Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Addition to the Race Schedge

So much is going on! Where do I start!!! Lets start with the most exciting new shall we????

1) SEATTLE ROCK n ROLLHere I come!!

That’s right folks! With all of your encouragement and ideas I got the courage to go for it! I am now a proud, VERY proud, member of Team In Training to raise money for American Cancer Society! Already I have been blown away by my friends and family! I will be running the half marathon on June 25 and could not be more excited! If you want to check out my DetermiNation page click HERE. Already I have received donations and I told Jill-Running to Sanity-it is like Christmas when I receive a donation! It is funny how excited I get! I never imagined it could feel this good!

2) My Friday surprise has not yet arrived. It will be here-later.  so for those of you who remembered and care I will hopefully be posting about my surprise in the morning!

3). Rest. Today I took a rare and elusive rest day. Literally. I stayed up way too late last night, so late that Mel-Tall Mom had to tell me to go to bed (see? I don’t call her mom for nothing!)! I took LB to school and came home and crawled back into bed with the Hubs (he has a four day weekend) and didn’t get up again until 11:40 AM. WHAT? Kind of embarrassing now that I put that out there! Man, what a sloth! Oh well. I take my rest days VERY seriously.

4) I am running the Seattle Rock n Roll half!! Oh did I say that already? Either way I am PUMPED and can’t wait to have a reunion with a jillion friends! A hotel room has been reserved for the night before with RED and I WILL be seeing all of my PNW running buddies without a doubt! Be ready! It’s gonna be clutch (that’s right Blonde Ponytail! I said clutch.)

5). I saw this today:


I asked him if I could take a picture and he obliged, he even tipped his hat. The front windshield said “Papa Smurf”. Classic.


6.) Tomorrow I will be up and at ‘em (or is it Up and Adam?) for 10 miles!! I’m strangely excited. Is that weird? Didn’t think so. Do you ever get excited for your runs? With all the marathon training going on lately I am having serous marathon envy. It’s real folks. Don’t you doubt it. I remember reading about others having it and thinking, “That is crazy. I’ll never catch that.” Well, I am here to tell you it is real and I have it. I am afraid the only treatment is to actually train for and run another marathon. I was a split second away from registering for Seattle RnR FULL but the Hubs talked me off that ledge, reminding me of my 1/2 Iron barely a month before. I just don’t have the time to commit to full marathon training on top of 1/2 Iron. OBX in November will be my 2011 full…and not that I think about it there is still a month of 2011 after that! I should start hunting for 2011 Marathon #2 in December!

Any good December marathons out there? I’d love to hear about them!

Well, peace out homies! Have a wonderful weekend!! And thank you all for encouraging me to take a huge leap of faith and go for the Team in Training!


  1. You are coming back for the Seattle half-mary!!! omigosh--I HAVE to do this race or at least cheer!!! That would be CLUTCH!!! Especially if we ran in Spankies!!!

    I will be "Up and ADAM" (I hear Adma is really hawt) tomorrow to complete 20 miles--what the heck?

    Count on a donation from me. In fact, I think you should link it to your sidebar, so when your CLUTCH peeps stalk you, they are reminded to donate. That would be CLUTCH!

  2. YES!!!!
    About all of it, YES!!!
    You MUST come out for Seattle! It will be totally clutch, you're right!

    ADAM is hawt? Totally will be up and Adam tomorrow then!!

    And let me figure out how the heck to add the donation thing to my sidebar. Standby for like a jillion days while I work on that!

  3. Yay for Seattle Rock & Roll!! Maybe i'll see you out on the course! Run to Remember will be out in full force too!

    We just found out yesterday one of our closest friends has cancer :(
    I plan to donate to in his honor.

  4. yay you for joinging team in training and for running the rock n roll half marathon!! not to mention June 25th is an awesome date!!! (I'm getting married that saturday!) ;)

  5. Cynthia, I will certainly be looking for you all and the flags on the course. That was the most amazing thing last year! Brought a tear to my eye!

    Zaneta-so what your saying is that you wont be joining us for the race? =) Congrats!! I'll run a mile for YOU and your new hubby and for a beautiful marriage!!! =)

  6. ummmmmm okay I have to meet you! yay for registering! I'm going back and forth on it...

  7. Well, if you decide to do it that would be awesome!! But I'll be spending some time in T-Town for sure! We must connect!

  8. Woohoo for RnR and TnT!! Have a great run tomorrow and a super weekend!

  9. Whoot! Congrats! Nothing like going back to your old stompin' grounds!

    As for me, I am seriously contemplating the Savannah RnR 1/2 ...only because I have never been to Savannah and this year my vacations will be across the US doing races...just because!

  10. Is it weird that I'm almost as excited as you are that you are coming back to do the Seattle RnR?
    See, I didn't find your blog in time to actually meet you before you moved. I may have shed a tear when you left the PNW (I'm in Kitsap Co)
    I'm doing the North Oly Discovery Half on June 5 (my very first EVER) and so long as I don't die, I have every intention of running the RnR half as well.
    Can I meet you? Pretty pretty please? I promise not to stalk you (too much) ;)
    ~Jessica (there seem to be a lot of Jessicas out here in running blogland, no?)

  11. Jessica-you are TOO funny!! Good luck with the Discovery Half! I hear it is beautiful!! And hilly!! We should TOTALLY meet!! I am sure we will have some concrete plans develop over the next couple of months as far as dinner plans and meet up plans for before and after the race!!! It will be amazing!! Stay in touch for sure!

    Jan-when is Savannah??? Care for the humidity! A year traveling the country doing races sounds amazing! I recommend ANY race in the Seattle area! And of course the OKC Memorial half would be awesome too!

  12. Seattle RNR is going to be EPIC!

  13. I like how the hubs had to steer you away from the full marathon. haha We are a slightly masochistic breed, aren't we?

    Unfortunately (or possibly "luckily") no one is here to do the same for me, so I'm planning a half and a full marathon prior to my July half-Iron. We shall see how that goes. I might need a mother figure myself by the time this is over with. haha

    Hope your ten miles today were amazing!

  14. Looking forward to your surprises! Wow, you're running for The American Cancer Society. I'm so proud of you too. You re making a big difference in the world by helping cure cancer in a way.

  15. White Rock in Dallas. Great December marathon. I'd be glad to be your hotel. :-)

  16. Lets do the Half.. Hmm need to convince hubby to let me register... It would be OK to drive the car but more fun to run.

    You didnt text me about the Smurf car?? I thought we had an understanding, I have shared the BL guy on the Harley and the Minivan with the Unicorn..

    I was just amazed you were still awake, I was happy but knew you needed the ZZZZZZ.. Yes Mom to the end..

    Love ya!!!

  17. LOVE the smurf-mobile! Too cool! It's good to really rest on your rest day so good job! I do get super excited to run sometimes. It feels really good when I get that way!! Can't wait to read about the surprise!


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