Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 1 of NO SUGAR. A bust.

Wow. So cutting sugar from my diet is way harder than I ever imagined. I cannot believe how much sugar is in nearly everything! I was surprised to see it was in my plain yogurt that I love to eat with granola. While I did do a lot better today than I would normally have done I have decided to cut back on sugar. I think if I cut back on the seriously sugary things like cake, cookies, and my newest love Nutella I will do better. Seriously, I have no idea where my sweet tooth came from but I have been living with it for years. As long as I can remember anyway. So I guess I will have a hard time quitting cold turkey, I need to ween myself. I am ok with that! After all I made a Spiderman birthday cake for my son's small party tomorrow night. So I have revised my plan, cut sugar by 90%. How is that? Hard to measure accurately but still a good start!

On a running note I got my 10 miles in this morning! YIPEE! My running partner has been out of town for the last two weeks and I was in Italy for three weeks leading to her vacation so needless to say we had a LOT of catching up to do! So much catching up that the first 6 miles were easy breezy. Then we hit The Hill and our talking slowed and we ran in silence, urging each other up that ridiculous hill with sheer will power. I felt pretty good; hot, thirsty, but good. I ran with my fuel belt for the second time ever. I am just not a fan of it. It is the one with four small bottles but I took two off for today. I paid 40 bucks for that thing and honestly it is the most annoying thing to run with. It slips, it slides, it moves around and my shirt gets stuck under it or over it. It is all over the place. The only good thing is that I was able to hydrate. So if anyone has any alternative fuel belts that they use fill me in. I am up to try and review anything!

Oh and I almost forgot! How exciting is this: This weekend marks one year since my first half marathon!! Last year I ran the Tacoma Narrow Half and it was rough! I had never ran 13.1 miles before in my life! The farthest I had trained was 10. I think I will blog about that tomorrow! So check back if you want to hear about me running into a brick wall at 10 miles one year ago! Man, I can't believe how far i have come (as I pat my own back because the only one here to do it for me is my son and I just put him in bed)! I am going to celebrate a year of running! A huge cup of ice water and blue berries! Yummmm....

My Gratitude Journal:
1. I am grateful that I had a good run today.
2. I am SO grateful that I have found such great friends here in the last 2 years, friends like these usually takes years to foster and I have them now. :)
3. I am grateful for my job even though my hours are measly, it could be worse.
4. I am grateful for my son's 4th birthday tomorrow!
5. I am grateful that it is almost time to go to sleeeeep!


  1. Well earned sleep. My buddy Jill just ran the Narrows 1/2... I look forward to hearing your experience.. Good job on the 10 miler, with hills.. I need more hilly training runs.. Where do you run?

  2. Ugh! I run here in Tacoma. There are some serious steep hills and some long gradual hills! Makes my calves scream but it feels oh so good!

  3. Yah, Tacoma gives you plenty of hills to train on! Come over here will wish you hadn't!!

    What did you think about the Tacoma Narrows? It was kind of hard? Don't you think? The end was nice because it was down hill but there was very little flat!

  4. Oh yes, Jill. It was hard!! I think it was as hard as the Seattle Half. Did you do the Rock n Roll half? I bet that was hard too! If you are looking for a good one Super Jock n Jill was great. A bit of a hilly part for about 2 miles in the middle but it is up and down up and down. Nice to have a change up. It is Labor Day usually.


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