Sunday, February 13, 2011

Niner, Niner Ran an Outsider…

I have no idea, just go with it…..

Let the sun shine…Let the sun shine!

I opened the windows, aired out the house and gave my plants some much needed sunshine.


There was only one casualty. LB and Lazy Dog saved the day…


Yesterday was so beautiful!  It truly was a Spanky kind of day… (I’ve decided. I’m going to try on a pair, just try them on…just to see what it’s like). I thought I was going to have to spend an hour and 20 min on a treadmill but alas I got an outside run in!! Yeah me!!

The Hubs got home from his school around 2 o’clock and I headed out for 9 miles in my Green Moving Comfort jacket (courtesy of Mel-Tall Mom! A gift received on our Las Vegas trip!! Thanks Mel! It was the perfect weight for a 54 degree day with a nice chilly breeze! Plus, now that I think about it, this green color will be off the hook with some bight colored spankies! SCORE!), Running skirt, speed laces in my shoes (loving them!), and my first run in my new CEP compression socks (review coming soon).


Ugh, our poor yard, or lack there of. I have some work to do this spring….


9 miles done 1:24.52.

About 1 mile in I usually run a small cul-de-sac twice. I run to the end, back and then back again. This time I saw a car parked on the curb that I hadn’t seen before. My first pass I noticed the baby infant carrier car seat and mentally noted the pink blankets and thought  “Awe, someone has a baby girl.” It was my second pass that I noticed the tiny pink shoes and legs in the carrier!

Uh???  I stopped-windows up. I stared in for a minute. She was sleeping peacefully. At least I hoped she was sleeping and not dead. But it wasn’t THAT hot, it was only 54 degrees. A neighbor walked out of her house to get the mail and I asked her if she new the car, she didn’t. I told her there was a baby in there and she flipped out! Rightfully so.

I was turning to walk up the driveway to knock on the door of the house when a guy walked out of the garage and I think I startled him.

Me: “Is that your baby in the car?”

Guy: “Yeah.”

Me: “Ok, I was worried about her.” -Maybe that baby’s momma should kick your butt….

Guy: “Oh.”

Me: “Ok.” And I turned to run again.

I left G. Money going the whole time.

It was a nice, beautiful day! I can’t lie and say I have never left my child in the car. But never as a tiny baby I don’t think. And if I did, in my own driveway I would leave the car running and the door open, to let any concerned people know I was running in to grab something and running back out-30 seconds max. But man, I just had no idea how long the baby had been in the car, at least 4 minutes since I was on my second pass of the cul-de-sac.  That was  almost the extent of the excitement of yesterday’s run.

I got brave and wanted to hit the main road outside of the safety of my neighborhood. I just wanted to run the half mile down the hill to the river and back. ONE mile outside of my safe-haven. Is that too much to ask? Yes, yes it is. I didn’t even make it 200 yards before I turned around and headed back to my neighborhood. I was on the side of the road where there was about two feet of grass on a steep slope then about a 5 foot drop to a deeeep ditch. I kept imaging myself slipping and falling, or having to quickly sidestep to avoid getting hit by a side mirror of a fast driving jerk driver. My heart rate was up about 23 beats per minute while I was outside of my safety net…I turned back into the neighborhood and immediately felt calmer and safe.

After the run I finished up my workout with P90x Ab Ripper. My abs were still sore from doing the workout earlier in the week. I’m working my way up to three times a week.

For today I need to get on the trainer for at least a 2 hour ride. Again I wish I could get outside and ride, maybe I’ll pull out the bike trailer and haul LB around. Now THAT would be a workout.

LB has been pretending to be a surfer in Hawaii all weekend.  Its got me longing for a beach, warm sand, warm water, hot sun….I am ready for summer or at least a vacation! How about you?! Any vacation plans coming up? Where is your favorite vaca spot!!?


Beach in southern Italy….

Lots of mixed reviews regarding the spankies. You all cracked me up! I have to be honest, they are growing on me. I can’t wait for summer (see above paragraph)! I’m going to sport some for sure!


  1. first to comment two days in a row...i promise im not a stalker! wow, thats crazy about the baby in the car. how hard is it to carry the carrier in geez! we should do a spankie photo contest, i so want some now...just for fun!

  2. I'm jealous of your outdoor run. We've still got multiple feet of snow covering any runnable area here in CT and just as you prefer to stay within your safety net, I prefer not running on the yellow lines, haha.

    As sad as it is (since I'm a huge fan of Winter), I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can get back outside to run and bike. Maybe I just need to move. haha This could be why no real endurance athletes live in cold climate areas.

  3. i want to be in any of those photos !!!

  4. I can't believe that guy was so relaxed about the baby being in the car! How scary!!! Oh I want summer to be here so badly! I am tired of this cold wetaher! My favorite vacation spot is anywhere warm with a beach. Preferably Key West.

  5. I got to run outside yesterday too...It was great! It really re-energized me for running. All this week it is supposed to be nice too :) So here is hoping that we get some more opportunities to run outside.

  6. Niner will always make me think of Tommy Boy!

    I am so happy you got some SPANKIES!! The brighter the BETTER! Love the pic of Lazy Dog resting his head in your hand during the sig pose!

    So, yeah. I have ta-ta-ta-twenty miles next week! I am following the FIRST approach from Run Less Run Faster that calls for 3 runs/week and the long run mileage jumps up fast! Yikes!

  7. Funny reading about your little foray outside of your neighborhood. I live next to a 2-lane country highway with almost no shoulder and a ditch, I'll do some long runs on that, so I'm kinda used to cars going by at 60 mph. Can be scary at times, ie. cars coming from both directions and one of them is a semi.

  8. that's great that you were able to run outside. i'm jealous- i still have a quite a ways before i can do that here (i'm a bit of a winter wimp) :)! really weird about the baby- wonder what the dad was thinking?

  9. Ran outside this weekend too. It was great, but it sure pissed some people off. I'm sure they had lots of very important places to go that my presence was keeping them from though...

  10. Hey you! You look so great on those skirts! Omg, it's only February and you're already able to wear one of those? I remember when I was living in NY and February was covered with snow and depression around my life lol.

    Holy cow! Who the hell leaves a baby alone in the car? :S

    Vacation? I'm currently on vacation LOL. I was at the beach a few weeks ago (specifically, this beach:

    How does Brazil sound as a vacation spot for ya? :)

  11. oh I want to go on vacation again. sounds like a nice niner despite randoms leaving their kids in cars. so not right!

  12. Awesome on the outside run! Sooo jealous that you can open the windows and wear shorts right now. I need Spring.

  13. Ooh, where in southern Italy? That's our fave vacay spot too! Usually go once every 18-24 months. Planning to go in April.


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