Thursday, February 17, 2011


So it has been really warm here lately. Not hot particularly but 65-75 degrees. Apparently warm enough that you should never leave sweaty clothes in your car  after you run while you go in to the gym for weights, not even for an hour or so.

**I hope you don’t mind that I posted this Mel but I thought it was funny. And yes, you are saved in my phone as Mel Tall Mom


Yep. Stinky Girl. That’s me…But hey, I would rather be stinky because I’m working out and kicking my own Bee-You-Tee-Tee and not because I passed gas. But hey, to each his own. Right? Right.

Today I hit up spin class. It was kind of a whim. My quads are super sore from yesterday’s weight sesh and I was figuring on a nice easy 3 mile recovery run. But when 11:30 came around I was done with  my morning Grown Up Work and hurried to make the class. IT WAS AWFUL. Awful in a totally killer workout way. This instructor pretty much has us ride to the top of Mt. Everest. 5 times. Then again during the class. She loves….LOVES the hills.

After spin I headed outside to do my three miler. It was the longest three miles of my life. So long it actually felt like 20 miles. I laughed at myself as I thought back to my very first 20 mile run (you can read about it HERE if you want) because while that was hard this small run felt even harder. How is that possible? I think I will take a rest day tomorrow, maybe a nice walk, and then a 10 miler on Saturday.

My biking has suffered the last few weeks due to being sick, weather, schedule conflicts and childcare, and now my special surprise this weekend! I NEED to get back out on the bike in a serious way. Next weekend I am back at it. For now I hope spin class will at least have some benefit.

Oh yeah and if there was a functional pool in this town that would be cool too.

 Thanks so much for all your fundraising ideas! You all are pretty creative and clever people! I really appreciate all your input and support! Now I just have to make the decision. My time limit is midnight tomorrow…

Well, tomorrow is Friday!  Woot woot! Any fun plans for the holiday weekend?


  1. CRACKING UP!! Wish I would have been a bit more creative with my reply...and the fact that I am Tall Mom in your phone is FUNNY because ummmm we are real friends right??

    GOOD luck with your 10 miler, you will be GREAT!!

  2. Yum, the sweet scent of rancid running gear fermenting in a hot car. Large zip-lock bags and febreze are your friend. Or you could always try a clothespin (for your nose).

    Sorry to hear about your dad (I'm a few days behind). My mom has the big C too. Happy and healing thoughts to your dad, you, and your family. You're right, it does suck!

  3. Well plans for this weekend? Just hangin out with friends! Hope your weekend goes well!

  4. HILARIOUS!!! I remember one time I got stuck in a rain storm in the summer. My clothes were a yucky wet mess so I left them by the door. Later that day there was a terrible odor coming from the kitchen...changed the trash...told my hubby his shoes stank...then ooops! It was my clothes!

    Looking forward to a week off from work so I can run outside!!!

  5. I'm famous for the swimsuit left in the swimbag move. That's funny though, Gag O liscious! Wish I had a rack on top of my car that had holes in it where I could throw all my stuff when I got done running. Hmmm, I could be onto something??

  6. Will you be changing your blog title to "Stinky Girl" now?

  7. Sweaty clothes in the car is a definite disaster waiting to happen. If I have to leave them there, I throw 'em in the trunk.

  8. I've left a poop filled diaper in a hot car. Enough said.

    I have Mel listed with her full first and last name in my phone. I don't think I've ever called her Melanie. Ever.

  9. Oh Jess too funny! I hope your weekend is wonderful and much needed. Wish I was there. Oh PS SWEAT IN CONTACTS EYES Shoot me.... one day it made me cry it hurt so bad I really need a headband. I just got a cute new hat to wear.

  10. So funny!!! I can't keep my running shoes in a bag because it will make everything smell so I feel your pain!


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