Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Recap of Sorts

So here is the story about how I came to run You Go Girl.

I had no intention of running it. Period.  It was too expense for starters. Second I didn’t want to register when everyone else signed up as a team because I didn’t know if I would be here or not by the time the race rolled around.  Third, the course seemed like 98% of the races I have run here in Tacoma (thus not wanting to pay $95 for a half).  And fourth, I wasn’t sure how it would fit into my Portland training.

I wanted to be involved in the weekend though, I knew that much! And I am so glad I was!  I volunteered to get the restaurant booked for the pre race carbo load dinner. It was so cool to have so many bloggers there, in the flesh!

Sep 25 2010 023

It was at the dinner that Diana mentioned having an extra half marathon bib because a couple of the girls on the team are injured.  Mel said I would be up for it and how could I say no? The excitement was contagious and I new not racing was going to be hard. I had even considered for a moment being a bandit for a few miles. Now I wouldn’t have to!!

So here is Diana giving me my bib race morning:

heather or summer

She is handing my my Mojo! =)

Thanks again Diana!! SO SUPER AWESOME!  I needed this race SO bad! It gave me back the confidence I needed to tackle Portland in less than 2 weeks!

We snapped a few pics: I’m sure they look familiar!

Sep 26 You go girl 010


Mel is being sad about my upcoming move….I’m pretty sad too but I can’t think about it…not right now. It’s too much, too hard.




Me and IMG00129-20100926-0811Mel trying to stay dry!






Group Shot! I love all the bright colors on this drabby day!Sep 26 You go girl 004

So we headed to the race start and I was just meandering around.  I decided to hit the Honey Bucket line just to be safe. While in line I met one of 5 men running the race. I asked him, “So how did you come about running this race?” Meaning, You’re a dude, why are you running today? But he didn’t really understand and said he was in town on business from Florida and so he registered. WHAT?  For an all women's race? With no women friends as cover? What ev. I ended up seeing him on every single out and back. I waved and he smiled on the first one. After than he was in the zone…He ended up coming in first for the men. Wooptie Dooo dude, really.

After I hit the Honey Bucket I stood and talked with Zoe and Kerrie and Chelsea and others when they said, “Why are you way back here?” Oh, I hadn’t really even thought about it. I said good luck to them and tried to make my way up a little bit. I ended up being stuck at the 2:50 pacer.  Even with my goal of using this race as a training run 2:50 was a little on the slow side. Oh well. I settled in and waited for the Gun. 

GO! I settled in for a nice, easy training run.  I really just wanted a good run. I wanted to finish.  So I told myself I would go for a 2:05-2:10. My Garmin was ridiculous. In the first mile it said my heart rate was 243.  Um, pretty sure I would be dead if that were the case? It settled to a more reasonable rate of 154 after mile 2. That’s more like it. It must have been the cloud cover too because my pace was ALL over the pace: 9 min/mile one second, 11 min/mile the next.  At one point I was under 8.  I decided to just forget it and run. So I did.

The first out and back it was an absolute blast! I waved at all the girls I new! It was so cool! I saw Mel and TMB and gave Mel a HIGH 5 and cheered them on. They were flying! After that out and back I kind of got in my running zone.  I saw others and waved but my mind was busy. I realized that my race reports suck because I don’t really think about much when I run, at least not much I care to share with the world. I zone out, withdrawal into my mind. It is so good to just go brain dead for 2 hours (or more or less).

I don’t know why but I almost cried like 5 times during this race. It could have been all the dads cheering on their baby’s momma's and the kids and even the kids running with their moms. It could have been the fact that this was my last race in Tacoma…It could have just been everything, the stress of everything just working it’s way out.

I enjoyed this race so much. The course was much better than I had suspected. And it was so cool knowing so many people along the way. My iPod had new songs on it and that was awesome too.  As I neared Ruston Way I kept looking out for My Official Race Crew and LB. I ran all the way to the turn around and didn’t see them.  I had a brief laugh to myself and wondered if this would be another Epic Fail.  But sure enough, right at the end of the 4+ mile out and back I saw them! They were on the wrong side of the road so I had to veer off of the course to run beside the sidewalk to give LB a hug and a high five. It was great to see them as always and it gave me an extra surge of energy.

