Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Weekend in DC....

And not for the MCM....thank goodness!

It was COLD and gross! Saturday it was blowing snow. I felt bad for the MCM runners. I have experienced this kind of weather faux pas before when I did OKC Memorial half last year. The forecast looked good, I packed, hit the airport and by the time I landed in OKC the forecast had completely changed...instead of the nice 50 degree race everyone planned for it was freezing rain, sleet, wind and 34 degrees. Not fun. So I surely felt bad for the racers who were scampering about trying to find warmer clothes suitable for race day.

I had about a mile walk both Friday and Saturday morning from my hotel to the site of our RRCA class. Good thing I packed my new Columbia Omni-Dri Ultrabreathable Waterproof jacket (full review coming soon)! It kept me dry AND warm!

Pictures curtsey of LB....

IMG_3158.JPG IMG_3160.JPG

See the snow/ice gathering?


I made it through the RRCA Coaching Certification course held in Arlington, VA....This is not to say I am "certified", yet. I still have to take (and pass) a test and get my CPR/First Aid to the our instructor. But I think it is is safe to say I will soon be a certified Road Runners Club of America Running Coach! I am pretty excited about fits into my long-term life goal of motivating people and encouraging them to set and achieve goals that will benefit them in not only physical manner but mentally as well. Pretty cool, don't 'cha think?

My stuff....


We learned SO much over the course of two days! I feel like my brain is still on overload actually. We learned about VO2Max, ATP, rules of overload and specificity, work capacity, energy systems, training adaptations, creating plans....Nutrition, injury prevention, the psychology of training/running/racing....and of course about coaching! It was a great course and it made me want to go back to school to learn about Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Nutrition. Who knows, maybe I will pick one of those to further my education. I've been kicking around going back to become a registered dietician but it's a big, huge commitment.

So there you have weekend in DC/Arlington!

This afternoon we are off to a Halloween/Birthday party for The Hubs. His costume is classic! You'll have to check back to see, I don't think you'll want to miss it!

How about you? Any Halloween parties? Did you make it through MCM?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I will KICK you.....

...and your little dog too.

Ok, just because your dog is the size of an over grown rat and hairy like Cousin It you use shampoo more expensive than my own on it, does not mean you can let it chase me for a half a mile down the road. Does it? Really?

Just because your dog weighs 12 pounds (if that) does not mean it's ok to let it be so completely disobedient that I have to help you by turning around (10 different times) and chasing him back to your driveway, just so I can turn around and continue on my run, just for him to come bite my ankles again. Seriously.

This dog was chillin' by his mailbox with his dog-mom when I ran by, minding my own business, 1/2 mile from my house. This crazy Shih tzu thought he was tough and should chase me away. I kept running since I could punt him from here to last week if I needed to. He kept at me while his adolescent dog-mom chased him around in her little, off-season, too-short dress and heels. It was quite comical now that I think about it. It went something like this:

He would chase me...

I'd turn around, face him, he'd run like a little punk toward his yard...

I'd turn around to continue my run, he chase me down, I'd turn around and face him, he'd run like a little punk....

I'd continue on....

His dog-mom the whole time chasing him around the middle of the street like a kid chasing a butterfly, trying to grab him, he'd dodge her...

He'd chase me, I'd turn, he'd run like a punk....

She'd grab, he's bolt, I'd run, he'd chase...

I'd turn, he'd punk out, she'd grab, he'd dodge...

I'd run, he'd chase, I'd turn, he'd run like punk...

She'd grab, he'd dodge, I'd run....

He'd chase, I'd turn, she'd grab, he'd dodge....

And so this went on for like 5 minutes.



The dog had to use the bathroom and when he did his thing his dog-mom, unaware of his reason for stopping, tackled him, in her flowered-y dress and heels, grabbing him and rolling around the ditch.

That was my que to go home.

End run.

How was your run?

Lazy Dog....


***I like dogs and I really wouldn't drop-kick, punt, strangle, run over, or maim a dog. I just have a problem when owners of small dogs allow them to run a muck simply because they are small and harmless. They are (sometimes) annoying and their teeth are still capable of puncturing the skin even though the are small. How about I let my 108 pound Lazy Dog do that to you, adolescent dog-mom....? I'm sure I know who would be knocking on my door later...your parents and animal control.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures....

