Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Better Check Yourself….

…before you roll up here to read my blog!

Are you cool enough? Because I am seriously to school for cool.

What do you mean, what do I mean? Do I need to explain how cool I am? Ok, I will. Let a jury of my peers decide. I will start at the beginning.


(Nelly makes my car look so good)

I had a 25 mile bike ride on my plan. Thank goodness I am not alone in my 70.3 training (Breaking Pace and JK are joining me in this endeavor). We met up to ride together around a 16.2 mile loop around the Army firing ranges. It is a great place to ride with minimal traffic. I could ride on the yellow line most of the way. That’s how I roll (well that and Commando, but I digress) .

The range even has Porta Potties (or Honey Buckets for my PNW buddies). THANK GOODNESS because as I was considering finding a nice tree to hide behind but then I saw this:

image image

Uh, yeah. I would rather not find an Unexploded Dud while doing my thing behind a tree. That would not make for a good long weekend.

Anywho, we were riding along and having a great time, feeling the burn and just enjoying being out and on the bikes. We planned to do a short run after we hit 25 miles on the bike. I had pulled ahead a little bit on a huge downhill and decided to ride hard to the car, do a quick shoe change, you know…pretend like I was in a real tri. Then I was going to run back towards Christina and JK.

I racked my bike and quickly tore off my biking shoes. I was cold, my feet were super numb (is this a biking shoes thing? Or a cold weather + biking shoes thing?) They were COMPLETELY numb. How numb you ask? Well, here is where the jury will decide just how cool I am…I got my left shoe on, it felt funny. My toes were cramped. But I couldn’t tell if they were just numb and cold and tired of being in the other shoes. I put on my other shoe…it felt weird too but not as bad. I wiggled my toes and tried to get he blood to flowing. I tried to jog down the road toward my friends. My legs were heavy, by feet were heavy. I checked to make sure I had indeed put on shoes and NOT cinder blocks. Nope, I had on shoes. I turned back and jogged with JK and Christina to the cars so they could put their running shoes on. The whole time I was telling them how my feet hurt, “They are so numb.” “They hurt so bad.” “They are FROZEN.” Wah wah wah…..

We ended up jogging about a mile and calling it quits. No biggie.

I was driving home and my right foot was coming alive. It was actually normal. Me left, not so much. Once I hit a stop light I reached down and untied my shoe and pulled it off. AHHH! I immediately felt relief. I checked my sock because I thought it was bunched or something. Nope. What the heck? Then, something caught my eye. What the heck is THAT?

ipod shoe 2

Oh yeah, it’s my iPod. Just chillin’ there in the toe of my shoe. I had no clue it was there. My foot was so numb I didn’t know. I was in such a hurry to get my running shoes on, pretending I was awesome sauce in a tri, I didn’t even notice it in there. So there you have it, I am a huge dork. Not really cool….unless of course the jury…..

Have you ever done anything like this? Please say yes. Please say yes…..

And now, for the random video of the day. I saw this just a minute ago while watching the Seahawks playing football. And The Hubs wonders why I am TERRIFIED of spiders. DUH. Seriously….

Creepy, don’t watch if you are easily frightened by spiders…

Are you scared of spiders? LB asked me, “Is there any girl who is not afraid of spiders?” “I don’t know, son. I just don’t know.”


  1. I am not scared of spiders. I am the designated spider relocater/killer in our house. I only kill the ones that hurt people. I relocate the other ones to the outdoors.

    When I was a kid I used to play with daddy long legs spiders all the time.

  2. LOVED our ride this morning, and the little trot afterwards. But I think the best part was the shoe iPod by far. My toes were numb too, its only been happening to me since I started using my bike shoes. Not sure if its a shoe thing or not?

    So I guess you took all that talk about hooking up an iPod to the bike a step further? Pun intended.. :)

    ps. I can't stand spiders. Or anything else creepy crawly as a matter of fact.

  3. HA!! I totally forgot about that conversation!! I guess I did take it a step to far!

    Rose,WOW! I wish I had half the spider courage you do! They creep me out big time!! If you lived close by I would certainly call you to come relocate mine!

  4. Yeah, I'm not that cool. lol Any time I've stuck my foot in a shoe that was already occupied I've known it immediately. My cat used to love to hide her toys in my shoes.

    The numb thing... my toes ALWAYS go numb when my legs go through the cycling motion. They do it on a bike, in spin class, (and my whole forefoot aches in spin) and on the eliptical. Glad I'm not the only one with weird toes.

  5. ...and that is why I love you!!!! :)

  6. I haven't done anything that cool yet :)

    I am sooo afraid of spiders. That video is exactly what I think a spider would do to me! haha! But I have a valid reason why I am so afraid.. I was taking a nap on my couch only to wake up to what I thought was a mosquito bite on my jaw line, that then started to hurt! I had to go to urgent care and it was a freakin spider bite! And it didn't look pretty either, good thing I had long hair to cover it up so people didn't think I had the plague.. yes it looked that bad! And I have a little scar in its place now. Traumatizing to say the least.

  7. OMG that is TOO funny! That totally sounds like something I would do!

    Oh, and I am VERY afraid of spiders! haha

  8. Still cool in my book. Yep, I have done something similar. I had an extra sock in my shoe once. LOL

    I hate spiders. They scare me..all of them.

  9. You mean that doesn't make you go faster?!! hahaha!

    I hope your foot is warming up and your ipod stays in your ears!!

  10. Numb toes, in my experience is definitely a cold weather thing, though knowing cycling shoes, they most likely don't help much (not much thermal-character to them). I can't say much though because I still use my running shoes as cycling shoes. I may lose out on a bit of the upward motion while cycling, but T2 is a lot faster.

    And I'm sorry to say I do not yet have an embarrassing triathlon race/training story. I'm sure it will come to pass (I hope; I've wanted one for awhile now), but with numb feet, I'm not surprised you went without noticing the iPod.

  11. No, I am not cool like you! I throw my beloved Trek (aka "Frequent Flyer") in the truck bed and take off. No fancy bike racks or anything. My toes always go numb in the cold weather, so I bought some toe covers. It helps.

    As for spiders, they don't bother me. I live in an old mill and that's all we seem to have. But those millipede, million squiggly leg thingys? THEY CREEP ME OUT!!!!

  12. The numb foot happens to me also. I thought it was the shoes I wear cycling. Apparently I'm a dork to. Let me know if u find a solution. And I'm terrified of spiders.

  13. 25 miles? wow. you are my hero. seriously.

  14. I wonder if I could be considered an unexploded dud...

  15. hmmm yes I similarly had frozen feet and put my shoes on. and then realized i had locked myself out of the car. and panicked. I had to call my dad to go find my spare key and bring it to me. this process took a bit over and hour in which time my feet were getting progressively colder. finally i got back in my car and searched everywhere for the damn key and couldn't find it. so I thought maybe I dropped it on the trail. but no. when I got home I realized I forgot I had put it in my shoe.

  16. All those who think Jamoosh is an Unexploded Dud say AYE!

    Katye, now that is just too funny! =)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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