Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shenanigans. All of it…

My Official Race Crew and I have been hanging out and having a great time, it’s like the good ole days. She and LB are up to their old shenanigans. It’s good to know that some things never change!


Today was somewhat of a rest day. After yesterday’s 10 miler I felt a rest would be ok. Plus it’s not every weekend the TFF comes into town, although she should….So I wanted to be able to spend time with her. She had homework to do so I set up my trainer and thought she could keep me company I could keep her company by riding right next to her. Of course it wasn’t in the least bit distracting. Not at all. Why would ME in my awesome, flattering (she told me otherwise) biker shirt and helmet be distracting? I don’ t know either…

Remember, safety first…wear a helmet.


I decided to ride about 30 min just to get a little sweat going and my heart rate up. I felt good in the first minute or so…Then Jess grabbed the camera. Trouble.

Like a G6…

Everything is SO much more fun with friends!! LB told her “I wouldn’t like my life if you didn’t exist” and that  she should stay forever. I agree. Think of all the races I could do with my Official Race Crew living right here? And I kinda like having her around for other reasons too. Not to mention I’m not sure how I feel about LB’s comment about not liking his life????  Kids are so funny in their thought processes.

Back to the bike ride… it didn’t take long for my bottom to start hurting. Jessica had a great idea:


I think I’ll bring this along for all my long rides! What do you think?

I wouldn’t say this was an intense workout but at least I got my heart rate up, sweat a few liters, and had a good time. Isn’t that what it’s all about?? Anyone else wanna come for a visit? We can do all sorts of fun things!! You might even get to witness a family wrestling match!



Please tell me we aren’t the only family that does this? Is this normal?

Don’t worry, no one was hurt, I was not added to the injured list even though it looks like my thumb is about to be snapped off. And you can see how helpful Jess was, manning the camera while I fought for my life and got dragged down the hall….

Do you guys do anything weird with your families? Do share, make me not feel like such a weirdo. Thanks…


  1. I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, "Shenanigans."!! Tell me you have seen Super Troopers!

    I love the butt pillow!! haha great pics!

  2. even though 99% of time my girls are little frilly phoo phoo things occasionally I can get them wound up enough to wrestle and we always attack becomes an all out war......but it is always so much fun!!

    The butt pillow = awesome!

  3. I think you're on to something there with that butt pillow! As far as being weird.. well you know us so I don't have to answer that question. :)

  4. Jess is great isn't she?! I worked on her quilt all weekend (half way done making the blocks!). I have to make her cool things just so that she still loves me. :) J/J

    I am glad that she finally made it over there to visit you!

    Do you have any of the butt shorts? I have a pair but sometimes it doesn't help. The longest bike ride I have done so far is 20 miles. Does you butt get used to those tiny seats ever?

  5. Hi Kristal! Yep, bribe her so she'll come visit! =)

    I do have the shorts with the but pad. I have one for long rides and one for tris. The tri shorts have a smaller less offensive butt pad. I think they do help, a little, and you do get used to it, kind of. I think I'll stick with my huge leopard print pillow for a while.

  6. I loved seeing your family being weird. Makes me feel normal.
    We love to wrestle and horse around. Makes life more fun. Love the pillow!!!

  7. LOL awesome! Of course we do weird things. I mean, just look at us!

  8. I would love to have an indoor trainer. I keep hoping for the snow to thaw, but thus far no luck. If you don't mind me asking, what model do you have?

    Unfortunately, my family does not do anything like yours. I'm lucky if I can get my dad to go for a walk. haha But have no fear, I would much prefer your shenanigans!

    Enjoy the rest of your time with TFF!!

  9. I am SO enjoying your blog! Thank you!!!

  10. HA! You're a hoot on the bike.

    My brother and sisters all have this weird habit of making people stand on their backs. I am quick to volunteer for the task. Is that weird??

  11. Wrestling is cool. But we actually have this thing called ... find all the reasons to not eat the "healthy" food that mom buys.

    Here's how it goes:

    (1) My wife comes home with a healthy box of cereal from Planet Organic.
    (2) We quickly pour out most of the cereals on the shelf that we like into resealable containers and hide them all over the house
    (3) When breakfast time comes, we have loads of things to do during eating (meanwhile we are chewing down cereal in the closet, washroom, garage, basement)
    (4) Cereal slowly disappears because my wife had to eat it all
    (5) She doesn't buy it again but switches to no gluten biscuits or genesis bread or organic beef, or omega 3 eggs, etc. Then we start the process again at (1)

    After 20 years we've got her trained to the point that she buys stuff for herself and lets us eat Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs.

    Although I don't know how to get around the liquid multivitamin she keeps buying me. It tastes like paint. I guess I'm taking one for the team!

  12. More videos.. CRACKING UP!! I have been riding for 10 minutes, umm 3 minutes.. HEHEHEHE

    Awesome pictures, you look awesomely fit. I so wish I could visit, in the mean time more videos and less bike helmet...harder to see the highlights ;)

  13. Hahaha that was awesome! Looks like you had an amazing time!! My family are a bunch of weirdos so we do stuff like that too!!

  14. freaking
    the pillow.

    I'm bringing one to spin class Tuesday! ;)

    On weird.

    Not sure I can even begin to explain our weirdness.

  15. The Swimp3 worked great! I thought getting it at $40 was a steal even though it was used off of ebay! It got my attention, I dove in and it was as if someone had turned the music on under water. Creepy, then cool!! Made the time go by much faster!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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