Monday, January 17, 2011

I didn’t think the mail ran today…

…or the UPS or FedEX or whoever/whatever/however…I am so confused….

Look what I found on my door step when I got home this afternoon!!


My new CycleOps….ok, our new CycleOps…The Hubs corrected me when I told him over the phone it had arrived. Sheesh, really? Fine OUR new Cycle Ops.

The Hubs came home and assembled it for us…LB was all up in the mix.


Apparently the assembly was pretty easy, it was done before I even knew he had the box open.


One day LB is going to kill me for pictures like this one…

We had to give it a quick spin. We are still waiting on the block for the front tire and I have to order a speedometer so that I can know how far I have gone.


I’m pretty excited to set this puppy up in front of either the TV and Netflix or my computer for Hulu! I have some mad TV to catch up on and I am going to need something to keep me occupied as I ride for hours in my living room or kitchen.


LB had a small huge breakdown when he realized he could not fit on this and to pour salt in the wound his bike was too small to fit as well…

Yep, it’s pretty sweet….


Please excuse my stark white, cold and ugly kitchen….We have been here almost three months and I finally put some paint colors up to test them out:

kitchen paint

I have picked the two colors on your left, the bottom left and the one in the middle above it. Now we just need a painter to come and paint if for us. I wouldn’t mind painting, I just don’t have the time and I have a bad track record of not doing a good job…

Today I got in a 3 mile tempo run in Breaking Pace’s garage! It was perfect since LB was out for MLK day. It was also FREEZING out in the garage in the beginning. We started out and I could see my breath. But as I kept upping the speed I slowly began to warm up. Before long I was dripping sweat. Her treadmill faces the brick wall of the interior of her garage. I was picking out shapes and creature-looking designs on them, kind of like cloud watching. I saw a dinosaur and a crocodile…I’ll have to ask her what she has seen on that wall! It made me wish I had a set up like that, where I could just walk out to my garage or even screened in porch to get in a workout. She has a stair stepper and treadmill! Weights and of course the Shake Weight, which is no joke people.

Do you have a home gym?

I would love the convenience of having it all right here at home but I also enjoy actually going to the gym, kind of like to see and be around other people. But last week when I went to the gym on the Air Force base it was a stinking show-off fest. Annoying. Everyone was just mulling around, “Luuk at my mos-les…they are He-youuuuuge.” you know what I mean?

And finally, I messed up BIG time. I messed around and put off registering for the upcoming Tobacco Road half marathon. Now it is sold out. WHAT? Who would have thought? I had no idea it would sell out. This is just another aspect of being new to the area and not being familiar with the racing scene. But, my friend JK texted me and said that there are a number of slots open, charity slots. The price is ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS. The deal is though, that 100% of that $120 goes to charity.

Would you do it? The charity is the Wounded Warrior Project…I already know my answer.

What is the most you have ever paid for a race entry fee?

I can’t really recall the answer to this, but I believe the Seattle Rock n Roll half was $120 or something? Anything over $85 is too much for a half marathon in my opinion. My Half Iron was quite a bit too.

And how do you answer this question, when asked by those who just don’t get us: Why would you pay to go run when you can just run for free anywhere?

Well, because it is fun to be around people who get me and clearly you are NOT one of those peeps. Now excuse me while I go pay $120 to run 13.1 miles the day before my birthday.


  1. As long as the fee goes towards a charity I don't have an issue with paying more than $85 at all. I just don't like paying that money for a company. So, go for it and sign up :)

  2. We (post office) didn't work today, but UPS and FedEx both did.

    I like the colors you've picked out! I don't paint either. I think I do a decent job, but D is a freakin' perfectionist, and I can't do it to please him, so I don't even try anymore.

    Vegas was by far the most I've paid for a race entry. $145 for the full, wasn't it? The CMM 1/2 marathon in Nashville was $90.

  3. Hooray for the mail! Sorry I did not warn you about the Tobacco Road half. Any race on the ATT sells out super fast. They have a 10 miler in October.

  4. I know! We got the "bonus" item that came with our 'mill: The Cookie Diet. Bwaahahahahaha! I'll have to post about it. Basically, all you can eat are these cookies and water. No joke.

    I like all those colors. We've lived here six years (or more?) and still don't have some rooms painted.

  5. I was talking about the mail: We got the cookies in the mail (UPS, I think).

  6. I just got done having this conversation with my friend tonight. Man... I just paid $110 to run the Rock n Roll half in San Diego. Races can be SO expensive. I want to enroll in lots of them but the checkbook doesn't agree with me.

