Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Track Work With my Little Buddy

Man, I am bummed I didn't think to take my camera to the track tonight. I decided to do my 4 miles on the track by way of quarters, run one full speed which is a 1:30 to 1:45 pace, and one recovery jog around 2:15-2:30, 16 times. My son was in rare form, he opted out of his swim lessons so I jumped at the chance to drag him to the track instead. He actually really enjoys going to the track. As soon as we got there he took off running. He made it half way around before I started trying to catch him. He has such a great stride! I was so proud watching him run like that, so full of self-confidence and energy...oh that 4 year old energy! A man stretching even commented on the "little guy". Actually, a while back I posted a blog on Marathon Mommies about running mommies and the examples they set for their kids. I love that my son will grow up active and healthy and whether or not he picks up running isn't the point. I just want him to have a love for fitness and health. And I truly believe we are off to a good start.

Gratitude Journal:
1. I am grateful that I have been blessed in so many ways.
2. I am grateful that I have such funny friends who make me laugh.
3. I am grateful that my little buddy is so sweet and kind natured.
4. I am grateful that my hubby will be home in a few short weeks.


  1. Hey Amanda,
    Sorry for the delay in response but I wanted to get back with you on the IT band box steps.

    If you get the most recent article in runners world you can see it but lemme try to explain and save you the $4.00.

    Esentially you stand in front of a box (like the stable ones at a gym, or even a bench table). You put a standard bar across your back and you put a 10lb+ weight onto ONE of the sides of the bar-- creating uneven weight. When you step up, step up on the side that the weight is on.

    So for example, if the weight is across your back with the extra plate on the left side, you will step up with your left foot, follow with you right foot, then take your right foot off, then your left.

    The key to this exercise is that the uneven weight causes the smaller muscles and tendons to build because they are keeping you stable from the uneven weight. If you already have some pain please be careful with this exercise. Its causing some strain on muscles that are not used to getting this type of workout. If you belong to the gym they usually have various sizes bars... I would look for a 25-35 lb bar (vs. the standard 45lb bench bars).

    Hope that helps!!!

  2. That is awesome! really, that's one of the reasons I decided I wanted to change my life into a healthy and active one. I don't have kids yet, but my bf and I will have kids one day. Both of us decided we want healthy, active little ones that use us as an example. Parents really are the best example! My dad is a triathlete and although I haven't stepped into the tri-world, he too started as a runner. It's fun to follow in his footsteps. We live in different states, and this December we will be doing our first race together, a half marathon in Arizona! I know your little one if 4, but just imagine how fun it might be to do a race together one day!

    Keep up the good work. I have a feeling that one day, your son will thank you for being such a great example!

  3. I LOVE love taking our kiddos to the track. The little one's eyes light up every time we put him in the jogging stroller. Fitness will be a part of their lives and benefit us all..


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