Friday, August 7, 2009

I am BACK!

Ok. So my hiatus is over. I think. Today I headed to the YMCA to do my short run on the treadmill and follow that up with weights and abs. I hit the treadmill hard. I decided I wanted to see how fast I could run a mile. I usually just stick with my 9 min pace, regardless of race distance. I somehow have it in my head that I have to SAVE myself for the end. Like that last ditch effort to the finish will do any good. I have to learn how to give a little bit more through out because as my old X-Country coach used to say, if I have that much kick at the end then I wasn't running hard enough the entire time. Anyway, I wanted to see if I could run a mile in 8 min. And I did! I was dripping sweat but I did it in 7:34! How fun is that! And it was my third and final mile too! So I am motivated to get back out there and do my speed work on the track and push myself a little bit harder.

Then I was off to the weights, dripping with sweat. Nothing like cruising into the free-weight room all sweaty. I don't dare assume the looks i get from all the dudes in there is due to me looking hot. But who knows. ;) Either way, I did my squats, lunges, calf raises, dead lifts, upward rows, decline, bench, and a crazy shoulder workout that my husband gave me (OUCH!), abs, and obliques.

It felt good! i really like doing weights and I like how I feel so sore afterward. It hurts so good!

Well I am back on track and have renewed my commitment!

Gratitude Journal
1. I am grateful that my son is feeling better.
2. I am grateful that my hubby has requested time off to go to our friend's
wedding in Vegas! yippee!
3. I am grateful that I have a sweet camera and a good friend who loves to go and
practice taking pictures with me!
4. I am grateful for my Garmin 405.
5. I am grateful that I love living here in Tacoma!


  1. SWEET!! OK speedy pretty sure we would do GREAT running together. I usually run on the Southhill in Puyallup, or the Orting trail. SOunds like your schedule is tough! Best of luck with the birthday party.. Will email you back shortly

  2. Amanda,
    It's 10:08 here in Orlando, this Fri evening, and I just stumbled upon your blog, from Kara's (Between the Miles). I knew from the title, I was going to like what I read, but OMG! Between skimming your posts, reading the titles, getting a little teeny glimpse of who you are & what you're about, and hearing "your comeback song," I've just sat here and let the tears fall.... As a former military wife (and vet, myself), as a woman still defining my own relationship with running, and who, as a fairly new diabetic (3 yrs), fights the sugar battle every day, I'm so there....I hear what you are saying. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs; I am inspired, and look forward to following your blog. Heartfelt hugs from a fellow runner in Florida, who just keeps chasing the turtles.... Robin [smile]
    P.S. Adding TBEP to my ipod tomorrow, before my run!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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