It was about mile 11.5 that I remembered I could look at G. Money and see how long I had been running. Duh. I just recently found this setting so it is new to me.  So I looked at it said 1:46 something. Crud. This meant I could get a sub 2.  I didn’t want to race really. I was enjoying myself.  BUT….BUT there is nothing more annoying to me than finishing at 2:00 or 2:01. so I quickened my step and decided I would get a sub 2 today. I ran faster and realized I actually had no idea where the finish was. The course could be long…I could be running too fast too soon…I could DIE! Oh the horror!

Oh well

I ran fast and took a hairpin turn. Who’s idea is it to put a hairpin turn 100 feet from the finish line?  I ran fast and crossed the line. I forgot to look at the clock. Ugh. My G. Money had me at 1:59.15. So I was fairly certain it was an official sub 2. Cool!

I needed this run so bad, especially since my long run was so bad on Friday.  This has totally renewed my confidence for Portland!

Here are some of us after the race!

seattle10 014I had a wonderful time this weekend and it was so great to meet you all! I think I will pretend it was my last Hoorah! My going away party of sorts…. =)

Here are  my official results….1:59.06. I’ll take it!


And now, some very important business:

For those of you who rode with me from my house and after race, does this look familiar?

sock lonely sock 2

I noticed it today and figured it belonged to someone.  For now it remains where it is…outside in the rain. But if you claim it I will bring him in and give him a warm bath and send him to you…

Today I wore my new kicks for an awesome 4 miler!  They felt delicious! Is that even possible? Well, they felt awesome! I actually got inserts for high arches for the first time and I think they are going to help a lot.  Today’s run put me at 103.9 miles for Sept and I still have a couple more days!

****Tressa, Adorable Wife, if you send me your address I’ll mail you your shirt. I am afraid that if I don’t it will get lost in the move since we are packing up everything we own two days before Portland!

Look what my Mojo brought me!

…an “I’m sorry I left you” present!

Presenting my new Asics Nimbus

Sep 27 new kicks 002

Ok, so my Mojo didn’t really bring them to me but that would have been super cool.

I love them….

Sep 27 new kicks 010

So shiny…..and clean…..and fresh…..

Sep 27 new kicks 009

I think they will get me through Portland AND Vegas. My old kicks had almost 500 mile on them…oops!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Running Mojo…

Comes in a small white envelop with a race bib and a timing chip.

Well, if you are expecting repeat of Friday’s blog crying and whining about a terrible, awful, good for nothing, dirty, rotten, sorry, awful, sucky run then forget it. Nope. Not here. Not today….

This weekend has been NUTS!

With the local You Go Girl inaugural Half Marathon happening in my back yard the weekend has been jam-packed with activities, bloggies, food, hanging out and RUNNING.  I had ZERO intention of running today. None. Nope. Not at all.  But I wanted to be involved with the weekend activities.  I worked with some of the other local bloggies to set up a carbo load dinner Saturday night so that we could meet a lot of the other local bloggers  and a few from out of sate (all names and sites to come!)!!

At the dinner I heard Mel-Tall Mom say, “Amanda will do it. Ask her.” Great, what will I do? I said, “Huh? Do what?”  “Run the half tomorrow.” “Me? Run a half, last minute? Unexpectedly? Ok. I’m in! Because that’s how I roll!” And just like that Diana- Done the Run single-handedly pulled me out of my slump. She handed me my mojo in a small white envelope that contained a bib # and a timing chip.

You Go Girl!!!

So I ran with Summer’s bib and under her name because she is injured and couldn’t make it.  I am so sad that she is injured and Summer, I wish you a SPEEDY RECOVERY! Thank you SO much for allowing me to run under your name…I NEEDED this run! It definitely brought back some confidence that I have been lacking lately.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend…SO many more to come!! 

LB,Me, Stacie-Impossible is Nothing, (Lazy Dog’s big head)Tressa the Adorable Wife of the Track Coach and Katye-Long Legs on the Loose in the flesh, here in T-Town from the East Coast!

