Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Self-Affirmations: You Should Do It Too!

Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!


So, first of all sorry about yesterday’s post. I was in a mood. A bad one at that.  After posting I finally got dressed and out the door to run 4.5 miles in the neighbor(ing)hood. I took it nice and slow and just allowed all my frustration to flow out with my sweat. It was a good, mood cleansing run.

I came in and stretched and got dressed to head to the pool. So, to totally trump my run and throw me back into the mood of all moods I couldn’t find my ID card which means I couldn’t get on post to the pool without it. I turned my gym bag inside out, my purse upside down. I searched through the laundry and pockets. I had it on Monday and Tuesday it was gone. PooF. Disappeared.

I was mad at myself for being so laze faire, so absent minded, so irresponsible, so flighty. So I had a forced half-rest day. No swim. For the rest of the day I went into fits of furry searching high and low until finally, FINALLY around 5 PM I found it. On the passenger side of my car, on the floor tucked under the mat. How did it get there? I have no idea. My luck. But not my luck today! Today is a new day! A good day!  And I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me! Wait, did I already say that?

Anywho, today I am heading out to buy new tires for my Jeep before it snows tonight. I have  8 x 400 yd @ 5k pace (eeeks!) at the track then to the pool to do yesterday’s swim. It’s gonna be a killer workout.

The Hubs asked me last night if I wanted to go to New Mexico to participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March (you should check it out and watch the video!). Initial reaction based on destination race excitement: YES! Then, after actually considering the name of the event and checking out the deets: Not so much….Miles and miles of nothing but desert”. It is a march in memorial and honor of the service members who defended the Philippine Islands during  WWII. The “Death March” race title is actually due to the fact that many soldiers actually died on the march in the Philippines. He is doing it with four other dudes in the Heavy category, meaning they are going to be rucking 26.2 miles with 35lb packs. Yikes. There is a marathon and a 15.2 mile run. I might go to do the 15.2 miles. I know I’m not ready, nor could I really be ready for 26.2 by March 27 but I could certainly do 15.2 miles. And knowing me, if I can get something lined up as far as childcare for LB I’ll be there with my shoes laced up. It is hard to pass up opportunities like this. And if I can’t lace up and join then I’ll be there in full support. I’m a huge fan of the Memorial Races, favorite to date: OKC Memorial Marathon.

So who’s in for this race with me????? Bueller? Bueller?

Have you ever done a Memorial Race? To me they just have SO much more meaning than other races like the Rock N Roll series.

So do you practice self-affirmations? What do you tell yourself to put a little more pep in your step? I think they really work and if at first you don’t believe yourself keep doing it.


  1. Bataan is AWESOME. It's also not something you do for time, so you might consider doing the whole 26.2 mile course and just taking it easy.

  2. Have you done it, Jamoosh? It seems really awesome! I just don't know if I could even comfortably cover 26.2 miles by then??? Good to know though! I'll seriously consider it! I know the experience alone would be amazing! I want to be a part of it!

  3. I've never done a Memorial Race but it sounds pretty cool. Good luck doing the Bataan. I've heard of it and it sounds pretty intense! So cool that your spouse is into this too.

    I do practice self-affirmations at times, mostly telling myself that I'm strong.

  4. Those races are awesome ... there should be a bunch of Canadian military teams going, in full-300lb pack to do the run/march.

    To Jamoosh's point, you'll find the banter a lot of fun along the way.

  5. Glad you got out for your run!! I'm glad you said something about Memorial runs. the next marathon I'm running (river rat marathon in SD) is a memorial run, so I'm really looking forward to it (except for the fact that I am really emotionally and will for SURE be crying alot! but very worth it!)
    the Bataan Memorial Death March sounds AMAZING! I'm really getting into races that challenge me (as opposed to only running for times). I really like to see how far I can push my mind and body. you should do it!

  6. I have been wanting to do Bataan since BEFORE I started running. I'd jump at the opportunity, but we don't even know where we will be living at that point! [we don't have housing yet].

    Glad you found your ID :D

  7. I've looked into Batann Memorial Death March and it sounds like a worth while event. Just haven't been able to make it to New Mexico that time of year.

  8. I would love to do this with you. If only I lived closer.

  9. I misplace my gym card all the time! I need to glue that thing to my body.

    I love a race with meaning! This sounds like a good one.

  10. That sounds amazing and awful at the same time! But, to participate in a memorial race like that? You can't pass it up! I hope LB care lines up for you!!

  11. you must've read that RW article recently about the power of mantras...or is just a coincidence?

  12. I used to misplace my card all the time! It isn't being absent minded....its too much on the mind!

    That race sounds really cool...Kudos to the hubs for running in all his gear! Wow!

  13. Julie my bff lives near there and has done it at least once or twice and I know her Mom does it too! From what I've heard it is amazing! We can talk if you want to know more.

  14. Hi! So glad you stopped by my blog! :) Thanks for the nice comment. I am bit on self affirmations. ON my mirror I have a few collages that just make me feel strong and capable. I tell myself that I am beautiful, wise, and loving. I also tell myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to. :) Nice post.

  15. I say 15.2 you dont want to foil your Tri training for an unplanned race..

  16. And yes Everybody likes you...and we want you to move back ASAP.. you are truly missed and I tell you daily.. Now get off your butt and get your workouts in.. :)


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