Friday, August 28, 2009

I think therefore I am...

getting FASTER!

Man, it seems like track and speed work is all that I am doing these days. For starters when my little man is not in preschool it is just easier to go to the track or use the dreadmill at the YMCA. I have officially retired the jogging stroller. Ugh! That reminds me of the couple I saw when I was running my 10 miles of hills. This couple must have been smoking crack or something (which I absolutely DO NOT CONDONE even if it does enable one to do things this couple was doing). Each one was pushing a ridiculous running stroller with a half grown person in it! These kids were at least 6 and 8. WHAT? Are you kidding me? These kids could have been on bicycles riding beside their parents but no, this couple clearly wanted a challenge. And then, as we were driving away I saw them racing each other across a hilly grass patch…PUSHING their grade-schoolers in strollers. I will not be that parent. Ever.

Anywho…today I hit the track for my 400m sprints, six of them with a slow recovery jog between each. I was pretty happy with my times:

1. 1.31
2. 1.33
3. 1.39
4. 1.45
5. 1.44
6. 1.49

Total distance: 3.17 miles
Total Calories: 317 (that is bogus, I worked my a#$ off today for what? To burn half a cookie?!)
Max Heart rate: 184

Here is a question for you, my bloggie buddies, do any of you know anything about heart rate training? Or even a link to a blog about heart rate training would be awesome!

Here are a couple of pictures of my little running buddy helping me stretch today. Unfortunately I was not able to hit up yoga today. Something about having no skin on my palms does not make for a good yoga day

Today I am grateful for:
4 Days until the hubs comes home!
An awesome day on the track with fast times!
My NEW vacuum cleaner!
An awesome giveaway over at Tall Mom on The Run! Head on over there, become a follower and leave a comment telling her that I sent you for your chance to win some sweet iZumi running shorts! And they are smokin'!
Run Happy!

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  1. I don't have a site for heart rates but I've read something in my book that I use for my 10K training:

    60-75% = light training
    75-85% = average training
    85-95% = heavy training
    of your maximum heart rate.

    I don't know if this any help to you.

  2. Excellent splits on the 400's!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Sounds like you are a busy gal...running and being a mom...your yoga buddy is a doll!
    It was fun visiting..keep up the great sprint times!

  4. GOOD JOB SPEEDY! Track work is tedious but such a fun time for the kiddos.. Our double jogger is pretty loaded with LARGE kiddos, but they are still toddlers so I think we are OK.. Once they can ride bikes all bets are off.

    No tips on heartrate training.

    I am SURE you burned more than 300 calories..

    Thanks for the PLUG :) You have been a big help getting to 200..

  5. Maybe the couple actually wants to run more than 1/2 mile, or at a speedy pace. I take my kids on bikes, scooters, whatever, but they stop to rest, speed ahead and get lost, drag behind, look at bugs, etc. Sometimes its just easier to push. Not that I could push Grace anymore, but that's why I usually go by myself.

    As for the heartrate training, here's what I know: you take your resting heartrate over the course of a day or two at different times to then get an average. Then you set your target heartrate as a percentage about your resting heartrate. I don't know the percentages, but you could find it online. (or you could use the percentages someone above posted-those sound right to me, if you find your resting & max heartrate). I'll look into it a bit more. There's a chart on the wall at the Y. I'm going in a while, I'll see what i can find out.

  6. Thanks Amber! I will start logging my heart rate and let you know!

  7. I also love working out. I think I am addicted. Thank God it's not to crack.

  8. I love kid-and-mom workout pics!! I do hr-based workouts when I'm on the spinning bike. I just alternate between working out at 85% max hr, and then recovering until I'm down to about 65% max HR....sort of like interval training. I imagine this could work on a track too.... You ARE getting faster!!! :):):)

  9. That was a sprint tri, and actually I was in the second wave so technically my time was 1:15 something. I'm sure it was a short tri though because I was not amazingly fast. I did well with swimming and biking but I had some trouble with my knee so running was tough. About your post- I can't believe those people were pushing grade schoolers, no thanks!

  10. Hey Amanda,
    Catching up on a week's reading tonight. Where to begin???

    Girl, love the toes, and yes, I think the ode may have done you in. Since reading from the top and getting the crash stats first, I kind of ooohhhed and awed when I got to the part about them giving you balance, keeping you from falls. Jinx! Ouch!

    If you haven't already, check out for reliable HR info - such a useful site.

    Yes, I agree - Caution: Redhead Running will def appreciate your predicament (and put her own spin on it!).

    Totally on your countdown 'til hubs gets home -so cool!

    Sounds like your training is kicking a**... you inspire me! :)

    Good news on the job front: keep us posted!

    LOVE the photos - keep 'em coming. :)

    Headed out for a short run tomorrow - first one in 2(!!!) weeks...hope I can breathe.

    Rock on, friend!

  11. Awww I love the pics! I hope those palms heal up quick!


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