Monday, February 14, 2011

L.U.V-alentine’s Day

Oh happy Love Day to all you lovelies out there….

Any cool V-Day presents I should be envious of know about? The Hubs returned from his trip to Charlotte bearing gifts!! Yipee! I’ll share more about that in a later post. This may be a two-post kind of day. Hey, it’s a NATIONAL holiday, duh….Valentine’s Day, of all days, is certainly worthy of TWO blog posts.

So, remember last week when I went to get new tires? Well I got them alright. Got them picked out. They had to order the ones I needed so I made an appointment to get them put on today. Today at noon. What was I thinking? Noon is spin time. Duh. And 11 o’clock is pool time. So here it is folks. Get this….I am going to have to either use my legs or a bike for transportation to my workout. GASP! I know, right? CRAZY CONCEPT!

Here is how it can go down:

1) Drop Jeep off at 10 (uh oh, that’s one hour and I still have my Monday morning paperwork to do…) Run to the pool and swim then run back to my Jeep (4 mile run altogether maybe?).

2) Drop Jeep off at 10:30 and ride my bike to the pool then ride my bike to spin (2 mile ride to pool, 2 mile ride from poop (ha, accidentally typed poop, I’m leaving it because it’s funny) to spin) . Does this make sense? Who rides their bike to spin class?

3) Swim to the gym and run on the treadmill then go to spin. Wait, something about this seems off….????

4) Drive to the pool then drive to drop off my Jeep and run to spin.

5). Drive to the pool. Drive to take my Jeep and wait there doing my paperwork then drive home. Yes, this one seems reasonable. I can go to spin tomorrow.

See? What to do, what to do? I better get to it either way!

I hate coordination. It is hard for me, yet I have to do it pretty much of my life.

What are your plans for today/tonight? Do you all love Valentine’s Day? I like it but really it is a pain in my behind. I spent two hours yesterday watching LB address V-Day cards to 22 kids in his kindergarten class then 26 kids in his afterschool care. Seriously painful. It’s great he is learning to write but holy cow, it toooook FOR----E---V----E-----R. I could have had them addressed, tattoos attached, and heart stickers sealing them shut in 20 minutes. Ugh.

Happy Day of Love to you all!! Now go make love to the pavement….he he!


  1. Um, I can tell you one thing: I'm not working out as much as you today! What a loaded day! I love doing errands or commuting on foot... you just feel so ACCOMPLISHED! Enjoy it and Hapyp V Day!!! <3

  2. Happy V-Day! Hubby and I are just doing dinner/movie today. Fun stuff :)

    Check out my Nathan Sports giveaway I just posted!

  3. I like option 3 lol even if its not feasible. Option one makes most sense

    As far as vday, nothing exciting. We did dinner the other night and may do movies tonight. Enjoy your day, hope its not too crazy!

  4. I'm exhausted for reading this. I think I got my workout today. I hate days that I feel overwhemed like this. I like option 1. haha

    I got a Magic Bullet blender from my Valentine. Love it!

  5. Wow what a tiring post! That's crazy all the working out you're getting done today. Good for you!!! The poop thing made me laugh. My vday gift was Bruins v Maple Leafs tickets for tomorrow. I'm PUMPED!

  6. LOL love your thought process! I wing it as I go, and rarely have a plan. Here we're just enjoying each others company. :)

  7. I almost considered my workout for the day just the reading of your workout... that makes sense, huh!? LOL Sounds like you are going to be sooo busy!
    Valentine's Day...haha We don't do much. I got a card and sportsbeans! Love it!
    Big V-day plans include a trip to the gym for a 30 min weight workout and 4 mile run and then healthy dinner at home with the kids. Woohoo!

  8. Thats the best way... to RUN errands!

  9. ugh, i hate coordination too, im so uncoordinated. im pretty neutral about V-day, could take it or leave it. im not a huge fan of flowers, and lets be honest..i dont need anymore chocolate in my diet. and not a huge fan of cards either. im pretty much the grinch of v-day!

  10. You're cracking me up!

    My Mom offered to watch the kids so the Hubby and I are going bar hopping! Should be fun and I can't wait!

  11. With kids V-day turns into more work! 3 sets of Valentines, which took FOREVER!!! of course they had to get the 3d ones with assembly. Ugh! And the preschool decided to do a drive in movie with homemade box-cars. Awesome. so yeah, I'm done now.
    Hoping the wind stops gusting to 50mph so I can run. Not sure to be relieved that when the rain and snow comes tonight, the wind might stop?

  12. I think that planning counts as a workout.

  13. i was lost at "drop jeep off".

  14. OH man, I don't want to think about actually addressing the valentines. I thought it was horrible enough to have to just put his name on all the Valentines for his daycare.

  15. hahahaha! Make love to the go make love to your bike seat, wait, no. Wrong.

    I'm a lucky girl and got some roses at the office!! Tonight-TBD.

    Have a fabulous LOVE day!!!


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