Sep 26 2010 you go girl 004

Me, Tall Mom, Katye and TMB

Sep 26 You go girl 010

A jillion bloggies!!!  Sorry but I can’t link you all up…

Sep 26 You go girl 005

Katye, Me, T,Jill, Mel

Sep 25 2010 008

(if you need emailed pics from this weekend hit me up through the contact me tab above!!!)

There are so many more pics but I'll have to same them for later.

And now, for the info you all have been waiting for:

Today’s stats:

13.04 (first time in my racing history a course was wee bit short):   1:59.06

Full race report to come!!!

I’m super pumped to have my running mojo back!!!! Bring on the…er, taper!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This post does not warrant a title.

My terrible


no good


good for nothing

very bad




no fun



confidence shattering

long run

was actually

cut short.

Set out for 14 miles, cut it to 12 miles then at 6 miles decided to turn around…

and wrapped up at 8.64 miles with at least 2 miles walking.

I’m tired.

Yay Portland.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ALERT: Missing Mojo

If found please return to www.5mls2mt.blogspot.com ASAP.

I can’t get motivated.  I mean, I know I need to run. I just haven’t this whole entire week. I sit at ZERO for this week.  It is only Wed but I am single-parenting this week and I don’t think I will make it to the Y tonight for a treadmill run. 

On top of having no motivation I have  been swamped with work. Closing up cases and files and clients for two jobs is no easy feat.  I know that one week will not totally side rail my entire training, but it wont exactly help. I know that skipping this week will not get me a Boston Qualifying time (I wasn’t really working toward that anyway), heck it most likely wont get me a sub 4.  All I am hoping for is a good time, a race to be proud of, a second marathon under my belt. I want to finish with a smile.

And now, about the LLL Challenge…SORRY! I must say that the challenge was difficult for me. In the heart of marathon training lunges 3xweek was very challenging. My legs were tired, sore and achy.  I had a hard time keeping up with the minimum. I do think that the lunges help to build strength and muscle tone.  For those of you who participated, how did it go? Do think it made a difference not only visibly but in your running? Do you LOVE lunges now and will you continue to incorporate them into your weekly regime?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Survived, barely….

This morning I got up at 5:15 AM so I could run 20 miles.

RED and I signed up for the JBLM 1/2 Marathon a few weeks ago. We decided to go early and run 7 miles before the race. We started running by 6:45 AM and the race start was 8. So we went around the airfield (it was on Post) and past the starting point for another mile and a half until we had to turn around in order to make it to the start. We arrived at the start with about 10 min to spare and G.Money registered about 6.7 miles. This meant I would have to make some distance up at the end of the half.

I changed shoes and socks and put some extra body glide on a hot spot that was developing. This is what it looked like after 20 miles:

A STUPID blood blister.

Sep 18 2010 001 RED and I decided to do this half marathon as part of our 20 miler because we thought it would be a good idea to have water stops and people around us to keep us motivated. The race advertised water stops every 2 miles so in our transition from the 7 mile warm up to the 13.1 I put my Nathan handheld water bottle in the car. I didn’t want to bother with it. Our first water stop was mile 3.5 ish (10.5 miles for us). I was pretty thirsty by then. The next water stop was not until mile 7 (or 14 for us). I was DYING. I was considering licking pine needles since they were glistening with left-over rain water. It was awful. I could feel my body fatiguing and becoming seriously sluggish. We finally came up on the water stop. They were behind filling cups so we had to stand and wait for a good half a minute. I wanted more but there were other runners who hadn’t had any yet. I asked where we could expect the next one: “uh….about mile 10.” Great. 3 miles until I could get another drink.

It really wasn't hot. It was about 64 degrees maybe, but it was humid and the sun was shining. Nonetheless we were thirsty. We were looking forward to mile 10 water stop before this mile 7 one was out of sight. We slowed our pace and did a quick inventory check and found that we both were hurting. My leg, left knee and hip was hurting. RED’s back and stomach was hurting. We were quite the pair I am sure. I wanted to wear a sign that said TODAY WE ARE RUNNING 20 MILES. Either way we ran and did some walking too…

Mile 10 (17 for us…) came and we passed the mile marker with no water stop in site. I saw a Jeep driving towards us with a bright, neon green shirt shining through the window. I flagged it to stop and I asked the driver, “Is there a water stop soon?” He told us it was about half a mile away. In the front passenger seat was a poor runner who looked close to death. RED told him “There aren’t enough water stops on this course.” and he replied, “Yeah, someone else said that too.” Well, DUH. We finally came to the next stop at about 10.5 miles (mind you for us it was 17.5 miles). I had three cups of water. As we ran on we had to move out of the way for about 4 emergency vehicles. No surprise there. I hoped I hadn’t slowed down the guy who had the casualty in the front seat.

