Signature Photos

CrossFit (need I say more???) 8/15/15

Virginia Beach RnR 13.1 9/3/12

Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 Mary 6/26 2011

White Lake Half Ironman 5/2011

Tobacco Rd 13.1  2011

Las Vegas 26.2 2010

Seattle 13.1 2009

Training run with Tall Mom (Original Photo) Nov 2009
OKC Memorial 26.2 2010
Whidbey Island,WA Sep. 2010

A day in the Park with LB 2010

T-Town post Sound to Narrows 12k PR 2010

Danskin Sprint Tri 9/2010


  1. Your little buddy doing that face is soooooo funny!

  2. You are too funny! Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I'd love to attend the DLI, especially since I'm from Santa Cruz and could be close to home for a wee bit!

  3. I LOVE your signature facial expression. :)
    I tried it out last Sunday during the icy run with Mel, Kerrie and Amy. But it didn't look as good as yours.

  4. So funny! Mel told me and emailed it to me! I thought it was good! And dang it! I was going to offer extra entries to people who emailed me a pic of them doing my sig pose! Maybe for the next giveaway! =)

  5. great stuff!! love the ones where you appear to be hanging yourself with your medal :D


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