Thursday, August 6, 2009

On a Brighter Note!

Well first of all I have no running to report.
Someone smack me please!
No really.
What is up?
I cannot get motivated!
I am failing miserably in my sugar challenge AND I have had a lousy running week! Today my son got sick again so there was no time for running, although I did get in my hour of water aerobics. I had planned on jumping out of the pool and heading to the treadmill for an easy 5 but when I got to the locker room I realized I had forgotten my shoes! UGH! I had even reminded myself before I left the house..."Get your running shoes!" And well, I forgot. Some days it is all I can do to get out the door in time to get to class on time (I am the instructor so I kinda need to be there).

On a brighter note, I ordered a sweet Bibkeeper last Friday and it arrived!!

I am so mad because I cannot for the life of me find the blog I read that pointed me toward this cool keepsake for our race bibs. It is lost in cyber space! So if you have seen it, or if it was your blog, let me know so I can head back over there and thank her! It is really cool and I just need to add some pictures of each race ans spice it up a little. I think I will keep this one for my half marathon bibs only, I can't fit all of them in there! The site says that we will be able to order additional pages though.

And new running song! (Check it out here!) I am putting it on my iPod so I will get off that couch and get out there!!!!!

Happy running!

Gratitude Journal
1. I am grateful that I at least did H2oX this morning.
2. I am grateful that this Blackeyed Peas song makes me want to run!
3. I am grateful for friends and family.
4. I am grateful for less stress in my life!
5. I am grateful that tomorrow is FRIDAY!


***found the website that led me to the Bib keeper! Check out I run Because I can!


  1. OK weird I thought I left a comment this morning.. WEIRD!! That bib keeper is cool, I saw that somewhere too..hmmmm... Love that song!

    Where do you train? What is your long run mileage this weekend?

    Email me:

    I am not sure if Blaine will run the 1K, we are still up in the air as we may have family in town that weekend so I could be solo..

  2. What a great idea! A bib first I thought it was something for your son...then I realized what it was...very cool! I might need to get one.

  3. I am so glad you like it can't wait to see pictures once you've got it all jazzed up. I need to get on putting mine together. :)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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