RED and I stuck together until about mile 18ish. She was teetering on serious dehydration and having stomach aches along with back aches. I just wanted to be finished. She gave me a Good Game Bootie Smack and I ran on.

I ran up on the next water stop at around mile 12 (mile 19). What in the world? I ran to the finish. Finally. BUT I had to run another quarter mile to hit 20. There was no way I was going to stop at 19.74 miles. So I turned and ran back toward the course to find RED. By the time I hit 20 I heard my name and turned to see she was already done! Yay!! So I turned and jogged back to meet her. Finally, done for real.


20 Miles-3:15.10 Average Pace—9:53

I’m so glad to have this run done….

I came home and took a nice long ice bath…and LB helped by splashing me….brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sep 18 2010 013

Me after the run:

Sep 18 2010 003

Me and RED

Sep 18 2010 004

RED…isn’t she cute?

Sep 18 2010 002

Friday, September 17, 2010

Life is a Marathon…

I have been MIA this week.

My training seems to parallel life right now. I have officially given my resignation to my boss at work, the movers are coming in 19 days, I am running a marathon in 23 days, I am moving away from my friends and this place that that I love in 23 days…I am running 20 miles tomorrow….

And we received bad news concerning my dad’s cancer.

All I want to do is go home and spend time with my family.

I feel like I have lose ends flopping around everywhere and I can’t seem to tether them down. When I secure one then another flops around out of control.

When I was training for OKC my 20 mile run changed my life. It came at a time when things once again were completely out of my control. Completing that 20 mile run showed me that I was strong and tough and it gave me the mental strength to move forward. I know that running 20 miles tomorrow wont make my dad’s cancer go away and it wont solve the world’s problems…..But it is something I can do, something I can accomplish, something I can control and something to tell me that life is hard I can manage, I can survive.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My San Juan Island Run…

One word: HILLY.

Ok, time to play catch up….

What a whirlwind of a weekend! I skipped my 14 miler.  I know, I know….I’m B.A.D. One of RED’s little Redheads came down with a fever so she couldn’t make it Saturday AM.  These things happen. Oh well, that just meant that we got head start on our weekend trip to the beautiful San Juan Islands. I managed a nice 6 mile run while we were there.  Yep, ran while on a weekend trip.  That should be good for something. Right?

Our bed and breakfast had bikes that we could use so Hubs and LB climbed on the bike and road circles around me while I ran. Literally.  It was HILLY! I mean this place put the puny hills of T-Town to shame. I wanted to go 14 miles but we didn’t really have time: Breakfast at 9:30 and checkout at 11.  We got up and out the door at 7 AM which I thought was plenty of time.  I didn’t plan on running SO slow so I cut it to 6 miles.  Here is a brief photo journalist’s view of the run:

The bike….

 dad and lb dad and lb 2 on bike

The run….

 running 1

Of course…..






running 2

running 3

running 4

running 5



It was so fun running with the fam! LB kept cheering for me, “Go, Mom, GO!”

I got High 5’s every 200 yards!



running 7

This may not have been the fastest or best run of my training but it was certainly fun.  It’s always fun to see new places from the running perspective. 

Tomorrow is 10 miles for my mid-week/mid-distance run.  Then 7 miles + JBLM half marathon on Saturday to get my 20 miler in! This training cycle is quickly coming to an end!! Then it is off to the east coast and unchartered training waters….back to back marathons, kind of. 8 weeks to marathon #3!  Eeeks!

And I have NOT forgotten about LLL Challenge!! I have just been crazy busy so I will try to get that wrapped up this week.  I have a few crazy days ahead of me, to include resigning from my job…kind of need to do that since I am 3.5 weeks away from moving.  Yeah, I’m a bit of a procrastinator. Not to mention I hate that sort of thing.  Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated….

