Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday’s are for Suckers…

…Only because I had nothing better for a title. I’m tired and in dire need of chocolate…

Today’s workout was good. I swam 1000 yds and met a dude who proceeded to complain about how nobody knows pool etiquette around here. I nodded and agreed all the while having no real clue what the heck he was talking about. I mean, I know about circle swimming but that is the extend of it. He also noticed my Seafair Triathlon swim cap and told me about a local tri group that is starting up. There is a meeting on Thursday but I don’t know if I will go…maybe.

After I swam, (or is it swum? I know swum is a word but I have no idea how to use it properly…) I headed to the other gym (why can’t they put everything in ONE place?? So difficult, come on Army, work smarter not harder…) for spin class. Yep, put myself through torture again. We were climbing a hill, every 30 seconds or so turning the knob to the right, making it harder, and harder, and harder…She told us to do a turn and a half and I did, like a good little pupil. Then all of a sudden KErKLUNK! Doooope! I was stuck. My peddles were stuck. They wouldn’t budge. One up one down. I jumped on them, I pushed, I pulled, I grunted…I sat in the saddle and tried again. Nothing. They weren’t budging. I waved my arms and mouthed really big I’M STUCK! I CAN’T MOVE! HELP! The instructor got a chuckle out of it and told me to turn the knob the other way…it took almost 4 full turns until I could move my peddles. She said, “Someone is working too hard. I’ve never said that before.” Great. I’m a dork AND a noob. I went on to finish the class and sweat buckets. It was awesome.

My climbing block came to day. It is part of this bike trainer stuff and goes under the front wheel of my bike tire. Now that it is here I can start doing some rides in the hizzzouse! In front of Netflix or Hulu!! Whooot! I’m pretty pumped. I was helping LB with his homework tonight and thought how cool it would be to pull the bike up next to him and ride while he works. The next, and hopefully last, thing I need for the trainer is a speedometer. I’ve found couple on Amazon, just feeling like a tightwad now that I have bought all this stuff AND paid for the upcoming half in March! That’s right, I entered….I’m in!

And finally: 2.3. What does that mean? Well, down 2.3 more pounds from the last Friday. Granted I did that weight check with a sweat shirt and shoes on whereas today was in bike shorts (with the huge butt pad…) tech-t and flip flops. But still, either way that is 3.3 pounds down. Pretty good. How am I doing this you ask? LOTS and LOTS of pickles, bell peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, apples, oatmeal with apples, V8 juice, celery and peanut butter, salad, protein shakes, fruit, chicken breast, olives, coffee, and low LOW carbs. Ok and to be honest, two cupcakes. I cannot completely deprive myself. That is just ridiculous….but back to my opening sentence, I am still in dire need of chocolate.

What do you do to avoid cravings?

Like this chocolate craving at 9:51 PM? Not good….no no no. Chocolate this late goes straight to my spare tire. So I like to go brush my teeth. I am SO lazy that if I have already brushed my teeth, I will avoid anything that will make me have to do it again.


  1. NOOB!! Hehehe, I tend to stick to what I know to avoid looking like a 6'0 DORK..as it is I look like a T-rex when tired.. :)

    Hmmm curb cravings... hot beverages, mints, gum, water, carrots.. no idea I am still hanging on to the 10 pounds I have had since October

  2. Congrats on shedding some lbs Noob! I have no idea what a "noob" is??

    You had a stellar workout. You digging this tri training? No wonder all those tri-athletes are so fit! Talk about cross training!!

    I would like a pic of you weighing yourself in your butt-pad-bike shorts!!!

  3. See if you can find some vanilla tea, caffeine free. You'll get the sensation of something sweet, without the calories.

  4. sounds like you and spinning were meant to be!! :) way to go on the weight loss...i need to jump on that bandwagon soon!!

  5. Noob! I love it! :o)

  6. I am protein drink virgin! Can you recommend what to buy??

  7. I totally would have been the person waving my hands or just sitting there staring wondering what to do!
    I usually chew gum if it's during the day to curb cravings. At night it's a lot harder. Drink water but drinking water doesn't taste the same as a chocolate cupcake with lots of frosting. Crap now I want another cupcake (yes I already had one today yummmm)

  8. I am on my way to spin class this morning!
    I know it's in your next post but, my current gym has lots of "Luk at me big muuuscles....DB" who don't work out but chit chat and harass everyone else. REDIC!! Or make so much noise I kind of throw up!
    Be careful of pickles, lots of salt. I am still working on the controlling cravings always a real issue with me. Good news is I think I will be be down body fat percentage and weight and maybe inches at my next weigh in! Miss you!

  9. I resort to the go brush my teeth thing to avoid eating at night as well. I'm too lazy to brush them twice so that'll take care of the snacking!

  10. Mel-love the T-rex arms. They are cute! don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
    Rose-now that you mention it-I have some Vanilla Tea!! So good!!!
    Blonde Ponytial-----I'll respond to that in tonights post! I'm cracking up!!
    H.Love-I'll fill you in on my Protein of choice in tonights post!!
    Mic-Great job!!! You'll have to let me know how spin goes for you!!!
    Abbi-You and me both girl!!! =)

  11. I have been to spin classes where we are doing hills and people in the class are just peddaling along like it's nothign and I'm there sweating my ass of. Sheesh! I haven't been to a spin class in months. Lazy me.

    Since husband got home last week I am up 2lbs. Not cool.

  12. UGH!!! Michelle!!! You should have heard the grunt/moan frustrated sound that escaped my mouth when i read about you being up 2 pounds!!! I know!!! I HATE that!!!! Every single deployment I work my butt off, literally...work so hard!! And then the hubs comes home and BAM!!! my butt, hips, and love handles just explode!! What the heck!! It is a social eating thing for me, i cook more, we eat more, we go out more....i gained about 10 pouns since hubs got home August. Lame-O. And now I am working to get it off and keep it off!! so stay on top of it!! You'll be fine!!! I feel your pain though!!!

  13. I try to just keep myself busy in order to avoid cravings...then again I also try to get cozy on the couch with my snuggie blanket too! I am too lazy and comfy to get up!! Great job on the weight loss! With all that training it is no wonder!

  14. So funny about the spin bike--you go! And great job on the weight loss. Sounds like you are doing it in a way that will keep it off.

  15. I aways give in to cravings ... then they go away

  16. Cycling class kills me every time. My pedals stopped once too and for the life of me I couldn't get them going without turning to the left. I was spent. Looking forward to following your training.

    Off to make some cupcakes. Just kidding, but now I really want some. I use the whole brush my teeth thing too to prevent giving in to late night cravings.

  17. Swim, swam, and has swum. Yes, I'm a grammar dork.

    Spin tonight for me! Woot!

  18. @ Pam---THANK YOU!!! I still love you even if you are a grammar dork!!! Someone HAS to be!!!

    Tahoegirl---So funny, how did the cupcakes turn out? =) And that makes THREE of us that use the ole teeth brushing trick!

    Andrew--Thanks smart #@$. =)

  19. Dying about spin class - too funny! I'm with you on the brush the teeth thing. They say smelling what you crave satisfies you as much as eating it - I have serious doubts but it might be worth a try . .

  20. Girl!!! how am i going to put a M&M sugar cookie up to my nose and NOT eat it!?!? =) I guess I need the smelly good sugar cookie candles or chocolate candles. I think it would just make it worse for me! HA!


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