accesories, or so I've heard. ;)
    I hear you on the "non diet." I do NOT diet either, but eat healthy thanks to a visit to the dietitian.
    And I haven't even trained for a marathon but can attest to the fact that running makes one hungry!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. oh dear!!! you really can see your head snap back in that video. im pretty sure i did something similar several years ago. i will stick to skis thank you! youre making me want to tackle a 1/2 iron....but i know i need to start with a sprint first LOL, dont get too ahead of myself!!!

  8. I gave myself whiplash sneezing one time. True story.

  9. I'm glad to see you are getting settled in and starting to train again ~ I knew you couldn't stay away for long!
    I totally hear you on the non diet thing! I have quite a bit of weight to lose and last year it finally clicked with me that the ONLY solution is to change EVERYTHING ~ my eating habits (permenantly), exercise habits (like, actually adopt some) and my entire mind set. I've never been this happy and free!
    Anyway, I wanted to share a recipet I put up on my blog a while back ~ it's an excellent pre/post workout drink. It's all natural and it fuels my workouts so well and really aides in recovery ~ oh and it keeps me FULL! Bonus!

  10. Hey, if you want more snow to practice your snowboarding skills, I'll send you some, okay?
    Glad your neck is doing better, and that you're running intervals again.
    And this is depressing, from a RW article: The researchers' conclusion: Longer bouts of exercise can trigger "compensatory eating." They make you pig out.
    Really sad news for all of us long-distance runners. No wonder I can't stop fantasizing about pizza.
    Cheers and happy running,

  11. Once you find it fill me in.. I NEED to get these 10 pounds off ASAP, it is horrible..

    I couldnt watch the video, because I did not want to see you get hurt..

  12. Bwahahahaha, loved you mad snowboarding skillz! The best part was Car running to rescue you! What a good doggy. <3

    I'm with you about changing my diet, as in lifestyle eating change. Todays ride was fun, can't wait to train some more with you!

  13. OMG you poor thing! Glad you are okay!

  14. i'm looking for a new eating plan too! nothing decisive yet though...

    and i've had bad snowboarding experiences too...i actually flagged the snowmobile guy to take me down the run cause i couldn't handle falling down one more time!


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