Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Owe, owe, owe…


I (almost) always run in a hat. Today I did not. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Talk about a punch-me-in-the-face decision.

Today I had a 40 min tempo run on the schedule. Tempo runs are ridiculously hard for me unless I am on a treadmill where I can control the speed methodically. I know it’s something I need to work on, it’s mostly mental for me. I’ll get to it-one of these days. Anywho, the weather was way too nice (about 65 degrees) to be on the mill so I decided to hit up the track. Without my hat

I started running, around and around, thinking about tempo…tempo run, temmmmmmp-o.  Nope. Not gonna happen. I had 40 min to spend on the track and I decided to sprint the straightaways and jog the curves.  Then I got bored of that after 1.5 miles and decided to sprint 200 yds with a 200 yd recovery. After about a mile of that I decided to sprint 400 yds with a recovery lap following. With about 8 min left I decided to cool it down. I ended my 40 min “tempo run” with 4.61 miles with an 8:40 min/mile pace. Not too shabby.

Not too shabby until I got sweat in my eyes. It burned like the dickens! Have you ever gotten sweat in your eyes? It hurt so bad! And with contacts there really isn’t much you can do…I searched the car for my eye drops and found my camera-next best thing-then found the drops.



After recovering from the sweat-in-the-eyes debacle  I vowed to always wear a hat/visor/80’s sweat band/anything and headed to the gym to lift some weights. The Hubs tried to get me to do some crazy workout, I can’t even begin to tell you about it. So I went and did my own thing; squats, straight leg dead lifts, bench, incline bench, curls, triceps, something else I forgot-I’m sure I’ll remember tomorrow when I can’t move that muscle.  I was immediately impressed with myself as soon I started to lift. I feel so much stronger! I hate feeling weak and today I felt strong!

 Booo yeah!

I made my way home and spent some good ole QT with Lazy Dog. He is so vicious….


Self-timers are like the best invention EVER. If it weren't for self-timers I am pretty sure there would be ZERO pictures of me.

Then, a surprise came. My Allied Medal Display I won from Stacie!!! Woot woot!!

Always Earned Never Given


I will find the perfect place for it this weekend, with the help of…..well, the help of someone and it’s a surprise! Remember the cliffhanger I left you all with? It is way more exciting for me but I just think it is fun to have a secret…don’t worry, you all will know on Friday! And no, it’s not Justin Bieber or Kara Goucher…


Any way, the medal hanger is here and I love it! I haven’t even hung it up yet nor have I displayed my precious hardware on it yet. But I love it! THANK YOU Stacie and THANK YOU Allied Medal Displays!


I had a request for a picture of the new haircut. (Totally, Marlene! Can’t believe I forgot when it was actually fixed). I’ll have to actually wash my hair and fix it for you to get a good idea. I’ll let you know as soon as I shower take a hot pic for you this weekend.

I miss the pool.  But not swimming this week has left me feeling like I have mad crazy free time! It is weird! Either way, I am ready to get back to it.

How was your workout today? Did you get sweat in your eyes?  Anyone have any awesome tricks for keeping it out of their eyes?

Thanks for all your ideas regarding our tropical vaca. We are still looking around but at least we have settled on a time…and it wont interfere with OBX Marathon training!! Or any other race I have planned thus far.

Today my dad started yet another round of chemo. Cancer sucks. I really want to do the Team in Training thing but I’m scared I wont be able to raise money. Anyone have tips on fundraising or ideas that have worked in the past. I really need to decide by Friday. I know it is a good cause and the $$$ could even help find a cure for my dad….Shoot I would pay the entire $1250 if it meant finding a cure for him… Cancer sucks, yep I know I already said that. Thanks to all of you who have been sending prayers and healing thoughts to my dad and our family. It really means a lot. You all are pretty much the best in whole wide world. And don’t you forget it!

And now I am spent. Tired. Worn out…pooped. I haven’t even looked at my workout plan for tomorrow but I know it will be a run and a bike. We will see what goes down!


  1. I've had sweat in my eyes and I wear contacts too and it SUCKS

    My workouts have been all screwed up which has made me moody. I'm ready to get back to it. I feel like i'm getting behind on my training which isn't a good feeling.

    I love the medal hanger! I want one!

    I'm sorry about your dad. Cancer really does suck. I will keep him in my prayers.
    If you were closer I would totally have a fundraising car wash with you! But besides that maybe you can post a link to a fundraising website on Facebook, Dailymile, your blog or any other social network to raise money?

  2. Hubby's has big sweat issues so I got him the HALO headband. It is the only thing that works for him.

    Tomorrow is my last easy run before the half. Can't wait to race. It has been over a year (because of bebe).

    Lovin this weather! I hope it sticks around.

  3. Sorry about your dad. I'm living it with you :-(

    As far as the $ can TOTALLY raise that amount of money...probably just by e-mailing/letter writing to friends and family and would possibly not even need to do a fundraising "event". I'm on my 4th year with TNT. The first year was $1600 and I was so was a piece of cake. The last three times I've had to raise $4000 and that also scared the crap out of me...but it always works out...

    I find training with TNT and raising money to find a cure helps me feel like I'm doing something when I feel so helpless with Mom and Michael's situations. It makes me stronger.

    I hope you'll consider it :-)

  4. sweat in the eyes hurts like a mofo. seriously. pain. I have that happen sometimes and then I feel like a rockstar fighting through the pain.

  5. i can't say I enjoy sweat in my eyes, but when it happens I know I had a good workout.

  6. PS
    about the fundraising thing: Could you do some stuff with a running club to help raise the money? Its always more fun to do things with groups (especially cool groups like runners).