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time will pass anyway…

…we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. ~Earl Nightingale

I wish I had 4 more months here in T-Town, not 4 weeks…

Tomorrow is 14 miles with RED while the Hubs watches LB and her two little Redheads…that should be fun! Insert evil laugh here…He he he….

The Hubs has been so supportive of my marathon training since he got home.  It has turned out to be quite hectic and actually a pain in the bahooney. We will be moving from WA to NC in only  a few short weeks. There are so many things we have wanted to do here in WA before we go: Forks to see Edward Cullen and the other Vampires and ware wolves (OK so I want to do that), the San Juan Islands, and backpacking in the Olympics just to name a few things.  When he came home from deployment we sat down and filled up our calendar.  EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. BOOKED. It was tiresome just looking at it.  BUT, with marathon training all our plans have been revolving around long runs.  There are times when I want to say “Screw it, lets just go do XYZ”. But we don’t so I can run.  So THANK YOU to my Hubs for supporting me in this. I know there are things on our list that wont get done and next weekend is the backpacking in the Olympics trip.  Don’t worry, I’m only running 20 miles that morning.   Will it work out? I don’t know but I will do my best.

I must admit I feel a little guilty or bad with all our weekends revolving around long runs with such a big move right around the corner.  I have so many people I want to see and spend time with and so many things I want(ed) to do and so yet so little time.

I guess I could tell you about my stellar 5 miler this AM. I hit the road early for 5 miles and knocked them out at an 8:40 pace.  I feel like I’m getting my pace back, finally.  Now I just need to shed the 8 or 9 pounds that showed up in the last few months but they aren’t budging. It is so frustrating. 

On the plan for tomorrow is 14 miles….lets get it done so I can head to the San Juan Islands!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9 miles in my Nuu Muu…

and a fun little nugget at the end….it wont disappoint.

Yep, I ran 9 miles in a dress.  Who’d a thunk? I’m not really a serous girly girl, at least when it comes to running.  I don’t generally get all cutesied up with hair and make up done just to sweat. IF I do anything it is generally putting on mascara only.  But when I saw the cute exercise dresses from Nuu Muu (check ‘em out HERE) I thought I would love to try one out! They are super cute!

Sep 8 2010 Nuu Muu 006 editSep 8 2010 Nuu Muu 001 Enid at Nuu Muu sent me the super cute exercise dress to give a try! Once I tried it on I thought it was cute BUT it was really really short on me. Somehow it was shorter on me than on their models…guess I’m pretty tall (5’9 3/4). But either way it is designed to be worn over something: Long tights, capri tights, compression shorts…whatever you want!  I wore it last night during my evening 9 miler and the air was a bit chilly, 60 degrees or so. I thought I would be cool so I layered over the Nuu Muu with a long sleeved shirt. Talk about WARM! I made it one mile before I had to take the long sleeves off. So I see this being a great piece in the winter for layering as well as a nice cool piece to wear in warm weather with  no layering.

It was so soft and comfortable too.  The fabric wicked away moisture really well.  It didn’t cause chaffing anywhere either.  9 miles is a pretty long run to try new gear but I had no significant problems with it.  Highlights for the Nuu Muu Exercise Dress: Comfortable, can be worn alone (over bottoms of some sort) on warm days or under a long sleeved shirt for extra warmth and layering, pretty cute if I do say so myself, and covers my bottom and thighs with no riding up to expose anything that should not be exposed, soft and comfortable.

The only thing I found that made me say, “Hmmmm…..” was where to put my iPod.  When you wear a shirt it is fine clipped to the waistband of your pants.  You can reach the volume, fast forward, rewind or pause quite easily.  But since this is a dress you kind of have to hike up the dress to get at the iPod. Rarrr…..That is the only design flaw that I could see. 

Sorry to the dudes who read my blog. I don’t want to totally bore you if your not in the market for a dress and your significant other isn’t either.  For your viewing enjoyment here is a video that my LB caught of me heading out last night.  It’s me nearly getting hit by a crazed woman in  a mini van.  What is it with women in mini vans?  I have a few friends who drive them Jill and Kerrie who shall remain nameless, but they are responsible mini van drivers!