  7. I have a treadmill in my garage too. I faces the door so I can open it and look at my house I guess. It used to be in our guest room but then we decided to move it out of there so we could actually use it as a guest room haha. I'm glad I have it but also like to go to the gym. I like to have choices.
    Portland was probably the most expensive but I am registering for the Seattle RnR soon so that might top it.
    I would pay the $120 if I knew it went to charity, especially Wound Warrior.
    I've never had anyone ask me why I pay to run but I like your answer!

  8. Totally wish I had a home gym. Congrats on the trainer!

  9. I like the darker of the kitchen colors :)
    We have a "home gym", but by "home gym" I mean a really old treadmill that my husband cna't really run on b/c we think it will break, free weights and a bench...and my BOSU, which I LOVE!
    Most I've paid is probably whatever I paid for the Goofy Challenge years ago, I know, at the time, it was close to $200. I can't imagine what it is now...

  10. We left the treadmill behind when we moved and I am so sad!!! We had a finished basement which we turned into a home gym of man cave meets workout room. It was very easy to get workouts in. Now I joined a gym and that commercial keeps playing in my head...the one where the guy is walking around saying, "I lift things up and put them down!" Missing my home gym!

    I totally get paying for a race! The Boston Marathon was up there plus I had to raise $1500 for my charity!

  11. Fancy Nancy, SAD DAY about your treadmill!! =( And yes, that commercial has been in my head ever since I saw it!! I love how the guy opens the door to the outside and leads him out! Hilarious!!! Great job raising money for charity. I think that is super hard! I would rather train for 57 marathons than try to fund raise...hmmm....maybe I see a challenge for myself coming up?

    Kerrie T-I have heard about that diet....I should try it. Somehow though I don't imagine my own homemade cookies would do the trick...

    Carmen, what is the ATT???? I could just google it but hey....also, what do you know about OBX? Should I register for that like yesterday????

  12. i love my trainer, is yours the mag or fluid?? since the race fee goes 100% to the charity, i would totally do it, otherwise...WOW, thats a big race fee. but ive heard good things about tobacco road.

  13. LB-It's the Fluid 2! Love it so far!!! Although I am waiting on the Climbing block but I can use it without it, it think?? And yep, I registered...I totally like the fact that 100% is going to charity! Pretty cool!

  14. My husband thinks it is absolutely ridiculous to pay to run. I'm running a 5k on the weekend that costs $20 and he's acting like it's $100!

  15. You can use an old-school phone book for a riser with your trainer. Maybe not pretty but it works!

  16. Phone book? What is this phone book thing? HA! Just kidding! Great idea!

    Michelle, grrrrrr!!! $20 is aweosme! Guess you could show him my $120 fee, maybe he will feel beter...or not. He would just think I was nuts. =/

  17. I would rather pay the $120 and see it go to charity. Than the $85 for people to make a profit. I love your new Cycle Ops. I can never get in enough biking with working. This is what me and need.

  18. SO exciting to get unexpected mail! The UPS guy delivered me a big box of LUSH (bath stuff) yesterday, was so excited. I think that the WW project is awesome and that's a nice donation- will it be tax deductible? I don't have a home gym, but have lots of dvds. My YMCA has childcare though!

  19. omg... we would love a home gym. i don't like going to the gym on post either, like you said - muscle fest. plus the only people on the treadmills are the walkers, who won't go OUTSIDE because the *whine* TV's aren't there. come on people.

    glad i found a military wife running blog. i'm convinced we're the only two out there!

  20. Hey mickiruns, I'm a military wife too. :)))

    I don't even know where to begin with what I've imagined staring at that stupid brick wall.. I keep telling myself I'm going to tear out pieces Runner's World and tape it up there. Or get a poster.. Maybe the cat in the tree "hang in there".. fitting?
    I like the home gym for workouts when weather is bad or I'm running low on time, but would rather be outside hands down. Gyms annoy me because so many people are taking up machines and not working out. And the too school for cool people.. Of course.
    The most I've paid for a race is this half iron, which is probably because its my biggest event evaaaaa! The hubs is very supportive of my active-ness and so far noone has given me a hard time.

    Really people spend $25.00 in a day easy, if I want to spend my $25.00 to have some fun with friends at a 5k, so what. :)

    Oh btw, loooove the trainer! Now if one of us gets a lap pool we're set!!!

  21. Lookin' good there on your new trainer!

  22. Hi, just checking in again to tell you I left you an award at my blog. Peace!

  23. We have some weights (3lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs) in our garage. That's it. Texas makes it easy to run outside all year around and if I really feel like poo and not brave enough to face the run, I hit the gym on post. :)


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