Friday, February 11, 2011

Procrastinating…Get me outa here!

Man, today is one of those days that I had to peeeeel myself out of bed. Truth be told I wish I was still in bed RIGHT NOW. But I’m not. So I’ll make the best of it by sitting on my LUV seat typing to YOU.

Remember how I told you Wednesday I was stumbling all over myself to get out the door to my workout? I couldn’t wait to get to it!?  Yeah, that was weird. Yesterday I took as a rest day, mostly because my hip flexors were hurting BAD from the Ab Ripper and partially because I had a full day of work. Other than that I felt pretty good. Today my hip flexors are STILL hurting, what’s up with hat? Second day soreness, what!? I have a full afternoon of work (12-5:30). I know, rough life.  So I have to get my workout in this morning.

My plan is: Running by 9 and to the pool by 10, out of the water by 11, dressed and in my car by 11:40. 

Problemo is, I’m cozy and tired and it’s cold outside. See? I ‘m starting to think I am bipolar, hot and cold. Seriously. How can I do a complete 180 like this? I know myself though and if I don’t workout this morning I will be kicking myself later. So it’s not really an option. G.Money is charging, the sun is shining….what more could a girl ask for? Oh that’s a whole other post, I wont go there…

It’s looking like this weekend’s long run of 9 miles will be done on the dreadmill, if at all. Or I will be getting up super-O-dark-thirty to get it done before the Hubs has to leave for his class. I don’t do super-O-dark-thirty though, so treadmill or bust tomorrow.

On a side note, I got an email from Seattle Rock N Roll Team in Training yesterday. I’m seriously considering doing it to raise money for the American Cancer Society. As you all know my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last May. So this is something that is kind of tugging at my heart strings. And didn’t I just say that I like the Memorial Runs so much more than the Rock N Roll series races? Well, this would put a little bit more meaning into it for me.

What do you think? What do you know about Team in Training? How will it work with me being in North Carolina and the Team being in Washington? I guess I don’t actually have to train with them, right?

Well, 20 min until I’m supposed to be running. I better stop procrastinating!! Do you ever procrastinate? I am the WORST ever in the world about it….Can’t help it. Always have been one, always will be one.

So, I’m going to try to take some exciting pictures for you today. I’ve been slacking in the picture department lately. There just isn’t anything cool around here that I feel you would enjoy seeing. But today I’ll try. Just for you. What would you like to see pictures of?  And single ladies, don’t say the dudes at the pool, that would just be really awkward for me. Don’t think I could that….see? Still procrastinating. Ugh.

Happy Friday!!


  1. One of the best parts about Team in Training is bonding with the team and great fun team workouts. On the other hand, raising the money is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, and you can do that from anywhere :-)

    Also, racing in the purple singlet will provide you with so much motivation on race day as people are cheering for you you: GO PURPLE!!

  2. I procrastinate ANYTIME it has to do with running on the treadmill! I hate it! Have a great weekend!! :)

  3. Happy Friday! I don't know too much about TNT but I've heard good things! I procrastinate all the time!!!

  4. Like you I have horrible work out guilt if I put it off and don't get it done. I know you're out there right now hitting the pavement. The weather looks awesome for the next week! I am so excited!

  5. Pictures of sunshine and NOT snow. :)

    Have a great workout - you BETTER have made it! I'd tell you how bad of a procrastinator I am, but I'll get around to it.

    I'm sure Team in Training would let you train so far away!

  6. I have perfected the art or procrastination. Seriously, I'm so good at it. Some days I can't wait to get out the door and to the gym, but others I can't peel my butt of the couch to get going. I wish I was super motivated every day.
    Good luck on your run and swim today!! : )

  7. Haha. I'm currently sitting in bed myself attempting to rationalize when exactly I need to be at the gym by. Trust me, you are NOT the only one!

    PS. My Triathlete's Training Bible is en route!

  8. Maybe your body is just telling you to take another rest day?

  9. Ha ha, I just posted a blog about not wanting to workout today. But I did, so there, you do it too! I am considering all the options for my first 1/2 in Nov. and TNT is at the top of the list right now. Will be curious to hear what people say!

  10. I procrastinated yesterday...and felt horrible about it. Today I go toff my butt and ran before work and felt much better.
    DO IT!!!
    And the TNT- go for it- what a great cause!

  11. hahahaha! Well, you are in the midst of work so I hope you got your run in!! TNT sounds great--and you will have that bound when you meet at races with other purple shirts! You have so many followers, you could totally raise money!

    I would like some pics of the signature pose!!

  12. Ugh, hate those days when you just don't have that "get up and go". Hope you had a great workout once you got going!!

  13. Speaking of Memorial runs. Ever run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon? The finish line is right next to the memorial. Very solemn experience walking through it, but I recommend it.

  14. Uhh I do procrastinate LOTS! But, after reading this, I got stocked to get my ass off the couch EARLY tomorrow to get my workout done with. Thanks! haha d:

  15. Does reading your blog instead of doing homework count a procrastinating?...thought so! well I guess I will get back to the school work..maybe! Hope you had a good run and cant wait to see your amazing pictures!


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