So please, enjoy:

Go ahead, laugh.  You know you want to…

Stats for yesterday’s 9 miler:  1:19.48---8:58 pace

I have decided that I kind of like the 9 mile distance.  It is far but not quite too far…I wish there were some 9 mile races out there. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun fun fun…and RUN!

***warning!!  Long long long post***

Every year since I started running here in WA we have done the Super Jock n Jill. I normally do the half marathon (2008/2:03.55, 2009/2:05.10 recap HERE and HERE) but this time around it just didn’t fit with my Portland training.  Jessica was registered for the 4.2 miler and made me promise to come, at the very least come…I agreed.  It was hard to NOT run the half.  I wanted to really bad BUT I knew it wasn’t smart after my 18 miler the day before. 

I had a hard time getting out of bed, I mean physically getting OUT of bed.  My body was stiff.  I shuffled around the house in the dark and got everything on (as far as clothes go…) and ready.  I know me.  I got ready to run a race.  I knew it wouldn’t be the half, at least I had a good inkling it wouldn’t be.  I thought it could be the 4.2 miler.

Jessica arrived one minute behind schedule (right on time).  We hopped in the car and headed to the meeting point to pick up Mel and Jill.  I got there exactly on time and they loaded into my Jeep.  We were all chitty and chatty.  I asked Jessica “Where are we going?” After three and a half years I still don’t know how to get everywhere…Mel only almost panicked. But we had it under control.  As we drove we talked and caught up on everything that needed catching up on.  This is when I was just driving, you know on auto pilot I guess and not really paying attention to my speed. I hate that I got a speeding ticket but honestly, I earned it.  I really don’t want to talk down on cops.  Truth be told I was actually a cop once upon a time.  Yep, pulled people over. I got in trouble for being too nice and giving too many warnings so I completely understand. But it still sucks. 

ANYWAY….we got to the race in plenty of time even with the minor setback on the free way. Mel’s comment, “Awe! We weren’t even running late.” True, there was no reason for me to be speeding.  I’m a speeder. I speed in my car. Guilty. I was due for a ticket.  Ahhh, but I once again digress. Sorry, back to the race.  We got there and Jessica, Jill and Mel all got ready for their races.  I kept my flip flops on and had no plan to run.  At that point I had decided to spectate. As we walked closer to the registration and packet pick up tables I got that race day rush of excitement. All the runners hopping around, pinning on their bibs, fastening their chips to their shoes….Jessica got her packet and her awesome neon green shirt. Mel and Jill registered for their half. We snapped a ridiculous amount of pictures and wandered to the Honey Buckets. 

I’m not really sure how it all happened but at one point Jessica wanted to head back to the car for something and  I wanted to grab my camera.  I told Jess I may just bandit the course with her or run for a little bit then turn back to the finish line.  My conscious got the better of me and by the time I had walked 200 yards to the car I had made up my mind to register. I put on my shoes, grabbed my phone-arm-band-holder-thing (yes, that is what it is called), my camera and $20.  We headed back to the registration table and I signed up for the 4.2.

A few more pictures followed:

2010-09-06 08.34.52


The ole Putting The Timing Chip On shot!


Jill, Me and Mel….too bad I don’t have a pink polka dot running skirt. Pink IS my favorite color

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 001

2010-09-06 08.35.36


Mel, Me and Jessica…almost race time!





As we were headed to the start line I noticed a woman who was wearing seriously next to nothing! For a moment I thought I was at a tri or a swim meet…upon double checking I knew I was actually at a running event…check out the woman in the FAR back right of this photo below….Now, if you happen to read my blog, don’t get me wrong, you definitely had the body to ROCK that outfit…but girl, it was cold! Brrr…..and honestly, as I always say, if you are going to dress like that you better be able to back it up.  No one wants to go out looking like a super duper ELITE just to finish last.  Well, this woman backed it up alright.  Mel said she was hanging with the big dawgs in the front of the pack of the half. So really, what it all boils down to is that I could not be caught dead in a sports bra and spankies like that, so yes. I’m a hater…a jealous hater. So sue me.

 sep 6 2010 jock n jill 004

Jill was pumped up to attempt a  possible PR (and she DID it!!!) with Mel as her pacer.  When it was time to line up at the start they found there way to the appropriate pace starting position.

