Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bad Moods Make for Good Runs!

Today was one of those days where everything was annoying, I was a in a bad mood, it was raining and


I was a negative ninny. And this is one of those days that I really NEEDED to run.

I had all but decided I was not going to run until I got a text from my girl MD. *SIGH* I headed to the YMCA to do a dreadmill run, 20 minutes later than the agreed upon time. Hey, I told you I was in a bad mood!

After .66 miles of me gabbing and telling MD how AWFUL (insert drama queen facial expressions, arm flailing, and high pitched whining) my previous evening and day had been she told me to run and reminded me I would feel better afterwards. She was right. I put on my headphone and turned up my iPod with my recently added Black Eyed Peas CD The End with my new favorite song(check it out here).This is a great running mix by the way. I couldn’t run as fast as I wanted too with this music!

Warm up-.66 mile
Mile 1- 9:13
Mile 2- 8:43
Mile 3- 8:14
Half mile cool down

I feel strange only doing 3 miles runs but I think it will be helpful. I am trying to focus on increasing speed and like I have mentioned I have a hard time following a training plan. I am determined to stick to the plan this time and see where it leads me (Sub 2:00 Half marathon time is my goal)!

Today I am grateful:
-that MD called me to drag me out of my pessimistic funk, make me run, THEN treat me to lunch (YES, I must have been that pitiful).
-Mr. 5 Miles will be home in 10 days (but who is counting).
-that I got my trash can out before the trash truck came ridiculously early.
-to have more time to spend with my little buddy because he is just so awesome and amazing and teaches me something new every singe day.

Run Happy!!!


  1. Great job on doing that run even though you weren't feeling it. Most of the times working out helps me get over the crankiness :)
    I just downloaded that Black Eye Peas song. Thanks! :D Off to go on a run...

  2. Hai Amanda,

    I found your blog today and I love it.

    Great job that you went running even though you didn't feel like it. Most of the times when I don't want to go I feel even better afterwards than when I want to run.

    I will visit your blog more often cause I like the way you write.

  3. Good work making it through the FUNK!! Bummer that not to get to meet you today :( I had great time, it is really beautiful up there.

    Hmmmm Seattle Marathon in November or half?? May have to think about that one...

  4. I know, Mel! But I am certain we will meet! I love how there is such a running community here!

    I can't wait to read your race recap! How did you do!!!!

    Seattle half is what I am going for. The half trainging is way easier to manage time wise!


You're pretty much awesome!!


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