When I was a kid I thought new shoes could make me run faster. And well, maybe they did, could, can and maybe I need new shoes right now....great. Anyway, I am trying to pull drag myself out of this semi slump. I'm working on it, I think I'm about 70% out of the hole I've been hanging out to give me a small boost I did something drastic. I went from this:

Blonde (ish)....


To brown:


My hope is that it will make my run farther....

I took Sunday as a rest day since my knees felt like they were going to fall off and my hip had a hint of a twinge in it. I also took today off too but tomorrow I plan to hit the road again after work. The early morning runs just weren't working for me, it's too difficult when I have to get LB ready to catch the bus and head to work by 7. So I gave up on the 5 AM alarm and have now begun an evening run. It works well now that LB can ride his bike with no training wheels! He joins me on my neighborhood runs and it keeps me company.

Here we are last week about to head out for a neighborhood run/ride:


It sure does help that LB can join me on my runs, at least the shorter ones. Soon he'll be able to join me for my long runs! Oooh! And he can be like a little pack mule, carrying my water and gu and whatever else I may need!! Is that mean? Wrong?

I'm off to wrap up my Monday and move on to Tuesday....what does Tuesday have in store for you?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forget me not...

I'm still here….

I've been pretty busy and admittedly avoiding my blog (sorry! Forgive me???). I have a zillion excuses. Would you like to hear them all? No? Ok, I'll spare you.

As for my upcoming OBX marathon…things are still up in the air. I headed out today for a long run. I was aiming for at least 16, hopefully 18, wishful-thinkingly 20….I made it 13.25 before I called it quits. My hip was hurting and my knees felt achey.

I know I can't jump to a 20 mile long run after weeks of little to no mileage. In fact check out my mileage for the past 5 weeks…Not impressive at all.


So no wonder my knees and hip were creaky and achey today. I increased my mileage WAY too much after taking too much time off. I know better….I'm a smart runner, usually. So with THREE weeks left until my marathon I am still thinking of making a stupid decision: Run the full 26.2. The beauty is though, that I can do the half, DNF, walk, crawl, cry…whatever. I don't really care. I know I'm not going for a PR or a BQ. I'm going for a Show-Up-With-My-Big-Girl-Undies-On. No expectations really, other than to just go.

I'm hoping this marathon can fuel the fire that struggles to burn, a fire that hasn't been glowing to it's potential for about a year now. It has been one year since I left the PNW and moved to the south and I feel like it has been a battle to keep my running fire alive since I got here. I refuse to let this location completely extinguish the love I have for the run, but it has been tough.

In other news…to catch you up what has been happening in 5 Mile Land, I said goodbye to my beloved Jeep…


With my 52 mile one-way commute to and from work, and driving on the job, I just couldn't really afford to keep her any longer. I was spending my salary on gas. So, we said our goodbyes and I brought home this beaute:


A Nissan Altima Hybrid.

Let me tell you….get a hybrid! It's AMAZING! I am saving so much money a month on gas it is ridiculous. When we were car shopping I had no intention of a hybrid or a car. I wanted another SUV type vehicle that got more than my Jeep's 19 mpg and could carry my bike to triathlons. But once I saw this I couldn't pass up the 33 mpg's in city driving. No way. Plus it feels good to be a little on the green side. I can get a bike rack for it and cruise to my triathlons in green, earth conscious style!

The Hub's, LB and I hit up Occupy Raleigh last weekend to represent the 99%. That was pretty cool and I think it's good to expose LB to these kinds of things. We left early and didn't get arrested, so I consider it a success.


And we hit up a Jazz Concert.


I have been trying to stay busy…

Speaking of busy…I cannot wait until next weekend! I will be attending the RRCA Coaching Certification course in Arlington! I have been looking forward to this since June! In the near future I will be able to call myself a real live Running Coach!!

So what have you been up to? Oh wait, I guess I should peruse some blogs! I am so sorry for ignoring you all! You all have been so supportive and awesome these past few weeks. I truly cannot express how thankful I am for all of your thoughts, messages, prayers, and miles dedicated to my dad. My life is richer and blessed because of each and every one of you!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have five weeks until OBX. I don't think I'm going to do it.

