Sunday, August 16, 2009

We run in the SUN!

Today is such a beautiful day! The sun is shining but it is not too hot. 70's maybe? I LOVE IT!!!

So I called up a couple of friends, packed up my little running buddy and headed to the track. Running at the track on days like today really takes me back to my track and field days. The smell of the air, the grass, the sunshine, and well the actual track all bring back such fun memories. I think it was about this time last year when I was trying to be slick and went to show off my old hurdle jumping skills to my friends and ended up jacking up my hip, which led to my IT problems (not certain about that cause and effect but it's just my theory). Geeze!

So my little running buddy ran three full laps! He is going to be ready for his 1K in no time! Then he messed around and ran to and fro. I am certain all of his running around and playing equaled no less than a mile.


I did my 1/2 mile warm up then 5 quarter sprints at a 1:30 to 1:45 pace. Each one had a slow recovery jog between it and I ended with a half mile jog. Hal's Intermediate Plan has you doing quarter sprints (5K pace) every other week, adding one more 400 every other week to reach 10 x 400 meters the week before your half marathon. So I am ahead of the game by starting this 2 weeks before the official 12 week plan start date. I plan to do the first week twice and the second week twice and continue on from there.

I feel like I really have a sense of direction now and a goal: to PR at Seattle!

Today I am grateful for:
-the sunshine!
-my active little running buddy!
-friends who want to get healthy and work out with me (HALLA Jess and Mic!!)!
-my little running buddy is ACTUALLY taking a nap (I guess running a mile when you are 4 will do that)!
-only 16 more days until Mr.5 Miles 2 Empty comes home!


  1. Amanda,
    Sounds like you've got a plan & you're working it. Everything falls into place in its own time, right? Take care... Robin

  2. Don't you just love running in the 70's with sunshine? I say it's soul-healing. Thanks for stopping by Will Run For Designer Jeans and leaving a lovely comment! Come again soon!


  3. GREAT picture!!! So cute that he is a little runner. So will you be in Snoqualmie?? Is that the 1K.. If so, email me..would love to meet you in person.

    16 days!! I bet the time feels so slow..

    So glad that you have found a great goal and already are ahead of plan...

  4. I love seeing kids run - it's such a natural thing to do. Unfortunately, I seldom see kids even outside in my neighborhood...


You're pretty much awesome!!


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