Saturday, August 29, 2009

COMMANDO: That’s How I Roll

Oh yes, this may come as a shocker to some but I do not wear underwear when I run, or work out for that matter…IF I am wearing the fabulous shorts with underwear built in. I have heard some clatter about this topic on some comments to Tall Mom on the Run and some questioning the reasoning over at Caution:Redhead Running and thought I would throw my $.2 in.

Here is the deal. Last year I was wearing my nice cotton underwear (what they say women should wear because of sweat and gross things that can happen if you chose to wear nice little satin panties or other fabric when you work out) with my Nike Dri-Fit running shorts (LOVE them!) They are my go-to running shorts. If I run in shorts they are the only style I wear. And they come in at least 50 different color combinations! It is pretty hard to chose which ones to buy, so I usually pick up 2 or three at a time. You can NEVER have too many (this is why I need a job!)!

Oh, anyway...I was wearing underwear with the fabulous shorts and I was going out of my mind because of the friction and honestly the dreaded shorts-up-the thigh-and-bunching-in-my-crotch issue (anyone else know what I am talking about?!). This would cause serious chaffing. Part of this I am convinced was due to my larger thighs that I am proud to say have slimmed up a bit since then. But the major factor was the the UNDERWEAR and built-in undies combo! The liner is polyester, which is good for allowing our special space to breath. There really is no reason to wear underwear, unless you are super opposed to going COMMANDO! I found that when I don't wear underwear with these shorts there is less friction and less shorts up the thighs. You should give it a try and let me know how it goes!!

Here are some pictures of the shorts that I wear and do not wear underwear with and check out the liner and awesome little pocket that fits a driver's licence, an iPod, and a car key or door beeper. :

The Addidas shorts (the pink ones) are my least favorite. They just are not flattering on me. They are a little longer and straight where the Nike Dri-Fit flair out a bit in all the right places and make your legs look a little skinnier. The Brooks are AWESOME spandex! And frankly there is no room for underwear when it comes to spandex. I never wear underwear with my spandex shorts or my tights. But be careful if you are stretching in the spandex with no undies! Sometimes the crotch has a bit of a meshy material for breathability (if you are confused as to WHY your crotch needs to breath just leave me a comment, I bet Amber can explain it to us! HA!). And check out the sweet little pocket on the Brooks shorts too! It has a zipper so you can be certain your key, money, ID, whatever wont fall out. It is also on the outside of the back of the shorts.

Well, yesterdays workout was a bear! Rarrrrrrr! I had an easy three miles on the dreadmill and then strength training. I love lifting weights! I destroyed my legs though with squats, dead lifts, and lunges. So today will be another light day, maybe three miles or maybe I will swim since I have my eye on the Kirkland Traithlon in September.

Today I am grateful:
-that the hub will be home in 2 nights!
-for a lazy Saturday!
-for some sweet things I "won" (i.e. got to buy) at my son's Montessori Silent Auction last night!
-that Oh-So-Sore feeling that means I have been workn' it!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND and Run Happy!


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  1. I will not be explaining anything of the sort. Unless you want to put me on retainer as your medical consultant.

  2. I love it! I've been wondering if I should wear underwear with my compression I went commando one day this week and lets just say the seem up the middle of the shorts was a NO GO!! So, I bought a pair of ridiculously-priced-Patagonia sport underwear. Seemed to work well today! I never wear undewear with my shorts with the built in liner though. Thanks for the encouragement on my 16-miler today. Recap posted! :-)

  3. Ow...that's hot! ;)

    In all seriousness, that how I roll too. The only time I wear undies is when I'm boxing for fear that while I'm moving around, doing slips, or even working with the bags, that my shorts will fall. That would be SO not good! hahaha

    Thanks for checking out my photos. I just added some more this afternoon. Actually, the ones from Italy were taken in Rome. I have some from Rome, then Nice and Paris France! :)

  4. YEP I concur 100% I DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR when I run!!! Thanks for letting this taboo topic be the highlight of this wonderful post.. 2 days until hubby!! WOWZERS!

  5. I do wear underwear but I'm not running in shorts. Maybe next summer I'll buy some Nike shorts as you are so enthousiastic about it. I'll come back to you then if I do or don't wear underwear :)

    Have a nice Sunday!

  6. Amanda, I now look up to you in yet one more way. Not only are you an amazing running inspiration, but I can offically say I will never have an qualms about blog topics after this one. I love it. :)

  7. Ha ha Joelle! Careful when you look up!! :) couldn't resist!

    What in the world are you up to at this crazy hour?!??!?!

    So glad you found my blog chica!!

  8. Oooh, I walked into that for the late hour, I can't seem to even start getting to bed before midnight. Something about beginning seminary has caused a case of over-active brain.
    What I should probably do is putting in more miles with my Brooks during the day to wear me out for bed! I think I shall attempt 2 miles tomorrow, aren't you proud? :)

  9. Amanda,

    My delayed comment is by no means a lack of attention to your topic: I GOT IT!! Thnx for the panty primer... seems you hit upon a rather hot topic, indeed. So glad I posed the question over at Tall Mom on The Run & jumped in at CAUTION: Redhead Running, to um.... 'open the door' for discussion. I am a self-described newbie runner, and these things well, need to be aired out. Ha Ha! Okay, enough, already! Thanks for providing the details. I'm glad to hear from others about this, too. Clearly, it wasn't just me wondering! And clearly, it took YOU to give us the specifics. (No one was going there, really.)

    As for my own running experiences, I took your advice (all of you guys!), and bought several pairs of 'real' running shorts recently. I've joined the club... that's all I'm sayin'! (No spandex, though - not yet, anyway...) Though Mel's working on me. :)

    P.S. - Yes, the Nike shorts are AWESOME!

  10. I'm going back in time trying to motivate myself to do a 7 mile rung and I had to comment. If you love the Nike shorts (like I do) check out I have tons of the Nike shorts and after a similiar no underwear conversation with my best friend she bought me a running skirt. I swear the only thing better then those shorts is doing 5 miles in a mini skirt


You're pretty much awesome!!


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