I told myself that this weekend would be my deciding factor. If i got my 20 miler in today then I would be able to move forward with the 26.2 plan. BUT, it is now 9:06 PM and I have yet to run one single mile today. I don't foresee me running 20. I guess there is still tomorrow but again, unless someone volunteers to meet me at 4 AM then I don't see that happening. Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

I must say I am saddened, disheartened by this. I want to do a fall marathon...just not enough to lace up, right now-this second, and go out for 20 miles. I want to do it, just not bad enough to train. So how much do I really want it? I don't know. I just can't seem to get in gear, get it together, to wrap my head around the run. The cherished, quiet, alone time I once longed for on the run is now a deterant. My thoughts are not pleasant ones and I don't want to be left with them, alone. I need constant distraction. I need something other than alone time. I need a running partner, someone to talk to me about something other than what I am thinking about. Talk to me about the new fall fashion, Halloween consumes, Thanksgiving dinner menus, Occupying Wall Street, to me about Kim Kardashian or Ashton Kutcher and how big of a jerk he is. Talk to me about anything other than what is going on in my life. I am avoiding myself.

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully with it comes some sort of peace and a hint of motivation. I don't like this feeling and I know well enough to understand that I can change it. So, here's to the weekend and one more chance to get my 20....

On a brighter, less depressing note, My Official Race Crew, Jessica, is running her second half marathon tomorrow! Here we are in 2008--The Amica Seattle Half. Wow. We both have come so far! I am SO proud of her! She has been training so hard for this and I know she is going to do amazing!

I wish I could be there for her! She was a HUGE support for me at almost EVERY SINGLE RACE and I wish I could be there for her....but I will be there in spirit and heart!



GO JESSICA!!!! You are going to do amazing!

Wow, maybe I feel a little bit of motivation now? Yep, that's motivation alright! But not enough to go out for 20 at 925 PM....that's just crazy talk.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Greetings Earthlings...

I feel like I have been traveling warp speed through space and time.....

I have made it back to NC, if you even knew I left NC and went back to OK? Many of you who like my FB page know, but either way, last Wednesday my dad lost his fight with pancreatic cancer. I am even now still at a loss for words. It doesn't seem real. It seems like I will wake up and this will all be a dream, I'll be back in WA where I was before he received his diagnosis. Things will be the same and he will be healthy again. But I guess that can't happen so it is time to start accepting the truth. The truth that cancer touches and affects so many of us, it doesn't care how many miles we run, or weights we lift. It just plain and simply sucks. Enough said.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and support. I asked on my FB page for followers to dedicate a mile to my dad during their next run, and dedicate a mile in honor of other cancer survivors and those who have lost their battles. I can't really tell exactly how many miles were run for my dad but I added up about 84.97777 (the .97777 is thanks to Mel's 8k race) miles dedicated to him. I am truly touched by this...I love runners.

Today I headed out for what I hoped would be my long 19 mile run. I made it 5.5 miles before I called it quits. I had a shooting pain through my hip, just like I had in 2010 while training for OKC marathon. I have no idea what this was about but I figured I would call it quits and spare myself the pain and agony. I can get my 19 or 20 miler in Saturday. Anyone local (ish) who would like to join me???

Today is my two year Friendaversary with Tall Mom. On 10/10/09 I went out of my comfort zone and went on my first blind, bloggy, running date. Read about the blind date HERE.... And about my fear and nervousness about accepting her invite for a run HERE. I can't believe I was nervous to meet her for a run! She was so fast and famous...I was just a new blogger trying to make my way. To this day I am so glad, grateful that I did. Mel has been a rock for me and proved time and time again to be a true friend. She knows, somehow, when to text and just what to say. I miss our runs and the conversations we shared while logging miles. Somehow a good run with a trusted friend is often just what the heart needs, and lately my heart needs a good long run with a good, trusted friend who can put things into perspective, give me hope, empathize with me, and just exist with me, on the road. There is comfort in companionship and sharing the misery of a long run, or the exhaustion of a short, fast(ish) run, or just the ease of a no pressure run.

So, Mel, happy Friendaversary! Thanks for everything!!


Do you celebrate Friendaversaries? Maybe you should!

