Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Know What’s Weird?

…Yesterday was weird.

LB woke up and said his stomach hurt,  “like someone sucker-punched me” he said.  Weird. He had no fever so off he went to school. I had a strange feeling I might get a call from the school so I hit up the earliest spin class I could find. As usual, I poured buckets of sweat and hoped the drips would not land on my phone that I stupidly placed below so I could watch in case the school called. In the end there were drips all around it, not a single drip on the phone! Weird.

With no call from the school I headed to the pool. My swim workout was fairly easy, I would compare it to an easy three mile run. I did 300 warm up/ 800 swim/150 cool down. Total of 1250 yds.  As I was swimming my 800 yds I was totally zoned out, almost felt like I could fall asleep swimming. Weird, but not the first time that has happened. It is just so rhythmic, 1-2-3-breath, 1-2-3-breath,1-2-3-breath….and warm and comfy (did I just say swimming is comfy? Again, weird). I figured it would not be good if I fell asleep swimming so I occupied myself by thinking about things. I realized I should probably do another sprint tri, either before my 1/2 Iron or after. Either way I could rock it and I know I could get a PR. I’ll see what I can find.

So I got in my spin and swim just in time. When I got back to the locker room I had about 57 missed calls, messages, texts and facebook messages. Ugh. LB was sick after all, the school couldn’t reach me or the Hubs so all of my emergency contacts had been called. Which is good, but still they only called me 27 min earlier. I rushed to get dressed and headed to get him. Selfishly I said to myself, “At least I got my workout in.” Is that bad?  Weird? I knew that today would be spent at home, snuggling on the couch, or not…since he feels fine right now, running around and being normal. Weird. Kids are so weird when they are sick. So maybe I can take him to the gym or the track after all!? Score!

Last night after the Hubs got home we were talking (weird…just kidding!) and I apologized for the house being a mess. Between training, working, training and mothering the house work has gone by the way side. Laundry is piled as high as an elephant’s eye, dishes are clean in the washer, dirty in the sink. I need to mop, although I did sweep on Monday!!  Weird. It is SO hard to manage it all. The Hubs is working sometimes 15 hour days, if not that then at least 12 hour days. His reply, “As long as you have a cute butt I don’t care about the housework.Say WhaT?!??!?! Seriously?? Weird. I know that probably sounds bad but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. He understands that this 1/2 Iron is important to me right now, and running and training is a lifestyle change I made three years ago. He gets it, he supports it…and I try to keep things running smoothly. And for his support and understanding I am grateful.

And the final weird thing, when you are married to a SF guy (Hi honey, shouldn’t you be paying attention in class right now?) you come home to find this in your bathroom:


So anything weird happen to you yesterday? Or today? I think weird is my middle name, seriously.

And now, check this out!! $905 toward my goal of $1250!!! I’m at 72%!!! This is crazy awesome! I can’t believe I was afraid to commit to this! And thanks to YOU I took a leap of faith and now I am achieving my goal! Cloud NINE, that is where I have been since taking on this challenge last Friday! 


If you are interested in donating you can check out the link on the top right of my blog.

Thank you all for your support! It has touched my heart!!! 


  1. Quite the weird day!

    I love that just from "1-2-3-breath" I can tell you're breathing bilaterally! Awesome! haha That's the swim coach in me.

    Sorry to hear LB doesn't feel well, but it sure sounds suspect if he comes home sick and then runs around. My parents had the rule, if you have a temperature you can stay home, but you're on the couch or in bed all day; if you're able to run around, you're able to go to school. That could be why I had perfect attendance for 12 years.

    I'm really glad to hear the hubs supports you so much! I'm learning myself that an Ironman (whether half or full) takes a LOT of time. My own room is a mess.

    Best of luck with today's "weirdness."

  2. Weird! Ha, I loved this post! Some days are just weird like that!
    Hope LB feels better!
    My husband is very supportive as well. It is so nice to be able to work toward and achieve goals with that kind of support!

  3. I hear ya on weird days, where things are just... odd. I'm glad LB is feeling better?

    PS - I am loving the toilet paper... cracks me up! We're so lucky that our husbands put up with, I mean support us!!

  4. Weird!! Lol Great post!! It seems like you had a good day yesterday despite having to pick up your kiddo. Glad everything worked out. I think what your hubby said is great!! He's very supportive of you!

  5. Love the TP! hahaha

    About your medal... I can tell you that mine came at the bulk rate with no return service endorsement on it. Which means nothing to you I'm sure, but to a postal person that means that it's basically junk mail. It is nonforwardable and nonreturnable, so if it goes to your WA post office it will be thrown out with the trash.

  6. PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD DAY!!!! It is NOT junk! Not cheesy! It is special!!! I want it!

    Ok, just threw a mini temper tantrum, got that out of the way. =) I guess I could contact our renters and ask them to keep it for me. Fat chance...oh well. Guess I'll jut have to run another RnR after Seattle RnR so I can get one this year. =(

  7. You're so lucky to have a hubby who supports your goals and understands that the training is a large part of your life.

    I hope LB feels better, though it seems he already is! And I hope your days get not so weird. :)

  8. Weird is right! Hope your little one is feeling better.

    Your husband's cute butt comment made me smile. Yay for a get-out-of-housework free card!

  9. Your weird is just about my normal... minus the toilet paper... :)

    And love husbands that most of the time, just get it...mine falls in that catorgory too!

  10. That does sound like a bit of a weird day! Awesome that you fit in your wokrouts and that you have a laid back hubby who could care less about the dishes as long as you're doing what you love... and looking great doing it. :) I hope LB feels better!

  11. WEIRD!! You are funny...

    72%!!! Hmmm should I say I told you so?? Or wait a little bit..


  12. And swimming, comfy?? I feel like I don't know you ;)

  13. I would have thought the same thing..."At least I got my workout in." I've done it before when I got a call that Hubby was sick when I left the gym.

    Hoping LB is feeling better!

  14. I love that your husband is so supportive of you!!

    There's a nickel in the bathroom at work today. It's a little weird. I can't decide if free money trumps "dirty" money.

  15. The word "weird" looks very weird after awhile. :P
    Glad your LB is ok! And your hubs talking about your butt sounds exactly like my hubs...hmmmm. Cute butts apparently are a get outta housework free card! :)

  16. it is NOT weird that you said "at least I got my workout in." You have to make time for yourself :)

    Isn't it weird (hehehe) that weird things happen together?

  17. You crack me up!! If you clean the house in your spankies, the hubs may want you to clean more often, eh?! 1/2 ironman > dust mites though!

    LOVE THE TP!!!!


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