Monday, February 14, 2011

Moms Can’t Run Fast….

In whose world? Not mine…

So, I told you I might be back for a two-poster. Here I am, it’s me- again. Yipeee….this is for all of you who are home tonight, not out celebrating V-Day. The Hubs has class until 10 PM tonight so we aren't’ really celebrating today. I got my present last night, some Bath and Body Works goodies and some new Versace sunglasses!! Yeah!!

Do they make me look famous? Thought so….


I have some Maui Jims that I got before our Maui Vacation (fitting right????) and the lens has a huge crack. I never wanted to mail them in because I didn’t want to be without shades. NOW I can mail them in to get fixed! I have very sensitive eyes. I pretty much always have to wear sunglasses, even if it’s cloudy. And please don’t ask me what is up with all the in the car photos lately. I have no idea. It’s weird, I can’t explain it.

So my workout today just kind of fell into place. I planned to drive to the pool, drop off my bag (forgot about running to the pool with a towel, goggles, swim cap, shampoo….etc.) then drive to drop off the car then run to the pool then run back to my car. Time was ticking and I ended up running out of it and I couldn’t miss, or be late to my appointment to drop off the Jeep so that I could get to work later. I know, this is boring, stay with me though…The Hubs came to pick me up from Firestone and took me to the pool. We got there and it was closed. Something about something weird in the water, white foam everywhere…ewe. No go on the swim. So I went back to the Hubs’ work  for 4.5 miles around the compound.

I was sporting my Valentine’s Day socks.

heart socksheart socks II

I did a mediocre 4.5 mile run that turned into a 4.75 mile run.  I was a little sore and tired and it was 70 degrees warm! It was beautiful but I was thirsty. This is a typical summer running day in the PNW…only the tip of the iceberg for summer weather here. I’m going to die this summer.

And finally, tonight I was reading a cute book to LB titled Things Mom Can’t Do. It was things like, mom can’t cross the street without holding a hand, can’t go to bed without a kiss, or two or 10…then I got to this page:

Moms cant run very fast….

book page

The second page I’ll give ‘em, I can’t hear my self think half the time, but run fast? Yes, yes I can. LB looked at me with huge eyes and said, “Mom, that’s not true. You CAN run fast, can’t you?”Well, son, yes. Yes I can.”

Is it Friday yet?

That’s all folks…..I wonder what I’ll write about in the morning? Spankies?  What would you like to hear about from me? What do you want to know? All you have to do is ask…and I might answer, maybe. 



  1. yes, the summer is KILLER here. i so do NOT look forward to it. think running wrapped in a steamy hot towel in a sauna....x10. are you looking at spankies at dick's sporting goods....i have a coupon if you are.

  2. love the socks! And, I like you, am dreading the heat! Ouch.

  3. I have a question... What is PNW??? Love the new shades! So jealous that it's so warm there. It was 47* here today and everyone was pumped!

  4. ok, I totally put the comma in the wrong spot above. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. LB---Totally going to Dicks!! What kind of coupon do you have????

    Coy, I like you, too! =) HA ha!!

    Mallory-PNW is Pacific Northwest, I lived south of Seattle and that whole area is called PNW.

  6. Ohh the heat! It is brutal! As soon as I curse the cold, I remember the 6am runs to beat the sun since there is no beating the humidity.

    The spankies are cool beans!

  7. What is up with that book? How about things Mom's CAN Do. I'd boycott it if I were you. Yay for the sunglasses for Valentines day--sweet.

  8. After I ran in a dry mid 60's and felt like death this past weekend, I know I'm going to die this summer. :( And yes, moms can run fast :) I love when our kids think we're awesome.

  9. Hahaha. LB's so cute! I'm glad he pointed that out and you didn't have to.

    Here's to defying children's literature!

  10. Always beware the rabies pool water...ewe indeed! It looks like the mom in the book CAN'T: A) wear a seatbelt, B) put her child in a car-seat,and C) say no to dessert!

  11. Gotta love the PNW! :) And love those socks! Hot mama who CAN Run fast!

  12. In the morning you should write about why this friday is gonna be the BOMB! p.s. you didn't miss anything but cold and rain in the PNW today!

  13. Ha ha, my son has the Dad version of that book. It's cute (for those who haven't seen them, the books are tongue in cheek- actually saying that the mom/dad CAN do all those things, sort of) I love the socks too. I wish my big calves weren't emphasized by knee highs b/c I always think how super cute they are on other people!

  14. Love the socks!!! Maybe you should come out with your own children's book about how kick ass moms can be!!!

  15. I think we need to go find that author and show him a thing or two about what moms can do.

    the glasses are HOT!

    And that is what my quad looks like just standing there. You should see it mid-run. It's kind of disgusting.

  16. Awww, that's so cute. Moms can too run fast, and it's awesome that you're teaching him that. :-)

  17. Too sweet! At least LB doesn't believe that hogwash!!!

  18. YOU CAN RUN FAST!! i am going to have to add that Mom's, have HOT least YOU DO!!! Great run....HOT?!?! LUCKY:) LOVE the sunglasses and I am jealous. Have fun at spin today!

  19. HEHEHE...when was the book published good GRIEF!!

    Still cant see the pictures, but can comment.. WOOT!! I am sure the glasses are amandtastic, I just made that up, like it??

    70', wowzers that is HOT! Hmmm the foam in the pool yuck with a capital "Y".

  20. Nice shades!! What a great gift.

    Those socks are darling.

    You are one fast MAMA!

  21. ACK!! the pool didn't like you today, and the running tracks don't like ME! it's so annoying. i don't like going off post...

    I want to know ... what your favorite race was. GO!

  22. Sweet socks! And yes, Moms CAN run fast!

  23. I'm

    Thanks. For. The. Motivation.

    "mom's run freaking fast".

    I'm writing the author. ;)

  24. Cute socks!

    And I agree, moms can totally run fast. I am not a mom yet but I'm training to be a super quick momma when I have kids of my own!!

  25. You look so Victoria Beckham in your new shades!!! HAWT!! And, so festive in your socks!!

    I am curious how you decided on a particular spankie pattern?! Actually, what prompted you to try a TRI? Were you a cycling fish in your former life?!! ;)

    Thanks for your sweet comments btw!!

  26. When my son was little, we had a book called "Big & Little". Every page was something like "Elephants are BIG, Mice are little" "Birthday cakes are BIG, cupcakes are little." etc, etc...

    Then there was a page that said "Ladies are BIG, ladybugs are little." Um EXCUSE ME???

    Kudos to your little one for recognizing the book was WRONG!!


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