Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weaknesses Be Gone!

…and the only way to do that is to work on them!

Yesterday was off the chain! I couldn’t get dressed fast enough to get my workout on.  For whatever reason I was ready to run and swim. I love days like that! Honestly, it doesn’t happen too often but when it does man-oh-man it feels good!

I got dressed and headed to post. I texted Hubs to see if he was going to be able to meet me to swim. No go. He had to work and  had plans to do a Ruck/Run with the dudes (6 weeks to train for 26.2 with a ruck, good luck with that…). I decided to run first so I could clean cool off in the pool, plus I haven’t been getting good, quality runs in when I do them after a bike or swim. I want to focus on some running for a while. I headed to the track for my 8 x 400 yds @ 5k pace.


I lost count and actually only did 7. BOO. FAIL. But I guess if you look at my first lap it was faster than my slow ones, so I could count that as a 5k pace.  My goal was to keep each of  my fast laps under 2 min. Goal-Accomplished.

When I got to the pool it was packed! It is so dumb that there is only ONE pool on  a post with 40,000 soldiers and  more people when you account for families. I shared a lane with 5 dudes and one girl wearing a string bikini, swim cap and high speed speedo goggles swimming the crawl stroke with her whole head out of the water. Now I don’t like to poke fun but seriously it was kind of a funny site. Then there was the guy who insisted on doing the breast stroke IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE. It was nearly impossible to get a workout in until both of them moved to the other pool (the one without lanes). That still left me sharing with four dudes but at least I could move down the lane and pass them with ease. Is it appropriate to say I was chicking dudes in the pool? If so then I was chicking them. I kind of felt bad. That wasn’t my intention. I had to do 4 x 200 yds with 20 sec rest between.  I was pushing myself and actually for a minute thought I might puke.  That would have been bad. Embarrassing. Humiliating. They would have had to close the pool. So I brought it down half a notch. I finished the workout with 1500 yds.

I have met a few guys who are training for tris. It is fun to talk shop with them for a bit about training, running , biking routes, gear and then inevitably it turns to the  awkward question “So you want to go for a run or ride sometime?” “How do you swim so fast?” It’s a true ego booster.  But I’m really not by any means an accomplished swimmer. I have never competed, never trained, and have no clue really about true competitive swimming. I think it is where my natural ability is though. I bet if I would have ever been on a swim team I could have been great.  But if you put me in the water with real swimmers I’ll look like that bikini clad girl flailing around. 

When I got home I searched the house high and low to find my p90x DVD. It has been MIA since we moved. I found it!!!! It was still in our old DVD player that has been in the garage.


So of course I did an Ab Ripper session after my run and swim. It is time to bring it back! Ab Ripper THREE times a week. A strong core is so important for good running! And well, lets be honest, I still want to sport a two piece speedo someday….

Today is a busy day, not to mention a 3 hour school start delay for LB (it snowed about 57 flakes). I should take it as a rest day but I might jump on the trainer this evening. My plan calls for a 3 mile run and a 25 mile ride. I have ZERO rest days actually written in. This weekend will be a challenge too. We are going to Charlotte and I wont get in my long ride with my Triple Threat girls. So I may have Sat and Sun as rest days.  I realized last night I could revamp my plan to 9 day weeks so that I can actually write in and plan rest days.

Thanks for all your input regarding the Bataan Memorial Death March! I really got motivated to do it after reading all your encouragement. I put in a request to my Official Race Crew and TFF in the PNW (i.e. Jessica!!!!!). She is checking her schedule and may be able to meet us in New Mexico to fulfill her duties as Official race Crew. I am so blessed! If it works out I think I will do the full 26.2 miles. Not for time but for the experience. Seriously, who wants to join me????

I’m sore today. I know it is from speed work and core, my hip flexors are screaming. Core is my biggest  weakness. What’s your weakness??? I think being able to identify your weaknesses is HUGE and a first step in improving! I’m committed to improving my weakness, are you?


  1. Looks like lots of great workouts going on!
    My weakness is swimming. I'm a dog paddler, but not in a bikini usually.

  2. Don't you wish you could bottle energy/motivation on those days so you have some extra when you need it?

    Kick butt on the workouts!!!

    And YEAH P90... I want to include that ab ripper in my regiment but DANG it is tough.

  3. AAH! How exciting!

    I hope everything falls into place for Bataan.

    You are bouncing back like no other woman. Are you sure you were sick??!

    Love Ab Ripper. I don't have the dvd, but have the workout memorized.

    My weak spot, physically, is my core. Mentally, it's "can i do this?".

  4. You're a crazy lady! So hardcore! I love it! Great workouts!

  5. I'm just weak. In fact, I was checking out P90X on the Internet yesterday and doing some reading on it.
    I SERIOUSLY need to take cross-training seriously.

  6. Great work out!

    I have been toying on how to bring Ab Ripper back into my routine. It's the "I hate it, but I love it" feeling I miss!!! I actually miss the whole P90X program, but I just don't have the time.

  7. It appears you wear a wristwatch with a gps monitor and a lap button and you ADMITTED you lost count of your intervals?!? All hardcore points earned from pool and ab video just got canceled, sorry.

  8. Oh the swimming for sure. I had to do the breast stroke some in the first tri I did. I'm determined to "woman" up this time but it is going to take some practice. This will be my first experience in open water too.

    After baby 3 my core is a joke. Do I even have one? He is only 6 months so I'll cut myself a little slack for a little longer.

  9. glad you're feeling better! Yes, that gray padding thing on my bike is for sweat. My bike is a size xs so the covering is a little too big but i just tie knots in it and it's fine. I can't think of the name of it right now but i know there are many different styles, including some that hold the TV remote!

  10. ha ha! 57 flakes of snow!

    I think the correct term for passing a male in water is "sea-chicking" ha, ha. Get it? Chicken of the Sea? No. Okay, I tried.

    Sounds like you are feeling better! ya-ya!!!

  11. Core is my biggest weakness, too. I've always had lower back issues, which makes it that much harder to work my core, but also that much more important.

  12. My back is my weakness, I've been working hard to get it stronger and tone it up. If I could just lose some more of the girls...imagine that a woman desiring smaller breasts...I would be a happy chicklet.

  13. It's more clear in the video, but Bob's using the entirely wrong leg during the whole exercise. =(

  14. I love Ab ripper X, great idea to work that into the program. My biggest weakness is a cross between swimming and running. Swimming because its new to me, but I'm doing ok and improving so I don't know if I call that a weakness or inexperience? Running because I've never tried for these distances so my legs are confused, lol..

  15. If you do ever lose that P90X DVD for good and haven't made a back up copy, I've got ya' covered. I have all the files backed up on my computer.

  16. Core is it for me too. I have been intimidated by the idea of following the P90X plan and still getting my runs in, but maybe I'll just follow your lead and break out the Ab Ripper workout. I am all about someday sporting a two-piece again too!

  17. Did you say bikini? Did you get a pic for my Blog :-) Thanks for stopping by. BTW, great running form in your Blog post pic. I wish I had your non-heel strike.

  18. Wow, nice job, sorry about the pool situation, but you seemed to handle it awesome!!

  19. Yippee I can comment from home..

    Soooo you are signing up for a lot of events, long events, events with ruk sacks. WOW!!

    I am a fast swimmer, but I dont even know how to put my face in the water.. hehehe

    Ummm I better go to be I have 17 miles in the morning.. UGH!! Fly home and join me will ya? I flew to VEgas and ran 26.2 with you... Hehehe I WILL call in that favor someday ;)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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