Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pavement Tastes Like Pavement

Today I Tasted the Pavement…

And it was everything I imagined it would be. I had no idea that so many thoughts could run across ones mind in such a short instant. Here are the things I thought about as I was falling for what felt like an eternity:

-Wow, I think I am going to eat the pavement.
-Yep. I am definitely falling.
-I literally just tripped over thin air. Is this what I get for my Ode to Feet?
-Ooo…AN the RB had a bad fall like this about 6 weeks ago, poor thing.
-I need to somehow turn my body, yeah, like this, so my face doesn’t end up looking like hamburger.
-What’s that? A car full of college kids back in town for the year? Great. Call me Grace.
-This is going to hurt.
-Yep, I am going to have to mention this to Caution: Redhead Running. I know she will appreciate this.
-Tuck and roll. That's right, I guess my miltary days of jumping out of dueces with an M4 will come in handy afterall...
-Yep, pavement is hard.
-I am not sliding, that is good.
-I guess I will just lay here and maybe nobody noticed.

Well, in true World Champion fashion I got up and ran another 1.5 miles. We didn’t finish our planned 5 miles but managed 3.5 instead. I am ok with that.

Today I am grateful:
-that I seem to be un-seriously-scathed. My fall could have been much worse!
-that I have 5 days home with my little buddy, i.e. daycare closed Thur and Fri, and I am keeping him home Monday for daddy's homecoming! My weekend begins now.
-for an AWESOME new haircut by Paige at Angelo Mendi. So if you are in the area and need a good cut, let her know Amanda sent you!

Here are a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment, thanks AN the RB for everything. Today I would have stayed on the pavement, waiting to be ran over if it weren't for you.

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  1. I am sooooo sorry to hear about your fall but sooooo impressed that you got up and kept going - that my friend, is awesome!!!

    Happy that your hubby is headed home, there has to be so much anticipation for you right now! Enjoy your week with your little buddy and cherish your time as a family!!

  2. Oh no!! I am such a clutz I was sooo worried I would hurt myself just walking down the street before my Marathon.. I hope it heals quickly!!

  3. That hand looks painful! Sorry that you fell. It reminds me of my great rollerblading fall of 2001. Do you remember that? My entire left backside/hamstring was hamburger.

    I hope you recover soon!

  4. Loved your post. Glad to know that you weren't badly hurt. The owner of SEVEN falls myself (6 on the trail, one big one last saturday, and 1 on sidewalk), I can totally relate to your post. Like you, I'm amazed how many things go through my mind on the way down.

    Have fun running.

    And here's to no more falls!

  5. Oh dang girl! Everyone is falling lately!!! NO BUENO!!!! I hope it heels quick and doesn't hurt to bad! :( Poor thing!

  6. Ouch that must have heard but then still keep on running after falling: a big applause for you!

  7. The post you just read was yesterday.. My Giveaway 200 post is up :)

    The Rock 'N' Roll had 25,000 people. I was in Corral 5 and was able to get across the start line pretyt quickly. I think I will pick and ambitious finishing time to be closer to the front.

    My 1/2 PR (only race) is 1:43: 39.. So I want to beat that :) I am hoping to get in the 1:30's

    I have not officially registered yet.. Do you know if the race ever sells out?

  8. Goals is to get in the 1:30' 1:39:59 :) 1:30 would be too fast for me..

    FYI for the reuable timing chips at the race I was at everyone had to have the chip on the left ankle. I think because of the frequency or something. I think with the chips you keep they can go on either foot. But I may just stick to LEFT.

    Thanks for helping me to 200 :)

  9. I just found your blog and all I can say is OUCH! At least its a good story to tell :)

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