Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Running and running....

You know sometimes when you say you'll do something and at that particular time you totally mean it,  you are totally legitimately excited and happy about it? Like saying YES to running at 8:00 AM on a Saturday? Yeah, I agreed to meet a few of the girls from CrossFit for a run Saturday morning. We weren't having our usual 9 AM crossfit class because of the long weekend so I wanted to do something...but did I really want to do it at 8 AM? At the time I agreed? Yes. At the time my alarm went off? Nope.

My alarm went off and up I got up. Eventually.  This was one of those "You never regret going to workout but you always regret skipping" situations.  I got up and around and headed to the lake to meet them for a run. The plan was an easy 3-4 miles. I knew I could do an easy-ish 3 miles...I could even do a 4 mile, but not an easy 4 miles. But I would try and I would just run. I didn't wear my Garmin. Weird. Actually I haven't worn it in quite some time. I just decided to run with the girls and to worry about distance or pace, it really wouldn't matter anyway. I was just running after all, not training for anything in particular. Just out for a run to get the blood pumping, the heart rate up, and some exercise.

It is a weird feeling running without my Garmin and not worrying about pace and distance. But it feels good. For so long my runs were so technical and all about pace, tempo, speed, fartlicks, and distance. While all that is fun ti sometimes takes the pure joy out of just going out and sweating and feeling my lungs working. It felt so good to get my feet under me again and just run.....

Registration for OKC Memorial Marathon is now open. The sooner I register the sooner I wrap my brain around training for another marathon!


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