Saturday, February 5, 2011

So, true story…

Last night I snuggled in my bed with a few books and LB at around 7:30. I guess I ended up taking him to his bed but next thing I knew I was getting up to go to the bathroom. I thought it had to be at least 3 AM but NO, it was 10 PM. I hate that! I hate it in a good way but the feeling of being so disoriented just creeps me out. Point is I went to bed freaking early last night and it was great!

If you will recall yesterday I was supposed to do 20 miles on the bike and run 3. Did that happen? Not so much. I met the Hubs at the gym around 10. He talked me into a full body weights workout. Great……Weights are good, but holy soreness. Today my back, shoulders and chest are sore. After an hour of lifting we hit up the bikes for 20 miles. 45 min in I was sweating buckets, tired and chaffing because I am a biking noob and wore Nike Tempo shorts. I called it quits at 11 miles. I’m pretty sure stationary bikes (and not the recumbent ones) are way harder than the real deal.  Do you think? I was struggling to keep it at 15 mph. I know that in my race I want to be at 22-25 mph at least. Is that ridiculous? Can I even do that? I have NO IDEA. But if I’m going to be riding for 56 miles I would like to be done in just over 2 hours and they say the course if flat. I need a good, flat test run to see if I can even go that fast.

Once the bike punched me in the gut I headed to the treadmill so it could punch me in the gut too.I fully intended on running 3 miles. I was exhausted and lightheaded so I stopped at one mile. 1 mile.  I know I am still weak and coughing makes it hard to do just about anything.  But I can’t help but feel that very valuable training days are passing me by.

Thanks for the advice many of you gave me on how to get back into my plan. I have decided to kind of pick up where I should be in the plan with only a few tweaks, especially since I am so early in the training cycle, this is week 4 of 18. I know I have time to bounce back if I can just be smart over the next week while I am still trying to kick this flu.

Today’s 9 mile long run is most likely not going to happen. There are about 5 things that are preventing it from happening: weather (I’m not running outside while I’m still kind of sick), lightheadedness, the Hubs isn’t home so I have LB,  I could take him to the gym with the kid play area but there is no way he would last long enough for me to make 9 miles, and finally I just don’t have the energy.

I know I am full of excuses.  What do you do when you know you are full of excuses?

Guess what!??? I won something!! Stacie at Impossible is Nothing hosted an Allied Steele giveaway! I never win anything but figured I would give it a try!!! I emailed her this picture of my medals, so sad:


Such a mess! Since we moved I haven’t found a good place to keep them. But now, now I will have a beautiful way to display all my hard earned medals!!! I’ll be working with Joel to either do a custom design or pick one of the ones they already have! I can’t wait to show you all!!

And just curious, once I get my display is it appropriate to hang it on the wall in my living room once I get it?? Or on my office wall (I’m a therapist by the way) next to my diploma? Vain? Arrogant? Too much??? I don’t know….sometimes I need help with these things. Where would you display yours?


  1. I have mine on my wall at home for all to see. I call it the wall of me! Probably arrogant and vain, but I worked hard for that bling. And friends love to ask about it. I would split the bling up and put some in your office and home. No shame in being Proud!

  2. I have my medals in cases on the wall above my desk.

    And as much as I know you want to get back into training, don't prolong your illness by doing it. I am 100% guilty of doing it myself - I've drawn one week colds out for months! But either way, best of luck!

  3. OH FUN!!!! i personally know the [well one of them] guy who makes the hangers at Allied Steel - he's a great guy! i love mine!

    shake the workout off - it's not like you weren't sick!! try not to be so hard on yourself. good luck with your run today, however long. :)

  4. If you hang it in your office will it be visible to your clients? If so I would hang it there. It isn't vain. It's inspiring!

    It's OK to take it slower coming back. I don't think the word slow is in your dictionary, but you don't have to try to be a hero. :o)

  5. I got an allied steel medal hanger for Christmas. I hung it right by my treadmill. Makes those long runs on the treadmill less painful!

  6. Congrats on the win! I have no idea where to put it considering I have only one medal so far haha. I would probably hang them in like a den or my bedroom and maybe pick one or two faves and frame them for the office...something like that.

  7. Congrats on the win.

    Even cutting your workout short makes my yesterday's 4 miles look pathetic. Great job getting a great workout.

  8. How much riding have you done outside? I hate to say it, but a reality check is probably in order for your pace goal with the bike--22 to 25, without the benefit of a pack, for 56 miles, is really, really hard, like elite hard. Not trying to deflate you here, just trying to give you a more realistic feel for what to expect. You've got to get outside with a computer to get a better feel for what you can/can't do. Good luck with it!

  9. You can cut yourself some slack. We were sick ON YOUR A$$ for a week. You did what you could and that rocks!!

  10. Hope you continue to recover--I wouldnt feel too bad aobut not completing the workout--you were DOWN and OUTTIE for over a week.

    Congrats on your win!! I think the office would be an awesome place to display your bling--might spark convo with your clients.

    Or, above your fireplace mantel!!

  11. I agree with misszippy, 22-25 mph is really hard to sustain in a 56 mile race, unless you're in a pack (which is prohibited in a tri) or an awesome flats/downhill course and an elite rider with a super-fast $5k+ bike. The computer will tell you your cadence, watch that closer than speed to train more efficiently. I was told by several cyclists to shoot for 90+ cadence. You then build speed when you gear up but keep the cadence high. That suggestion worked for me last summer for a shorter race and I was able to save some energy for the run.

  12. Congratulations on your win. You medals will be proudly displayed now!

  13. I prefer biking on the road to on a stationary bike times a billion. I always feel like riding a stationary bike is too hard, no matter what speed I'm going.


You're pretty much awesome!!


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