Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yoga and Water Aerobics

My plan said that today was supposed to be stretch and strength. It turned out to be water aerobics and yoga. The H2Ox was non-negotiable since I teach it on Thursdays BUT...

Whose idea was it to do YOGA today?

Well, whose ever it was it was a GOOD one (thanks AN the RB). Today for 1 hour and 15 min it was downward dog, eagle pose, half moon balancing pose, forward fold, uttanasana, tree pose, and so so many more that I cannot pronounce. I am going to try to add this to my weekly training. Last year around this time I was going about twice a week and felt like I was doing pretty well, until some crazy yoga chicks (no offense if you are a crazy yoga chick) came in and were wrapping themselves up like noodles and standing on their hands all sorts of craziness. THAT was not me. I was doing the easy modification and they were like talking to Buddha or something. It was amazing.

Here are a few things I considered during yoga today:

-Hmm, maybe I could try to like really get into yoga and be an instructor or something.

-That might be really hard to do

-How in THE WORLD is that woman doing that?

-Did I shave my pits, because this poor instructor is adjusting my shoulders and it can’t be pretty (sorry way bendy yoga dude).

-I really REALLY need to bring my own yoga mat because putting my face on this thing is really grossing me out.

-Um…this move might make me need to toot !

-How embarrassing and who can I blame it on?

-Yeah, so those 5 chicks over there must be gymnasts because, well it is obvious.

-I can’t wait to run tomorrow.

So tomorrow it is back to running!

Today I am grateful:
-that my little running buddy is doing so great in swimming lessons!
-that yoga was awesome and I actually like the mental and meditation part of it too.
-that some people in this world are creative and artistic.

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  1. GREAT post...I am a huge fan of stream on mind posts.

    I tried yoga once and failed big time...have never tried it sense then. Will I see you this weekend?


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