Monday, February 7, 2011

Step into my office…

Join me as I procrastinate my weekly reports and flirt with the idea of a rest day….

Rest day? You say…I know, I’m trying to be smart here. I believe a rest has been earned but I could swim today and pass  on the spin class. But I kinda want to go to spin. It is so hard when I actually want to work out.

This weekend was madness! Saturday it was raining cats and dogs, seriously. We got 57 new puppies running around. Ok, not really but it was pouring buckets, so different from the PNW rain that I loathed running in. I was not going out in the deluge of wetness that was happening. I kept pushing off my 9 mile run. Finally around 3:30 it cleared up and the Hubs was headed to the private gym at his work (la-te dah…) so I came along.

Around his work is a 1.5 mile wooded trail and I can make a small detour that makes the loop 2.11 miles. I hate running circles, have I mentioned that? I set out for 9 miles. I felt a few drops of rain and decided that if it started pouring I would be fine with one lap but alas, the rain held off.

I ran, blew snot rockets, coughed, loosened my speed laces, ran slower, got hot, and ran some more. It was a miserable run. My hip flexors started aching and my calves were tight. I realized I was increasing my mileage too much too soon. I haven't been running as much as I should. I decided to cut the run to 7.5 miles. Done and done. I made it back to the car where Hubs and LB were done with their working out and we headed home.  In the warm car I started to cough. I couldn’t stop. I felt like a freaking giant was sitting on my chest, like it was tight and closed. I couldn't breath, couldn’t stop coughing, couldn’t catch my breath. It was the kind of coughing that gags you, makes you almost puke.  It was so weird to me, that is what it must be like to have asthma. Awful!!! I rolled the window down and stuck my face out into the cold air, I felt like a dog but it was the only way I could breath.  Once we finally made it home I took a couple puffs of Albuterol and my chest was finally opening up and I could breath.

Sunday was bike day. I  had 45 miles on the plan but all three of us (my Triple Threat riding biddies) were sick last weekend and missed our 35 mile ride so we opted for 35 miles this weekend plus there was a little thing called the Super Bowl coming on at 6. Priorities people, priorities.

I had started out in the neighborhood with hopes of riding the 7 mile loop around our house but the cars were just flying by, going at least 65-75 mph on a 50 mph road. There are too many trees and curves to be able to safely ride or run on that street. I couldn’t even turn out of the neighborhood onto the main road. So I headed to the AFB where I could ride around the airfield, safe from stupid cars (with stupid drivers) who have no concept of exercise and sharing the road with runners OR bikers. Jerks. But that is another story…

Once there I met Breaking Pace, or rather parked by her car. She was somewhere around the loop so I headed out with hopes of catching her. I rode hard! I had no idea how far ahead she was or if I could catch her but I wanted the challenge plus I also wanted to see how fast I could go on a flat course (apparently my hope of 22-25 mph is a bit ambitious???That is the good thing about being a noob, ignorance is bliss…). I was happy to see a steady 18-19 mph on the Garmin. My average for the first 7 miles was 18.6 mph with 320 ft elevation gain and 324 elevation loss. My max speed was 24.7 mph. I’m certain that was on the 324 ft of downhill….When I go downhill I feel like that pig in the commercial, you know what I’m talking about, where he’s hanging out the window yelling, “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

I found Breaking Pace, or more like she was waiting for me at the end of the loop. We rode a second loop together, riding with company is so much more enjoyable. At the end of the second loop we said our farewells (she was hosting a Super Bowl party later) and I went on for a third loop. All together I hit 23 miles  at 16.6 mph average. A far cry from the 22-25 mph but I’ll take anything from 18-20, seriously.

I need to get G.Money fixed. The pin in the band broke . Here is my temporary solution:


Pretty good huh?

And the best thing about being sick? I get a new toothbrush!


It’s the little things people, the little things!

Did you all watch the Super Bowl?? 

What was your favorite Super Bowl snack???? Thought I was going to say commercial didn’t you? I thought they were kind of lame this year, the snacks on the other hand….DElish! We had cheese dip to dive into, brownies, and a cupcake that I wanted to the whole game through but never got around to eating…



  1. OH my gosh!! Woman! I sincerely hope you feel better soon. I'm glad your cycling [...biking?? bike ride?? I'm an idiot] went well, hopefully your next run follows suit.

    Husband made a ridiculously amazing cheese dip yesterday. UGH. My favorite part about the superbowl, was the part where it ENDED. ;)

  2. My chest hurts just from reading about the coughing. Wow! I dont ever want to be that sick. Glad you are back at it though. The training will make you feel better for sure.

    Peanut Butter cookies with bacon. Gluten free by the way. yum! and pulled pork sliders with bacon slaw. We had a bacon theme super bowl party...

  3. That's great how you fixed your Garmin. Sorry you haven't been feeling well.
    I was good during the Super Bowl and had Baked Lays. Luckily, we were home alone, away from temptation.

  4. Great job on your workouts and LOL at the new toothbrush!

  5. I was driving from Idaho to WA so didn't get to enjoy any super bowl snacks.. lame!
    I know just the cough your talking about! I was sick a few weeks ago and still have a nagging cough that sometimes flares up after a run.
    Amazon sells the wrist straps. I'm actually thinking about getting the velco straps for mine cause the regular straps are a little too big and uncomfortable for my wrist.

  6. The commercials WERE pretty lame this year. So was the half-time show.

    The cough will go away with more built up endurance. I always cough a ton when I start out (or back up) with my run training - it's a cardio thing. Your lungs will adapt and be fine.

  7. I didnt see a second of the game, or commercials...sounds like I didnt miss much :)

  8. As simple as it sounds, changing out your toothbrush does help. Sounds like you deserve a rest day.

  9. hahah! You always crack me up!! :) My favorite super bowl snack was the gauc dip, but I had a bucket-o-cookies and candy. Holy food baby! Yuck!

    Glad you are feeling better and listening to your body!! Genius fix up on G!!

  10. My favorite super bowl snack, hands down, is buffalo wings. Sadly, there weren't any this year, which means I'll have to go get some this week to satisfy my craving.

  11. I love your blog! You are so funny. I found you through Jodi H at runjodirun. Seriously, you are too funny. Nice fix for your watch! My fave superbowl snack was the chili I made. So good!! The commercials were super lame this year!

  12. Made my day to see your jeep parked next to mine, riding biddies = motivation! :)

    AGREED the commercials were lame this year. As far as snacks, oh my, oh my, do I have to pick just one?? I think my favorite part was Ian and Levi playing though!

  13. LOL. G Money definitely needs a repair.

    No game day snacks, but I did make game day chili!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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