Monday, October 3, 2011


I wonder if my marathon training is SALVAGEABLE....I have had almost 2.5 weeks off with minimal, I mean bare minimum running. I don't think I have lost too much endurance/fitness but I am certain I have lost a significant amount.

Today I had the urge to run. Of course I was smack dab in the middle of therapy....ever wonder what your therapist is thinking when you are pouring your heart out? Well, usually they are thinking about you and what you are saying...usually. Today my mind was on the road. I wanted to pack up and head home for a run. I wanted to tell my client, "Invest in some good running shoes and hit the road." Ever heard the slogan Running is Cheaper Than Therapy? Well, I'm not sure I agree with that completely, if you have decent insurance. But I will say running has some unique health benefits that therapy doesn't have. But, with that being said, combine the two and you have a team like The Dynamic could be unstoppable! Anyway, I had the urge to run today.

I made it home in a state of starvation. We had dinner, I helped LB with his homework, navigated through bath time, books, and FINALY bed time. I don't know about your emergent reader, but each night I sit with LB while he reads. IT. PUTS. ME. TO. SLEEP. He is so monotone and doesn't give any inflection or emotion. We are working on that. He is also S.....L......O.......W. Don't get me wrong, I am super proud of him and he is doing great. It just isn't the best way to get pumped up for a late-night run, being snuggled in on the couch, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, listening to Barenstain Bears'. Finally he made his way to bed and I was no longer longing for a run. The Hubs convinced me to go out, just for a mile. I was dressed and ready so why not? Just a mile, and if I feel like it more....

I donned my head lamp and headed out. For one mile.


Well, wouldn't you know it I felt like more! I knocked out 5 miles, in the dark. It was amazing. I left the iPod behind and just ran...

So, do I think my plans for OBX full marathon are salvageable? Absolutely.

Thanks to trusty ole Hal Higdon I have a new plan of action. A low-stress plan that will allow me to just run and I am confidence I'll be able to handle it....Here is my plan for the next 6 weeks:


Finally, THANK YOU ALL! Your comments and words of encouragement have truly lifted my spirits and helped bring a smile to my face. I don't think I can effectively express how much you all have helped me through this time. So thank you, thank you for reading and thank you for taking time to encourage me. Thank you for being supportive and thank you for understanding and sharing your own experiences and feelings. Thank you for being you! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've got a bad case of the "I don't care anymore".

I think I'm in BIG trouble for my OBX full Marathon in Nov. I have been off my running game, actually, truth be told I have no running game right now. There are a lot of things that have me not feeling like lacing up and honestly I can't just shake the feeling of not caring. At least not right now. Running has gotten me through some tough times, there is no denying that. But this, right now, is different. I am having a hard time finding the time and when I do find the time I can't find the will, the motivation, to go for a run.

As a Mental Health Professional I'll say it, I feel depressed. I have been worse before, that's no secret. If I'm not full-blown depressed, which I think I am teetering on the edge of depression, I am stressed to the max. I know running can help relieve stress, it has worked in the past, but since moving to NC running just ins't the same anymore. It's not convenient, the scenery stinks, the routes stink. It is more of a chore and a hassle than a pleasure.

LB and I had to leave OK and return to NC. I couldn't keep LB out of school too long. My heart is in OK with my family right now but I can't be there. I will be going back to be with my family, I just don't know when. My dad is hanging in there with hospice care. It breaks my heart not being there....

While I was in OK I did get in a run. I ran the dirt roads I used to run and play on as a kid. I had a lot of fun memories on those roads. As a kid I used to run a mile down the road where my dad would be working on the tractor, or with the cows, or whatever else. I remember learning to drive with my dad on that road, going fishing, chasing cows, checking out deer tracks, or just sitting there with his dinner waiting and watching him on the combine.



As I ran I wanted to run forever, until I was a kid again and I didn't have to worry about grown up things. I wanted to stop at the bridge and look in the water to see me, my reflection as a 10 year old again. But I knew no matter how hard or how far I ran I would end up right back at my parent's house with nothing changed or different. The run let me down, it didn't heal my broken heart, clear my head, or change anything......maybe I had too high of expectations but I hoped I would finish and everything would be different.

So for now, me and running aren't speaking. Hopefully we can work things out soon or else I'll be skipping out of my first North Carolina 26.2.


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