Monday, August 17, 2009

That which does not kill you

…makes you wish you were dead?

Well, I may be exaggerating a tiny bit. But I was thinking that today. I know that if I am going to PR in the Seattle Half I need some serious hill training. Today’s running schedule called for 3 miles. Too easy. I decided to do it on the track and each time I came to the straight away on the stadium side I did the stairs, up/down, up/down, up/down, up/down…run a lap, stairs X12. Ugh! Talk about burning thighs and bootylicious booty! But, since I have you all here I was wondering: do stairs translate to hills? Not sure but I would think so.

When that was all said and done the total was 3.72. I thought it must have been more but my Garmin was having a hard time understanding just why I was running up and down the stairs like that. But all together with warm up, 3 miles + stairs, cool down, and an easy two mile jog/walk with my girl Jess (holla!) I totaled 6.22 miles on my 3 mile day. Not too shabby! We will see how those legs feel tomorrow!

Tomorrow is stretch and strength then Wed 10 miles. I guess I am all over the place with this plan already and it hasn’t even officially started yet! Arg!

Today I am grateful:
-for my friends who are keeping on track!
-that Jessica watched my little running buddy for a few hours this evening!
-that I got a sweet sidewalk chalk art surprise when I got home!
-that I am back on track, for REAL.
-that I got TAGGED my Tall Mom on the Run and will be putting my HEART out there for the world to see!!! Check back tomorrow!


  1. Great workout!! I love doing stairs at the track - it definetly gets the heart rate up. Keep up the awesome training! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my digs today! I totally need to start rocking some stairs... thanks for reminding me. Keep up the great running girl!!!

  3. HA! I don't know if stairs equate to hills...I know that I hate both.

    I happen to 100% agree with your title and first line "That which does not kill you
    …makes you wish you were dead" Yes, absolutely, yes! But then it makes you so happy yo did it! :)

    Keep it up, sounds like your doing well and having fun!

  4. Sounds like you had a great training day... good for you! Since we're (mostly) flat here in FL, not sure about those stairs (how they match up to hills). I just know there's a lot of stair-running going on. btw-really enjoy reading your gratitude journal. I often think of it when I'm doing other things during my day. Beautiful way to remember what's most important - giving thanks.

  5. My semi-educated/professional opinion is that the stairs probably match up or surpass to hills cardiovascularly, but not necessarily for the legs. In stair running, especially going up, your legs do short burst propelling you upwards. In hills, your legs stretch out more, using reciprocal movements and your upper body (abs, arms) do more work. Going down, your stride is much more abbreviated with stairs. When you go down on hills you stride out as far as you can, reaching with your arms and building momentum. With stairs, once again its short bursts of leg movement that you have much less fluidity with. Stair work will build muscle mass, strength and power, which is not bad, and I'm sure it is a good cardio work-out. Hill running lengthens leg muscles, especially calves and hamstrings, and stretches out the stride. It also gives you a good base of hill power for actual hills in races.

    Are you sorry you asked? Probably...

  6. Wow. Thanks Amber. Your knowledge is far surperior to my own. I believe you and trust you. Not to mention it makes perfect sense. So, I will head to an ACTUAL hill tomorrow.

    Thanks, that is what sisters are for! ;)


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