Monday, October 26, 2015

Off Balance: What Happened?

Not only what happened....what is still happening? What happened to the days when I would could run for miles? And I loved it. I looked forward to it. I did it on purpose, with purpose. It has been so long since I created and implemented a training plan. I feel like that was a lifetime ago. I know that some of the things I struggle with these days are due to a lack of running. I'm not talking about problems physically, I'm talking about stress, mental wellness, and just all around having a clear mind. I used to run miles upon miles with my closest friends, talking about anything and everything. We would start with a topic, a problem, and end with a solution and a clear mind.  At the end of the run all was right with the world.

So what is so different now? I can't rehash all the differences that I have been whining and complaining about since 2010 in this post. In summary: The routes aren't beautiful, it's not as convenient, I have no running partners. But even so I actually got really burned out. I since have gotten into swimming and CrossFit. Just last Friday as I was at the chiropractor working on some kinks in my shoulder I was telling him about my lengthy, impressive, running resume. Yes. I will say it is impressive, 4 marathons in a year, 18+ half marathons, hands full of triathlons including a half iron....what happened to that girl? Anyway, it dawned on me that when I get into something I go all in. Like ALL in. When I was swimming I was going at least 4 nights a week, swimming 1.5+ miles each night. When I did tris I did one every weekend and ended with the 70.3. When I started running I did at least one race a month and most of those were at least half marathons, or it didn't really count. I have no middle ground. I go all in and end up making myself tired, burned out.  If only I could go as crazy and all in about not eating that delicious sugar....

Where is the balance?

I have struggled to find balance in a lot areas of my life, not just fitness....mmmm, sugar.......My next challenge is to find a balance and include running, swimming, and CrossFit in my weekly routine. I really want to get back in to good running shape. And when I say good I mean half marathon condition, where I can decide and go run a half marathon with little or no notice. Those were the days when I was the happiest. I knew that if I were being chased by a bear in the woods I could run and run and run....for at least 20 miles, before he ate me. Not anymore though. He would chase me three miles then upon first bite be like "Blech.....too much fat! Where's the red meat?" And leave me there to die with a huge hunk taken out of my backside....I want a bear to think I'm tasty.  But I digress. The point is I want to find balance. I want to get in the pool, on the road, and throw around heavy things in the box. Can't I do it all? Is that too much to ask?

So I have some planning and scheduling to figure out. I also like to eat, sleep, shower, work, parent my kid, walk the dog, grocery shop, have some kind of social life, and sit on my couch for a few minutes each day.  So finding balance is a challenge. How do you fit it all in?


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