Monday, January 3, 2011

I’m a Big Girl Now…

So, the madness has begun. I am looking for a pool. I don’t think the bathtub is a good place to train for a half iron. Or maybe it is….

There are three gyms with indoor pools (that I am aware of) in this sorry excuse of a town (sorry to anyone who is emotionally attached to Fay-Town). With a population of 198,061 I find this utterly ridiculous, mainly because there are maybe twice that many gyms in the town. Ok, well there are more because there are 13 gyms on the Army Post. But ONE of those gyms has a pool that is open and functioning. The other two pools in town are ok. One is in a gym that cost $58 a month and is about a half hour drive with no traffic from home. Oh it sure makes me miss my YMCA that was 3 min in RUSH HOUR away from my T-Town home. The third and final pool in town is at a YMCA and it is small but wet so I can’t complain. It is also a hike away. I am quickly realizing that the swim portion of my training is going to be the most challenging. I love swimming and consider it my second strong suit after running. The bike is my weakness-more on that in a minute. But I have to be able to train. Luckily this week is dedicated to getting my training lined out.

And finally, a Big Girl Tri calls for a Big Girl Bike. The Hubs surprised me with a new tri bike! Isn’t she beautiful????

He is so proud. It’s cute. He even signed up to do the sprint tri the following day.


The aero bars are amazing! The ride is smooth as butter! Oh man she handles like none other! I love her….The clip in peddles, well I need some practice for sure! We don’t quite get along just yet but they will earn who is boss, gravity me.

LB tried to help me out this evening. And don’t worry, this blog wont become all about tris. I still love running! I never have my running shoes too far away, see?


And now, my Tri Bike needs a name. Suggestions welcome! Actually, let’s make this a competish! Throw some names out there, no limit to the number of suggestions, give as many as you want. And I will chose a name by Jan. 15th. The winner can chose between some free Yurbuds (HERE) or 50% off coupon from Optic Nerve (HERE)! So go ahead, name my ride!! Spread the word or not, what ev. I just want a good name…So pretty much, I will pick whatever name suits my fancy and if I don’t like any of them then we will extend it or I’ll name her myself. It’s my bike, my blog, my party: I’ll cry if I want to.


  1. Trinity. Cause she is your Tri bike. Or something with Tri- at tbe beginning.

  2. White Chocolate
    My Big Wheel
    Don't worry more is coming!

  3. Trigger
    Hot Dog

    What?> I am bored watching the Bachelor and I really want that 50% off coupon!

  4. pretty bike! it's late, i'm bout:

    the wind

    you know, like 'ride like the wind...' i know, i'll keep working on it... :)

  5. I like the TRI at the beginning thing. I am going to go with Trista, she will be your TRI-Sista. LOL

    Congrats on the bike!

  6. OMG....that bike is GORGEOUS!!!! i havent named mine yet either. im having the same pool problems. i have only 2 to choose from, both at a Y and share a lot of time with swim teams ughhh. and i hate the thought of paying a full membership to only use the freakin pool!!!

  7. Oh my goodness....I LOVE the bike. Will you share your love for swimming with me?!?! You are so sweet to much does Billy pay you:) Your grocery habit sounds like mine but we spend the same amount of money on our food as our rent:) I really am so excited about your bike. About the coach....I do have one, he owns a running store that is sponsoring me so I get free training wahoo! He is so awesome, he won the St. George Marathon with a 2:20!!! I am going to passing any tips I get on the blog (like taking the heel out like I did today). Hope you are having an amazing day!!

  8. wow! what a beauty! congrats!! i like Black Velvet, good call, Jamoosh.
    I've never had issues with my clip in pedals, before i used them for real outside, i practiced inside for about 10 min (clip in, unclip, clip in, unclip) or until i felt comfortable and then i took it outside. have fun!

  9. PS I absolutely love your header are GORGEOUS!!

  10. The swimming part of triathlon training Inever was able to solve - good luck! Beauty bike. Black Beauty? The Sunburned Zebra?

