Wednesday, August 19, 2009

9.35 is not 10

…but better than 4.66 or 6.66. Confused?

Today I set out with my running buddy for 10 miles. After my little lesson on hill running from Amber (check the comments for her breakdown of running stairs) we decided to run some real hills. We hit 5 Mile Drive which is, well…5 miles of hills on a scenic route. The plan was to run in forward (the super hilly way) and get a drink at the car and then turn around and run it backwards (the mostly long down hills way). MAN! Talk about hills! This is what I need though to prepare me for Seattle! Any who…we skipped a small little turn that ended up making our first lap 4.66. No biggie.

I love running with my Running Buddy (who needs a name so she shall be called AN the RB). After our first loop we were hydrating and she was trying to convince me we didn’t REALLY NEED to do the second lap. I convinced her, actually I may have forced her, not sure, to head out again. We were off on our second lap. We were both pretty tired and complaining about our calves and various other body parts. We agreed to turn around at the one mile mark. That would give us about 6.66 miles give or take a bit. When my Garmin beeped for that one mile mark I was practically turning around…but AN the RB was not. What! We had a deal! We decided! Wait…where…?? Ah. Fine. 10 miles it is.

We are so good for each other. If she would have had it her way first we would have done 4.66. If I would have had it my way we would have only done 6.66. Instead we did 9.35. Somehow we cut off over half a mile but still I am happy with that.

Today I am grateful for:
-a cool project I am working on for you-my blog readers!
-social networking sites.
-my cozy and fun back yard where I love to spend hours with my little buddy.

Happy Running!


  1. Good job girl! I still need to hit the stairs, keep me motivated!!! :)

  2. Nice HILLY workout... WOnder if you have the same GArmin Gremlins in T-Town. Love the new signature..

    I hope we can meet up on Saturday... Will email you today..

  3. Good job!! Hills will make you strong!!!:)


You're pretty much awesome!!


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