Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Take me down….

…to the paradise city where the grass is green and the trails are plenty! (a little spin on some Gun’s N Roses for you…)

Motivation is not coming easily today.

I have a 4.5 mile run and a 1500 yd swim on the schedule for today and all I really want to do is the dishes, laundry and vacuum this pile of crumbs that is annoying the crud out of me by my foot. Yep, it’s that bad folks…I am contemplating cleaning the house over my workout. Doctor! Doctor! Come quick!!! She must be REALLY sick!

What should I do first? Run? Swim? NAP?

Lately my problem is a lack of running routes. I am



Shoot me now. Ok, don’t really shoot me now but that is another problem. On New Year’s Eve evening a poor soldier was running on the ONE and ONLY running trail here (it’s 4 miles so makes for an 8 mile out and back. WOW.) He was shot. Yeah. Some idiot, sorry excuse for a person was hunting and thought he was an animal. Shot him dead. I’m sorry, I have no problem with guns or hunting. I DO have a problem with idiots with guns and hunting.

That trail also runs through the straight up ghetto. So unless I am packing serious heat myself I’m not running there. I will never run on the road outside of my neighborhood again either. So what does that leave me?

  • The same ole route around the airfield (boring).
  • A track.
  • Treadmill.
  • My neighborhood.

I am dying here folks.  I knew it was going to be hard leaving the PNW, or as I called it Runner’s Paradise, but I had no idea it would be so bad here. I did see a sidewalk yesterday! It was about 100 yds long. I think I should go run on it. Back and forth 80 times to equal 8000 yards or approximately 4 miles. There is just no concept of active lifestyle living around here. Or else people just don’t know how good it could be, they’ve never experienced a better community, or they don’t care. Is it too much to ask to pave a trail in a safe area?  How can I make a change in this stupid community? No one cares! No one wants sidewalks or running trails. If they do they don’t know how to voice it either.

I know sitting home feeling sorry for myself isn’t going to help anything and I am certainly reminded as to why how I got into my out-of-shape, depressed, lazy self the last time we lived here. I can’t and wont let that happen. But I feel myself falling into somewhat of a depressed slump lately. I hate it here these days (and that in NO way reflects on the friends I do have here: Breaking Pace and JK, you’re 2 of the reasons I am still halfway sane). So I guess I have to start with finding the motivation within and making do with what I have…

The sun is shining and my neighborhood gives me 3.64 miles….

How are you doing with your motivation? Crawl out of any slumps lately? Do share your secret! I need a swift kick in the bootie-or a vacation. Or a trip back up to the PNW….


  1. i have been inside on treadmill for the entire winter, however i finally went outside b/c i hired a coach and went to meet her and a group for a run. it was so freaking nice to be outside - BUT there is ton of snow still here. and we were lucky to have a sunny 40 degree day. she has on my workout to run today OUTSIDE if possible. there is no sun out and a wind advisory and i just don't think i can...which means the treadmill....ugh. i feel your pain.

  2. I've been hitting the elliptical at the gym all winter to, I'm not a winter warrior, I want it warm when I'm out running. I feel your pain though, we live in the country, we can run at the highschool track, round and round. I the side of the main road through town, and pray you dont get tookin out. Our I can cross the road and run the curvy country road, with the same prayers!! My motivation lately has been this blogging that I just started over a wk ago. I NEVER knew that there was sooo many funny, and supportive people out there!! I'm loving it!

  3. My motivation has been lacking lately. Big time. I've been on a TM for a while now because of all the snow we've been getting up here. When I use the TM I play around with the pace and usually change it every song. That definitely helps the time move along. Yesterday and today I wrote "run!" on my palm and I keep seeing it so it makes me think about my workout after work so it's definitely helping my motivation!

  4. Sorry you don't have anywhere that feels safe to run. I know you'll figure something out. Is there no running club or anything like that in your area??? I just can't imagine someplace with nowhere to run :-(

  5. There is sometimes federal or other money available for projects like "rails to trails" that your city/town can tap into, if you're seriously interested in community work. Start with city council members or other local officials to see if anyone has a project in the works. Or just contact them incessantly and get your local running clubs, cycling clubs, and family groups to lobby them as well. Not a solution for say, tomorrow, though. That stinks.

  6. SWIM first...because you LOVE it. I can't believe you would rather clean than swim, but I kind of understand. So sorry that it's been hard finding a place to run. Go run on the 'mill, close your eyes and think of RUSTON WAY! Oh...woops, don't trip! Lets schedule a coffee chat later this week

  7. I can feel your frustration in this post. I am so sorry your are dealing with this. I am even more sorry for that gentleman's family after he was senselessly shot (not the mention the "hunter" who shot him!).
    I have lived on the treadmill this winter. It isn't what I want but most days I find a way to make the best of it. Winter weather and I busy-body 2 yearold are my problems and they are easily solved with spring. You on the other hand have bigger safety problems. Maybe you could broaden your area in looking for trails. Are there any if you drove a bit from your house? Is a gym an option? Please be safe and don't give up. I pray you find a safe solution soon!

  8. i vote a trip to the PNW! Can you drive somewhere to RUN?? i am in a slump myself, feeling solo in my sad attempt of marathon training! UGH!

  9. uh oh! This is making me nervous. SailorMan might get stationed with a communications unit on Ft. Bragg. Its quite possible we'll be coming your way in December.

    With all this talk about the crappy running conditions, I dont know if I want to go! LOL.

    (He's leaving to go to NC in a few days for the selection process. Any good eats in Fayetteville?)

  10. I'm getting a lot of whining from you recently ... watch this video twice and call me in the morning.

  11. A few ideas...on the weekends, you should look into a drive to the Uwharries (hills like whoa!) or up to Raleigh (lots of good trails up this way). Also, how far are you from Southern Pines/Pinehurst? Would that be a mid-week possibility? Nice and safe, but you'd have to be on the watch for eldery drivers. ;-) Fayettenam is defintely not the most prettiest place, but there are SO MANY beautiful places in NC to run. You may just have to drive a bit...

  12. You are 45 minutes from me. You could come check out the Tobacco Trail...but I wouldn't be able to keep with you. I know you'll get your mojo back. I go through runner's depression after a race, so that is in my near future after next weekend's race. But...I have the sprint to train for!

  13. I would HATE not having any running routes nearby! I hope you can figure something out to soon to save your sanity. You'll get your groove back!!

  14. I can't believe someone was shot on a running trail. That's AWFUL!

  15. I wish we had those transporter things like on Star Trek. Your post makes me sad. Near tears. :(

  16. oh that is awful. first of all, what an IDIOT, shooting a PERSON. He is the type of person that gives real hunters a bad name. Hang in there.

  17. I <3 you! I can't stand it here either. I love you and JK and a few others, but this place has drained me. Totally agree with everything you said! At least we all have each other to suffer with = bright side. :)
    I won't run anywhere but at the stadium or the airfield, cause there are some crazies around. You didn't miss anything at the pool tonight, it was more packed than I've ever seen it.

    Hmmmmm Idea - We need to plan a hiking trip. Get away for at least a half a day!


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