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 005

Here they are at the starting line!!




Jessica and I headed a bit further back to find our spot.


Finally it was time to go and the crowd inched forward. Jessica and I settled into a nice jog and I could feel my calves tightening up and the back of my knee felt really tight too.  But we kept going and I may have talked her ear off.  I’m not sure. I enjoyed running at a slower pace than usual for me and was able to really see everything around us. Jessica pointed out a cool winery as we passed that makes her favorite wine. We were passed by a dude with no shoes and straight up board shorts.  He looked like I was running to catch a wave.  That set my mind off for a good 5 minutes…beaches, sun, sand…waves….SNAP! Back to reality: 63 degrees and misty in WA.  There was a dad running with his daughter and he was coaching her along. It was really cool.  There were a speed walking pair in front of us who were haulin! They actually disappeared in front of us.

I kept Jess going and she would occasionally say we needed to slow.  I would just get excited in the conversation and speed up.  We we came to the turn off for the 4.2 milers most of the halfers had gone on past their first water station. About 25 yards ahead of us on the half course the water station volunteers were having an all-out water fight. It was not warm outside. Kids are weird. Nothing about that looked fun. We turned and ran on.

I had to stop for a bathroom break.  I told Jessica to go ahead and I would catch her. I turned off course to make my stop. When I came out Jessica was a good distance ahead of me and had already passed our fist water stop.  I ran fast to catch her and passed up water at the stop. I could feel my legs yelling at me. Once I caught her she handed me her water cup and said “Throw this away for me.” Ok, I noticed a small trashcan off the trail a ways and ran to throw the cup away and sprinted back to catch her. Interval training. Sweet.

It was around mile 3 that the Hubs called me on my cell.  Like an obnoxious racer I answered. I wonder if it annoyed Jessica. Sorry Jess!!!  We chatted for a few minutes about plans for the afternoon. We hung up.  A few minutes later he called back. I answered.  He was awfully chatty and I had to tell him, “Dude, I’m running a race. I’ll call you back when I finish.” He was surprised since he thought I was only going to watch. 

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 013


Me on the phone while racing AND taking pictures. Dumb, I shouldn’t have answered.  There is Jess in the back.  She said I sped up when I was on the phone and I know I did.



Here is a pretty chunk of the trail and then me and Jess on the bridge.  Always a fun time with Jessica!

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 009 sep 6 2010 jock n jill 012


As we neared the end of the race Jess picked up her pace.  She had been saving her energy for the last quarter mile.  A good technique that I often employ myself.  I have yet to finish a race where I didn’t have a kick in the end.  I’m not sure if that is necessarily a good thing or not? Hmmmm…..

Jess picked up the pace and finished strong a good three steps in front of me! So proud of her!!! 4.2 miles done!!! Now if I can only convince her to train up for the Vegas half!

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 015We recovered for a bit and went to the best spot to wait for Jill and Mel to come in. i had been watching every single person and knew they were getting close. Mel texted me at mile 9 and I knew they were on course for Jill to get her PR and sub 2:08!  Unfortunately, just seconds before they came around the blind corner a very tall dude came flying around the corner in jean shorts…he was a spectacle. Mesmerizing. I truly could not take my eyes off of him.  It was bizarre.  I was staring….until Jessica screamed “THERE!” And I snapped out of it just in time to catch Mel and Jill on the final home stretch to Jill’s awesome half marathon PR (read about it HERE)!

I had such a great time and am so glad that I got to spend some QT with these girls!

On the agenda for this week is 9 miles tomorrow, 5 on Thursday, rest on Friday and 14 Saturday.

how is everyone doing with the Legs Love Lunges Challenge?  It has been hard lately with my increased mileage. I have to admit I have only been doing a small number of lunges, like 10 each leg.  But I know it will pay off…it is just so hard!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Super Jock n Jill

This morning I could not resist peer pressure.  I haven’t always been so weak….