  11. A half iron this year! Wow, so exciting!! Nice new ride!


  12. Awesome bike, I'm trying to come up with a name for mine also. So far the bike is my weakest link in the tri. We're constantly fighting but hopefully we will someday be friends. I'm doing my first half iron this year at Augusta. Good luck with the training.

  13. seriously sweet bike! i hear ya about the pools- i have a few more options (it sounds like) but what gets me is how much it costs! good luck with your training....

  14. Oh. My. Gawd. I am so jealous! I have been drooling over the Felts since I first stuck my eyes on one last spring when I was visiting a fancy bike shop in Brooklyn. So drool worthy!
    I like Frieda for a name as in Frieda the Felt :)

  15. What a pretty bike!

    I have no name ideas. I talk to my car all the time, but I've never named her. Not good at it.

  16. Bessie. Not sure why. Or, Felter Skelter.

    You tri woman you!!! Go Amanda!

  17. What a sweet new ride! I've got nothing in the name department... good luck finding a pool/with tri training!

  18. Naming bikes... I am gonna have to name my new bike too, I don't want to give you all of my good ideas! I am really excited to try a tri. I am seeing the doc about my knee the 11th, booooo. Looks like I am walking my first marathon! haha It's all good, there is always another race. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

    OK... 1 name- Elroy (Meaning of name THE KING)

  19. Gorgeous bike! She looks wicked fast!

    Names that come to mind

    Tri Cat
    Felt Flyer

  20. I was reading this post, Gary England was on TV saying "jump back Loretta, its winter in the big town" and I realized your bike looks like a Loretta! Plus, wouldn't that remind you of Oklahoma every time you said the name!?!? : )
    BTW, that is one gorgeous bike!!!

  21. How about "Vicki" for Victorious! As in how you will feel when you become a Half Iron Woman! :)

  22. Flash
    Twisted Sister

    Is this a girl or boy bike?

  23. How about Gustavo or Fabio (because that is a sexy bike). Or if you prefer it being a girl Alessandra or Gisele.

  24. Trixie! Trixie the tri- bike!

  25. I like the colors of your bike! It reminds me of a ladybug with the black and red... So that's what i think you should name her... LadyBug. It could be symbolic too.. ladybugs may seem slow when they are crawling along a branch, but once they open those wings they take off flying!

  26. How about Fanny? Or George ... just because it's so random :D

  27. Tri-Color WON-der. Awesome bike:-)

  28. Nori Namow or just Nori for short...

    Sorez (pronounced Sor-a$$)
    CIRN- "Can I Run Now"
    IMMSIGTBAWBAIW- "I Miss Mel so I got this bike and will be an Iron Woman."


  29. I dont know what gender you consider your bike to be. Some might feel weird riding a girl, others may feel like they're cheating on their husbands riding a guy... so I hereby bestow you with 2 names

    "Old Maid" - cuz she's a spinster...


    Achilles. Because he was unstoppable. (and Brad Pitt was so hott in the movie 'Troy')

  30. I'd name her Nelly. Like, "WOAH, Nelly!" because thinking about that on mile 50 makes me laugh (because I'd be going 4 mph...the total opposite of WOAH, lol.)

  31. How about the Scarlet Letter- since you are kind of cheating on your running by riding her ;) Or the Scarlet A,or Hester- same reference... too literary, lol?

    She's gorgeous :)

  32. Prisa

    In spanish it means "Haste"

  33. "Mana" it's Hawaiian for "magical power"
    "Wiki" it's Hawaiian for "fast"

  34. How about Stella . . . similar to Stellar, which is how you will be riding that beauty.

    [stel-er] Show IPA
    1. of or pertaining to the stars; consisting of stars.
    2. like a star, as in brilliance, shape, etc.
    3. pertaining to a preeminent performer, athlete, etc.

  35. Gonzales. in Speedy Gonzales.

    Red Hot.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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