Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Get Knocked Down

Is anyone else watching the Track and Field World Championships? Talk about WoW! China won the women marathon in 2:25.15! That is only about 3 minutes(ish) slower than my worst HALF marathon!

And did you see the women’s 1500 m? The leader from Ethiopia got tripped up around 120 m from the finish! She bit it hard. It was so sad. Heartbreaking. She fell and was left behind BUT do you know what she did? She got up! She got up and ran to the finish. She did not win, she won’t be standing on the podium receiving her GOLD medal for being the World Champion in the 1500 m. All her hard work, blood, sweat, tears, soreness…was it for nothing? I think not. But how do you recover from that? I even teared up just watching her after she crossed the finish line. The woman from Spain, who ran a 4:03.36 1500m went to her, knelt down, grabbed the runners hand and kissed it. You could tell there was genuine empathy there. Aren’t runners amazing? Rodriguez from Spain would not have won if the leader had not fallen, a bitter sweet gold medal I reckon.

And then in the men’s 800 m three of them fell! And guess what! THEY GOT BACK UP! Since they got up and finished their teams contended the falls and two of them, the ones that were tripped by the one who fell first, were reinstated in the finals! So for the first time there were 10 men in the 800m finals.

So, the lesson that I have learned, or at least that was reaffirmed, today is that you have to pick yourself up and finish the race. No matter what, it doesn’t have to be an actual race, it could be in life in general. But we work too hard to quit, at least give it your all and make it to the finish line.

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never gonna to keep me down

Today I am grateful:
-that I have finally got some organizing done!
-I had a good rest day and now my legs are ready to run this week!
-that I got a lot of laundry not only done but folded and put away!
-for a good weekend and time spent with good friends.

Oh and those women in the 400m relay!? WHAT? Talk about fast! They make me want to run faster and do better!

Run Happy!


  1. We watched too.. AMAZING. I only caught the tail end of the Marathon, I was bummed!! The Olympics in Beijing I watched every minute of the Marathon and that was before I was a runner.

    FYI....I have a 5K next month and I am registered for NOTHING after that?? Need to get my Fall and Spring race schedule figured out..

  2. ohhhh thanks for joining up and drinking the 'cool-aid''s so fun to find all the blogs through other bloggie buddies! i'm diggin' yours already!

  3. I like watching it. So inspirational!

    I love what you said... "we work too hard to quit, at least give it your all and make it to the finish line."

    PS - I didn't realize you tagged me last week in "Show Your Heart". Sorry I missed that! But I did end up showing my heart! :)

  4. And WTG to Kara Goucher. She was throwing up along the way and still finished 10th in the marathon.
    Totally inspired!


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