Jessica, Mel, Jill and I all headed to Woodenville for the annual Super Jock ‘n Jill half marathon and 4.2 mile run. It was a super awesome girls morning out…despite this:

po poApparently it is NOT a good idea to warm up for a race on the highway…the cop was not amused.  I thought for sure he would give a car full of girls a break or a warning or something. Nope. He was hard core.  Whatever.

I ended up running the 4.2, I couldn’t resist! I felt pretty good and wasn't too sore after yesterday’s 18 mile long run.  Plus I wanted to run with my friend Jessica who admits her pace is quite slow. I just wanted to have a nice recovery jog and spend it with a good friend. So that is what I did!

sep 6 2010 jock n jill 015 sep 6 2010 jock n jill 003

I will have to give a full recap tomorrow but for now here are a couple more pics to peak your curiosity…

me and mel 1 2010-09-06 08.35.36 IMG00063-20100906-0838

More tomorrow!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

18 Done and DONE!

LB sent us on our way this morning and snapped this picture:

Sep 5 2010 009

I have decided that my Nike Tempo shorts resemble an adult diaper.  I don’t really like the way they look on me. I have WAY too many pairs to retire them though.  **sigh**  What’s a girl to do?

Today’s run was pretty laid back.  We just set back and enjoyed the ride…wait, I wish it was a ride! We settled in to a nice pace and held it most of the time.  Here is our route:


We ran across the Narrows Bridge, one of my favorite and most scenic routes to run.  BUT it is hard! These were taken while running….

pudget sound narrows bridge

At one point RED asked, “Are we ever going to stop running up hill?”  to be honest I hoped so but wasn’t convinced.  This route ended up being WAY hillier than I had anticipated.  See for yourself:


The last 4 miles were relatively flat, I guess.  It didn’t really feel. 

Around mile 12 I ran out of water in my handheld water bottle. RED and I went into a gas station (76 on the corner of 12th and Mildred…in case you are local) to ask to refill my water bottle.  The guy working there said “No. You have to buy water.” And he pointed to the big cooler of bottled drinks.  “Really?”  Was my reply.  Then I think I said something like “I hope I pass out in your parking lot and you have to call 911.”  It was true. I had a flash of me owning myself a nice little 76 station.  I’m not really sue happy but man, really?  Just let a couple of runners fill their stinking water bottles!  We ended up walking across the street and the nice lady in that small grocer/corner shop allowed us to use her water. so I am now boycotting the 76 Station.  I haven't decided if I will apply it across the board to ALL 76 stations…pretty sure they are all independently owned. Either way, that was the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.

We ran on.  One of the streets I had chosen to turn on only had a paved sidewalk for a few blocks.  RED ran in the street, bobbing, weaving and curving all over the place…so much so that her Nike Plus logged her at about 1/2 mile further than me by the end!  I stayed straight on the dirt/grass/gravel trail along side the street.  During my long run with Tall Mom last weekend I determined G. Money was working properly since both our Garmins were right on track.  So with RED today we discovered her habit of weaving ALL OVER CREATION! Thus, adding a significant amount of distance to her runs.  I think it is all a part of her evil plan to run farther than me and to exceed me in our training…no, we are not competitive with each other AT ALL.  Whatever gave you that idea?

By the end her Nike Plus rolled up on 18 miles while I had half a mile to go.  She ran the last half mile with me.  What a good running partner!

Stats for today:  18 miles

Average Pace---9:48/mile                                                                            Average Moving Pace---9:33/mile                                                         Total Moving Time---2:52.05                                                                  Total Time Including water, Gu, stop lights, lollygagging---2:56.25

Sep 5 2010 016

Here is our AFTER pic.  What, you can’t tell by my strange sweat pattern?  I forgot how much I hate this shirt.  The sweat pattern is obnoxious and not to mention it chaffed my right armpit to death!

In all it was a good run and I am quite sore! Tomorrow I am heading to the Super Jock n Jill race (pretty much a tradition, this will be my third year!).  I have decided I am NOT doing the half tomorrow (Duh!) but depending on how I feel I will either spectate Jessica-My Official Racing Crew, Tall Mom, and Jill OR I will run the 4 mile race as a nice recovery jog.  I guess you will find out tomorrow!

Here’s to good, quick recovery vibes so I can at least do the 4 tomorrow!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!


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