  7. I think a great fundraiser is a 5k or another race like that. There are a million around here for different people with cancer - I assume it could be easy to organize. Good luck and cancer does suck!

  8. Ouch..way to rock out your tempooooo.yep I did..

    I believe that you will raise the money, I believe in you. I sponsored Virtual races and charged a fee. The people had a chance to win something provided by a company.. It was a good way to have fun and earn a few dollars. Sponsor a few and you never know. But dont wait, the longer you wait the less time you have and the more stress..

    Family, friends, bloggers, co-workers, past co-workers, hubbys co-workers...there are pockets of people who CARE and will donate..

    Love ya

  9. Amanda-
    You should call on people back home here in your dads Bass hospital, local businesses and his church. You could maybe even get a write up in the paper and attach a donation link...many of his farming friends may be interested...print up some shirts or sell some cancer bracelets... I think u could totally do it... Maybe even my doctor who took care of him that short time would donate... GOOD LUCK! Kelli

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I will pray for him and your entire family.
    My best friend just ran her 4th marathon for a charity- she really struggled with asking people for money, but she did it gracefully and without pressure. I would really urge you to chat with her!
    Great tempo run as well!!


  11. I sweat like crazy! Thank goodness I don't wear contacts because that would suck. Most of the time I just let my eyes burn because it takes my mind off my legs for a little bit. Sometimes I carry a cloth or lift my shirt (flashing everybody) and wipe the sweat!

    You could so raise a lot of money! You can do anything you put your mind to. (Already proved it!) I would, and I bet a lot of other followers would make a donation! I know the hardest thing about having a loved-one get sick is the feeling of "not being able to do anything". But if you did a fund raiser you would be doing something! Stay strong.

    I want to cut my hair... but I am scared. I always regret cutting it and Tim says it looks better long. When it is long, I always end up putting it up, doing nothing with it. Short hair forces me to do something... anything!

  12. I am a crazy sweater - always have been. I have to have a sweat band when I go running. For longer training runs I'll even carry an extra because I know I'll sweat right through one.

    I agree with Danny though - it's not fun, but sweating means you got that heartrate up and had a good workout.

    I can't say I've done the fundraising thing myself, but I have no doubt you can do it. With everyone here who HAS done it, you'll have plenty of great ideas! Best of luck. I lost both of my grandfathers to cancer, so I can certainly understand where you're coming from.

  13. Great workout!
    My dad has (had...maybe at this point as he is still recovering) cancer and IT DOES SUCK! I too have wanted to do the TNT thing but the fund raising thing scares me and like you if I knew there would be a cure tomorrow heck I throw in 3 times the amount they want you to raise (of course if cash were of the abundance in my house!).
    Anyway, good luck to you! And healing vibes for your dad.

  14. Yeah sweat in the eye is an owie! I am an always hat or band girl...partly because of the sweat and partly because of the crazy hair issue!

    I would say go for it with the fund raising! If you are passionate about it people will give. Cancer is something that has effect just about every single person in the world in one way or'll get the amount you need! I ran Boston by raising money for diabetes. People surprise you with their generosity. Plus you have all your bloggy friends! Prayers to your Dad!

  15. whoops. I forgot to tell you my two fund raising ideas that I've done in the past.
    1) Have a garage sale. I wanted to do this two years ago but had nothing to sell, so I asked family, friends, neighbors and even put an ad in my church's on line classifieds asking for donations of gently used items and I ended up making over $1000 at the garage sale!!!

    2) My kids and I went around to every house on only 3 streets in our neighborhood and left a note attached to a garbage bag asking people to donate bottles and cans for deposit return and we returned a few days later to pick up the donations that people left for us on their front step. We made over $250 doing that PLUS some people even donated cash or checks as well as bottles or cans. The kids had a blast and it really helped me reach my goal.

  16. Your hair looks REALLY good post track workout. Mine would be all matted and nasty!

    Love your medal hanger! Great choice on the words. Can't wait to see it all put together!!

  17. I had no idea about your dad. Sendng prayers, your, and his way. Bake Sales could be a way to raise money, but sharing your story onyoru blog and allowing you followers to donate would be great too.

    Kari@Jogging with Fiction hosted a virtual bake sale and some of us offered our "goods" as a way to help.

  18. We got word today.
    Coming to a Fayetteville near you!

  19. Email works wonders for fundraising. Just tell people what you're doing and thoroughly tell them WHY you're doing it. Don't be afraid to send an email out to your entire contact list ... you'll be surprised how many people will come through. My husband did a ride for cancer and a ride for diabetes and both times he raised well over $1,000!

  20. I used to wear contacts back in high school and I totally feel for you. It's something about the contacts, because I wear glasses now and sweat gets in my eyes all the time and it doesn't bother me that much. I remember it being very irritable with contacts, though.

  21. Oh, the sweat in the eyes really stinks! A friend of mine has this Buff headband I think it's called. Google it but it works for summer and winter. They look really cool! It would go well with your socks :)

    Prayers for your dad.

  22. Just read all the fundraising comments. I have struggled with the same idea. I want to raise money for cancer but I hate asking for money. I was thinking if I ran a half marathon, I could ask as many people as possible to donate $1 / mile so that's only $13.10 a person. Not too much from one guy but A LOT when you add it all up. I also considered "selling" names on a racing shirt. For a donation (say $20) you can have a loved ones name printed on the shirt that you would wear during the race. Something like "I'm running for..."

    I'll do it if you will!

  23. You were given so many wonderful ideas! I am so happy for you I saw you committed let me know if you do any fund-raising. We will talk!
    Love ya and miss ya!


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